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*Correspondence ...
East Midlands, can accommodate and travel , 74 year :
Male disciplinarian\switch would like to correspond and exchange cp related media.
Date: June 12th 2021  

*Any masculine Tops in Scotland willing / able to do it *HARD* ...
Glasgow + reasonable travel : 1 hour / 70 miles, can travel , 52 year :
*ALL* previous welcome to get in touch.
Absolute discretion assured whether it works out or not.
VERY hard & prolonged leathering & caning with welts & bruises required weekend afternoons @yours. Clothed Male (you) Naked Male (me). Am very experienced & prefer you to be. 35+ preferred, no upper age limit if you up to the challenge. I have good implements. Option to finish me off with forced milking. *Your place*. Glasgow + 70ish miles. Prefer 1st pre-meet neutral territory to discuss

Date: June 12th 2021  

*Tall boy needs tanning ...
Kent, can travel , 41 year :
Tall lad, in shape, looking for regular dad/son discipline. I am very obedient and take a good sound spanking, strapping, caning. Happy to travel in the Kent/Essex and London areas. Must be over 55.
Date: June 11th 2021  

*I need spanking ...
S Wales, can accommodate and travel , 60 year :
Hi sir. I'm a naughty 60 yr old, medium build, good looking. I'd like a long but mild spanking and my balls squeezed. Happy to thank sir.
Date: June 11th 2021  

*Spanking needed ...
Manchester, can travel , 40 year :
I need a good spanking off a strict dad or grandad
Pants down over your knee
I am cheeky and arrogant

Date: June 10th 2021  

*Seeking an interested spanker ...
London and surrounds, can travel , 46 year :
Hi Seeking a spanking to adminsister by hand or implement such as slipper, paddle, strap tawse or cane. Can be given clothed, bare bottom or nude. With or without roleplay. I have no set ways it should be done and like the spanker to have a really good time to!
Date: June 10th 2021  

*Old Fashioned Discipline. ...
Manchester, can travel , 52 year :
I have been into old school discipline for years i am looking for anyone who can administer a good plimsoling and caning to my bare bottom and if required i am willing to thank my punisher.
Date: June 10th 2021  

*Genuine and reliable sub available ...
South West, Midlands etc, can travel , 45 year :
Reasonably experienced with high limits. All role play including traditional school uniform, medical and domestic discipline or just straight discipline. House servant service offered with references available. Keen to meet photographers/video makers. I will dress or undress to please. Other BDSM interests. Willing to travel. Gentlemen 50+ only please. Sir’s place only.
Date: June 10th 2021  

*Mature master required ...
Hereford, can travel , 54 year :
Dear sirs
I Have little experience of being spanked but have great desire to submit to a master for regular spankings,
I am slim and fit with very little body hair I would like to find a local gentleman older then my self, looks are of no important for sir but being well spoken and mannered is important,
yours sincerely Charles.

Date: June 10th 2021  

*Training in being brought to heel ...
Birmingham, can accommodate and travel , 54 year :
I'm a small slim submissive with experience in being dealt with, who is looking for a very firm master who will ensure that I am kept in line and obedient at all times. I am ready to be totally submissive and to be controlled by a strict disciplinarian who will dictate the punishment scenario's and put me to work in whatever way they see fit. I can travel or accommodate as required by the disciplinarian.
Date: June 9th 2021  

*Old strict man required ...
Shropshire west mids, can travel , 53 year :
I am looking for an older gent, prefer over 65, and stocky, who can give me a good spanking caning, who has wandering hands, willing to please sir if he wishes too, as long he has a good arm…. (had both COVID jabs)
Date: June 9th 2021  

*Firm discipline offered ...
London, can accommodate , 59 year :
Educated, middle aged man gives firm discipline to those who need it, either as a one-off or as part of a longer term arrangement. All the usual implements used, particularly the cane. Additional punishment such as forced exercise (if relatively young and fit), cold showers, corner time, lines etc can be added if desired. No fees either way. No sex. Absolute discretion assured and required. I can accommodate in North London, 5 minutes' walk from the tube/train/bus.
Date: June 9th 2021  

*Seeking Headmaster ...
Jersey Channel Islands, can accommodate and travel , 52 year :
Naughty boy wants to relive past experiences.
Date: June 9th 2021  

*Strict Mature Master required ...
East Midlands, can travel , 66 year :
Seeking a strict, authoritarian Master who believes strongly in traditional, formal discipline – someone to take control and mentor me on a long-term basis to deal with my real faults. Discipline/training/inspection decided by Sir. Dress code to Sir’s requirements. Discipline only - no sexual activity.
Date: June 9th 2021  

*No-nonsense spanking and feet ...
Lancashire, can accommodate , 40 year :
40, can accommodate some weekdays in Lancashire. Looking for a dad figure who will put me over his knee and administer a sound, no-nonsense, firm-but-fair bare bottomed spanking by hand. Tears likely and probably a necessity. Afterwards, would like to have the humiliation finished off by being put under Dad's socked and bare feet while he kicks back and relaxes.
Date: June 9th 2021  

*Mature male looking for discreet meetings with a more dominant man ...
Lancaster, can accommodate and travel , 65 year :
I am a fit and healthy mature sensible man.
I am wanting to meet a more dominant man for occasional meetings.
I am wanting to be punished and maybe more.
Dressing to please is an option.
Idealy an ongoing arrangement more than just a one off.
I can travel or accommodate the right person
All replies answered

Date: June 9th 2021  

*Long Term Headmaster Wanted ...
Norfolk, can accommodate , 67 year :
I am looking for a headmaster for regular discipline, strict, formal spanking and caning, tawse, once or twice a month, I can accommodate but prefer to report, I am 67 but not an old type, with a smooth bottom, I was caned many times at school and miss those days, but I need someone, preferable a single male in Norfolk so this can be regular discipline, thank you sir.
Date: June 8th 2021  

*Moderate Spanking & caning required ...
Walton-on-Thames, can travel , 67 year :
I am a 67 year old male who likes to be spanked, paddled & caned. Nothing really excessive but hard enough that I need to give my bottom a really good rub afterwards. I like to wear tight very short grey school shorts at the beginning of a session but these can be removed after the first few minutes if required. I am also willing to wear just about anything else. I can only travel. I cannot accommodate.
Date: June 8th 2021  

*Old enough to know better! ...
Northants & surrounding areas, can travel , 47 year :
47 years old but still to learn his lesson.
Keen spankee and cp enthusiast would like to report to Sir’s study and present himself for Sir’s punishment. Hand, slipper, strap or cane, as Sir sees fit.
Please drop me a line to chat further if of interest. I’m a safe and sane, normal chap who just happens to enjoy a bit of cp role play and the sting of the cane on my bottom every now and again.

Date: June 8th 2021  

*Strict figure needed ...
Fife and Surrounding areas, can travel , 40 year :
Naughty boy 53 (going on 12) needs strict ( preferably but not necessarily) older to keep him in check with sound spanking across pants and bare. Other humiliations also good e.g. shaving bathing bedtime chores etc. Love roleplaying. Not interested in sex. CP only with fondling
Date: June 8th 2021  

*Headmaster Wanted ...
Leinster Ireland, can travel , 50 year :
A very submissive schoolboy 50 seeks an older 65+ Headmaster type for regular bare bottom thrashings verbal direction and humiliation at your place. You will make me serve you. Yes thank you sir
Date: June 8th 2021  

*Panties/Lingerie spanking required ...
Leicestershire, can travel , 32 year :
Straight acting lad has a secret about getting spanked in panties! Requires an uncle type figue 55+ to catch me going through some panties or even better made to buy some from a shop with my uncle for a spanking when back at your place! Willing to travel for the ideal candidate but I can’t accommodate! I’m seeking a more sensual spanking but happy with implements! I’m masculine, good looking with a big firm beefy bubble but to show off and parade about in my panties!
Date: June 8th 2021  

*Naughty boy needs to learn a lesson in good behavior ...
Somerset, can accommodate and travel , 47 year :
Seeking a Headmaster/ Strict Father, to deal with my behaviour by use of Hand, Slipper, Strap, Cane/s.
I do have a proper school uniform, grey school short trousers, white shirt, striped tie, knee-high socks, and a blazer. I also have a school desk to sit at to do my school work or lines, and of course being punished at school results in coming home for Dad to punish
I do have a very smooth spankable bottom as I have been told, and I can still bend over and touch my toes

Date: June 7th 2021  

*Long term Headmaster wanted ...
Norfolk, can accommodate and travel , 67 year :
I am looking for a strict headmaster in Norfolk, preferable single so I can report to him, I am older but not an old type, straight but I like my bottom spanked and caned, which is smooth and round, I am just very into school discipline, because I had the cane a good number of times at school, it needs to be Norfolk for regular discipline, thank you sir.
Date: June 7th 2021  

*Mature male seeking strict gent (70+ ideal) ...
Greater London ideally, can travel , 65 year :
Discreet male in good health and presentable, seeking a dominant gentleman for occasional meetings. Interested in CP and obedience activity, perhaps domestic work. Vanilla friendship pursuits also good.
Suit an autocratic man who enjoys receiving respect and deference, ideally aged over 70. Looks are unimportant but a strict attitude appreciated.

Date: June 7th 2021  

*House Boy available ...
EastMids/East Anglia, can travel , 54 year :
Hi. I am looking to be a house boy for a strict master (or Masters). Can do household chores dressed (or undressed) as you wish.
Fit body keot in trim by regular gym visits

Date: June 7th 2021  

*My study now boy ...
Cambridgeshire, can accommodate , 78 year :
Elderly vaccinated headmaster/uncle/stepdad type will deal with slim, smooth ideally petite naughty boys aged between 18 and 35 in his study. Other ethnic lads welcome. I have tried older boys and that does not work for me so please refrain from messaging as you will not get a response. Enjoy role-play and respect limits. Sir.
Date: June 7th 2021  

*Spanking and foot humiliation in front of wife ...
East/West midlands, can accommodate and travel , 32 year :
Hello all.
We are a clean, professional couple aged 32 and 39. We are looking for a strict Sir to spank and humiliate me with foot worship while my wife watches and may take part, we are open minded and experienced though not into anything too heavy. We can travel or accommodate. If this sounds of interest please do get in touch.
If you contacted us prior to the pandemic/lockdown please do message again.
Look forward to hearing from you

Date: June 6th 2021  

*Mature experienced cp enthusiast. ...
North West, can travel , 67 year :
I'm looking for others of any age for mutual bare bottom spanking and caning. I cannot accommodate but able and happy to travel most days for school type punishment.
Date: June 6th 2021  

*Looking for discrete encounters ...
Greater Manchester, Cheshire, Merseyside & Staffs, can travel , 37 year :
Limited experience and none in the last 12 months. Looking to meet safe and discrete older gents for traditional discipline to sensible levels. Can not accommodate but can travel in the north. Open to school or domestic type sessions. I keep myself fit and am a friendly easy going guy.
Date: June 6th 2021  

*Mature schoolboy ...
Lancashire, can travel , 65 year :
Mature guy who loves to be over a knee or touching toes for a good whacking. I have a preference for being whacked with a slipper/plimsoll. Would like to try prison strap or maybe a single-tail whip. Mainly sub but will switch occasionally. Strict Uncle or School Master to deliver traditional old fashioned discipline. Enjoy online, phone or skype chats too. Happy to chat even if we can't meet for whatever reason.
Date: June 6th 2021  

*Not for the faint hearted ...
Lincoln, can accommodate and travel , 70 year :
Mature, experienced, strict disciplinarian seeks naughty adult schoolboys of all ages who feel the need to regress to their old schooldays which were punctuated by regular chastisement with hand, slipper, strap and cane applied very firmly to their bare bottoms and legs. This pervy old Headmaster offers trips down memory lane. Can accommodate or travel. Eager open-mouthed “thank you” will be expected, similarly rewarded for good behaviour.
Date: June 6th 2021  

*Seeking friendly local Master / Top who can accommodate ...
Cirencester / Swindon / Marlborough, can travel , 62 year :
I'm looking for a strict but friendly gentleman to "cane off" real or imaginary faults. Let my welcoming, responsive and resilient bottom entertain you, including sexually if Sir so wishes. Use straps, plimsolls, riding crops or canes on me. Some humiliation is expected. Role play welcome, but not essential. Punishment to be at Sir's place or a London spanking club. Happy to switch. Regular meets, one-offs, club and sauna visits. Get in touch only if you want some really hot fun.
Date: June 6th 2021  

*Naughty lad who needs dad or uncle to keep him in line ...
Newcastle upon Tyne, can travel , 23 year :
I am a young geordie lad who has never had the discipline he deserves. I have a foul mouth and at times can be very rude and lazy. All these issues need dealing with. I am happy with role play of any age or scenario you wish and will submit to anything you think I deserve.
Date: June 5th 2021  

*Older submissive seeking a master. ...
Peterborough, can travel , 40 year :
I am looking for a Top, your title is unimportant it would be helpful if you lived within 20 miles of Peterborough. I have met a few Dom’s on other sites and have had some good experiences. I am willing to submit to you in whatever way you would like and if I don’t please I would expect to be punished in anyway you feel appropriate.
I will gladly submit to caning strapping hand spanking or any implement of your choosing. I have pictures showing various scenarios
Thank you

Date: June 5th 2021  

*Traditional CP ...
West Yorks, can accommodate , 79 year :
I offer many years experience in giving otk spanking, slippering and strapping with underpants pulled down. I have a range of canes for administering six of the best over trousers and with trousers and underpants pulled down. I can further offer a full enema service for the experienced and novice alike.
Date: June 5th 2021  

*Submissive holiday ...
Wales / Anywhere, can travel , 60 year :
With holidays off the agenda this year I am looking for someone who would like to accommodate a submissive for a few days or possibly arrange a discrete accommodation together. I am 60 and would consider anyone over 40 but prefer older.
Looking for someone strict but not sadistic, any sexual activities would need to be agreed in advance.
I am from the Brecon area but would be willing to travel for the right person.
Thank you.

Date: June 5th 2021  

*Naughty boy seeks Master/Daddy for loving spankings ...
Newcastle upon Tyne, can travel , 46 year :
Very submissive straight naughty boy with large collection of sexy shorts and silky boy panties seeks like minded guy to administer loving otk spankings.
Very discreet and reliable and would expect the same in return

Date: June 5th 2021  

*Young spanker required or switch ...
Bishop's Stortford / Harlow, can accommodate and travel , 66 year :
Mature(66)vaccinated Spanker/spankee. Following the regulations, Give or take as required 20-70 ages. I enjoy the humiliation being naked and spanked till red, and warm no lasting marks or bruising but plenty of sensuous soothing in between. A young guys sensual hands on my bum sends me wild. I can hand spank to your liking. Have a few implements if required. I do not cane. Can accommodate in Bishop's Stortford CM23 Herts and Essex border or travel locally. No fees, but trust and discretion at all times.
Date: June 4th 2021  

*strict retired proffesional wanted ...
blackpool/fylde coast, can accommodate and travel , 55 year :
im hoping to meet a genuine retired gentleman over 65 on the fylde coast for regular otk sessions with hand and implements, older the better, no upper age limit. im a single guy living in blackpool and i can accomadate or visit you. retired clergy/magistrates/policemen to the top of the list. i have a liking for bespectackled grey haired gents, but not important as long as your 65 or older. i work early shifts so im free most days, thanks stephen.
Date: June 4th 2021  

*Seeking a Daddy, Uncle or Headmaster ...
West Sussex, can travel , 44 year :
Young looking, slim, smooth sub guy looking to meet an older man for spanking and sexual fun. I am inexperienced but open minded. Roleplay a bonus.
Date: June 4th 2021  

*Slim submissive guy kept in chastity seeks older gent for spanking and service ...
London, can travel , 40 year :
Hi - as the title says I'm 40, tall and slim. I'm currently kept locked in a chastity cage but my partner wants me to be kept disciplined and to work on my sexual service skills. Please get in touch if you're sexually dominant and would like to meet a submissive guy for spanking, caning and sexual use.
Date: June 4th 2021  

*Seeking effeminate, submissive guys for punishment ...
Worthing/Chichester south east, can accommodate and travel , 40 year :
63, fit, able, experienced and strong man seeking effeminate, submissive guys for punishment and more.
Can't wait to have you over my knee, buttocks glowing pink. Have a playroom and can accommodate and/or travel extensively.

Date: June 4th 2021  

*CP and Bondage needed ...
Darlington/North East, can travel , 40 year :
I’m a slim guy mid forties looking for a very strict authoritarian master/uncle to punish me for my many misdemeanours. Spanking and All implements to be used on my Slim pert white. I’m also a firm believer in being kept naked and restrained. Interested in trying role play including judicial, prison, borstal, uncle/nephew etc
Date: June 4th 2021  

*Looking for a Very Strict Headmaster for a very strict school caning ...
Yorkshire area, can travel , 55 year :
I'm a ASB with full uniform seeking a very Strict Headmaster to report to, for a very strict school caning to tears.
Including taking both A&O exams during and after punishment, may consider holding hands out for the tawse.

Date: June 4th 2021  

*Strict Dad to discipline naughty lads ...
Manchester, can accommodate and travel , 60 year :
Strict no nonsense disciplinarian to administer corporal punishment to lads
bare bottom spanking over my knee
Traditional discipline to deal with lazy arrogant cheeky lads
Aids motivation
Get in touch
You know you need it lads

Date: June 3rd 2021  

*Breakfast time slippering? ...
Croydon / surrounding area, can travel , 62 year :
Straight, experienced senior schoolboy looking for earlybird master I can visit before work so I have a sore bottom for the rest of the day! Enjoy a large well worn plimsol on my tight trousers (no undies) and bare, also leather paddle. Enjoy role play, but not essential. Sir's place only.
Date: June 3rd 2021  

*Untouched for some time, my bottom is yours ...
Peterborough, can travel , 60 year :
I'm a mature male who enjoys submitting himself for inspections and bare bottom/naked spanking.
I take medium to hard spankings with various items in any position you command and I'm very compliant. I also expect to be fully used sexually as desired to satisfy and thank my spanker.
I have had both covid vaccinations.
Let me know if you wish to meet and can accommodate in or around Peterborough.

Date: June 3rd 2021  

*Post Lockdown - Extended Roleplay Wanted ...
Devon, can travel , 42 year :
Its been a while, so i need re-introducing, Hand, slipper, Paddle possibly even Cane.
Slim, smooth, boyish build, looking to play long and firm with sane strong handed guy!
Preferably in the same county, but could be tempted to travel! For the right scenario!
Are you brave enough, strong willed enough to help me re-introduce my Pain threshold!
Extended scenario preferred as not looking for a 20 minute wonder. Happy to play with 2 spankers!
Please apply with full details!

Date: June 3rd 2021  

*Peak District plus mobile ...
Derb, can accommodate , 40 year :
54yo. Looks wise nothing special but not bad and quite fit, quite chunky. Versatile. Tend to be more top these days but happy either way round or both. Ideal is a long handspanking that leaves the recipient pretty sore. Some implements possible too. I can accommodate sometimes in rural Derbyshire and can travel across the Midlands, North, and London.
Date: June 2nd 2021  

*Naughty slim boy seeks Master over 65 to use me ...
Cheshire/greater Manchester/west Yorkshire, can travel , 49 year :
Still slim and in good shape for my age. Nice round small backside that needs to be redenned... I seek experienced Masters over 65 but no upper limit to accommodate and take me in hand/use me for his amusement. Prefer older experienced Master to provide discipline/training/inspection to meet his needs. I have experience of corner time, the cane, tawse and love to be OTK hand spanked . Can dress to please too eg shorts and school socks or to meet sirs needs if he has any special kinks.
Date: June 2nd 2021  

*School caning /spanking ...
London and heathrow, can accommodate and travel , 74 year :
I like to spank and cane naughty boys or cross dresser
I can sometimes accommodate but prefer to travel.

Date: June 2nd 2021  

*Old enough to know better!! ...
Worcs/Gloucs/Warks/Avon/West Midlands, can travel , 67 year :
Seeking contact with a mature strict authoritative gentleman who would enjoy very discreet roleplaying liaisons dealing with a very naughty boy. I am in good shape, a non smoker, and have a shapely and fairly resilient shaved bottom and private parts. I am open minded and need & deserve to be scolded, intimately inspected, shamed and soundly punished.
Utmost discretion and hygiene assured and expected.
Note:- Travel only

Date: June 2nd 2021  

*33 yr old lad in need of a spanking ...
East/West Midlands, can travel , 33 year :
I’m long overdue a good spanking! Looking to correspond with guys 60+! Retired professionals and horny uncle/dad types only! Based or travelling through the Midlands East or West! You need to be able to host or be up for a car spank or even outdoors especially when the weather is like this! Very experienced at having my bottom reddened! Enjoy roleplay and dressing up if required! I’m a fit, athletic, sporty guy, very cheeky and have had one vaccine - have lots of free time this month
Date: June 2nd 2021  

*Beefy arsed masoc! ...
London, can travel , 52 year :
Beefy arsed masoc is looking for a strict Master or Mistress. Likes to be caned, whipped and butt plugged or straponed.
Date: June 2nd 2021  

*Local spankees sought ...
Wolverhampton, can accommodate and travel , 62 year :
I’ve a lot of experience dealing with naughty adult boys and girls and am particularly good with nervous newbies.
I’m looking for local, very close to Wolverhampton, younger slim guys, girls, TV’s, CD’s etc who would benefit from a smacked bottom across my knee, or maybe something a little harder such as my swishy school cane.
I can accommodate sometimes but generally weekday mornings. However, I can travel locally

Date: June 2nd 2021  

*Severe birching needed ...
East midlands, can travel , 63 year :
I am seeking sadistic disciplinarians of any age who would enjoy birching this 63 year old offender on his nether regions as hard as he, they wish. No mercy expected. I will Need to be fastened down with legs wide apart & gagged. Genuine request
Date: June 2nd 2021  

*Never to old ...
Manchester, can accommodate and travel , 65 year :
Seeking a strict Male Female or Transvestite to administer to a Mature naughty boy a good old fashioned over the knee bare bottom spanking age unimportant spank till your satisfied with your handiwork
Date: June 1st 2021  

*Slim male looking for Older senior to spank and punish me ...
Surrey /London, can travel , 49 year :
Dear Sir
I am a slim male of 49 with a smooth bottom. and I weigh 60 kilos . I am looking for a Experienced Male Spanker over 60 who will discipline and punish me. I'm not looking for anything severe but I prefer over the knee spankings by hand, slipper and the strap but I will take most Implements. I also like to be given corner time as part of my punishment. I am seeking a regular master on a regular basis who is Experienced and know's how to punish a sub like me.

Date: June 1st 2021  

*Strict father required ...
Cornwall or Devon, can travel , 53 year :
I had a strict upbringing and my father was fairly zero tolerance. Looking for a spanker in Cornwall or Devon to tan my backside like Dad used to. Got his hand and belt across my bare backside hard. Dad/son roleplay is ideal but not essential. Happy to travel for the right spanker.
Date: June 1st 2021  

*Seeking a sore red bottom ...
Leeds, can accommodate and travel , 60 year :
Hello Im in leeds and deserve a red bottom. Hand and slipper only. i can be a naughty girl or boy. No sex.
Date: June 1st 2021  

*Spank me use me ...
Cheshire, can travel , 60 year :
Looking for regular spanking and BDSM activities with dominant master or couple. Nice round target bottom that needs your attention Northwest UK, N Wales Midlands.
Date: June 1st 2021  

*Spank/cane/slipper me Sir. ...
North Wales coast, can travel , 46 year :
Slim/smooth guy 46, needs a spanking/slippering and caning on his bottom/hands or legs. I can wear navy school knickers and little white vest/pyjamas or naked. Willing to give oral in return if required. Its ok to spank me to tears. Willing to travel North Wales area.
Date: June 1st 2021  

*Seeking Grandad / Uncle / Sir to Punish me ...
Windsor, can travel , 45 year :
Willing spankee, fit & slim, seeking a firm but fair older Gentleman to spank me on a regular basis. I would like to be disciplined for real life reasons, a contrite confession given before bending over your knee. Hand spanking through to medium cane all taken bare bottom or with me stripped naked if you wish.
Corner time, scolding, alternative positions, fondling etc all accepted.
Looking for a long term arrangement with a friendly but strict Grandad/Uncle/Sir.

Date: June 1st 2021  

*Looking for a spanking an strip examination ...
Manchester, can travel , 50 year :
happy to present myself to be stripped examined bathed off you require and regular spanking. medical examinations and A level tutoring
Date: June 1st 2021  

*Errant pupil seeks sound thrashing from Headmaster ...
Berks, Herts, can travel , 54 year :
Seeking a very strict Headmaster who believes very strongly in the old adage “spare the rod”... bend me over and teach me a sound lesson with slipper, tawse, strap, cane or birch.
I’m 54. You, ideally are also 50+. I can’t accommodate but I’ll travel, or if in Reading there’s a studio we can utilise.

Date: June 1st 2021  

*Long over due spanking required ...
Anywhere, can accommodate and travel , 55 year :
Hi Everyone
Im a 55 years old and have been into the spanking scene all my life. Have a passion to be on the receiving end of a serious spanking that i wont forget in a hurry. Love all implements from hand to cane and love guys who no what to do with them. I can accommodate or travel and my job takes me all over the country. If you would like to get in touch then please dont hesitate.

Date: May 31st 2021  

*strict uncle ...
St. Helens, can accommodate and travel , 60 year :
I am 60 very slim with a nice pert bottom. Looking for a strict uncle were i am undressed put in my pyjamas for a spanking on my pyjamas then bare bottom plus corner time

Date: May 31st 2021  

*It's been far too long! ...
Birmingham, can accommodate , 50 year :
Thanks to the Covid restrictions, it's been a long while since I enjoyed any mutual fun giving or receiving a good old fashioned smacked or slippered bottom over the knee. Would be a bonus too to meet someone who also shares my fetish for shoes and trainers and, perhaps also a little crossdressing as well. I'm 50 with a slim build and can usually accomodate. Have had both Covid vaccinations now so hopefully will meet someone who enjoys similar to kickstart the summer and the end of lockdown.
Date: May 31st 2021  

*No sex, just safe, sane spanking and pain threshold training ...
South East - meeting in London, can travel , 56 year :
No pics, fees, switching, relationships or sex either way! Looking for ord. blokes getting their arses into trim for their dominas, or doms when lockdown is removed!
Can do hand-spanking training 4 new guys, through to CBT/full-on caning 4 experienced. Never entertain, but always happy to meet on neutral ground.
Always safe and legal. No blood or extreme things, but guys taller than 6'3" (2m) who enjoy harder whoppings v welcome, esp. if they buy me a pint first! Msg me & let's talk. SIR

Date: May 31st 2021  

*Bare bottom thrashing needed ...
London, can travel , 44 year :
I am nice looking and fit and have a nice smooth pert bottom for beating. I am looking for traditional and challenging CP. I can travel only.
Date: May 31st 2021  

*Experienced Disciplinarian with sub ...
Central Scotland, can travel , 72 year :
Experienced disciplinarian has younger good looking obedient sub. DealIng with bad boys & cater for all levels of cp : most scenarios. Okn spanking to good thrashing with belt / strict caning. Many years experience. Day time visits.
Discretion assured and expected. Privacy respected. Travel only

Date: May 31st 2021  

*Strict Father Figure ...
Midlands/South West/Anywhere, can accommodate and travel , 65 year :
If there are any naughty boys who feel that they would benefit from a friendly but firm guiding hand, then I can help. I am patient and understanding, but if you have misbehaved, rest assured you are in for a very sore bottom: either soundly spanked across my knee or bent over to receive the cane. Confess and face the consequences.
Date: May 31st 2021  

*Welt my bottom ...
Bishops Stortford, can accommodate and travel , 57 year :
Firm, round, naked bottom is looking to be taken in hand. Are you able to decorate with horizontal stripes and/or bruise with the strap. How would you like me to bend to your requirements. Detailed replies preferred.
Date: May 31st 2021  

*seeking post lockdown punishment fun :) ...
Romsey, can travel , 49 year :
I'm seeking a master for regular punishment sessions, starting with OTK but progressing through to a caning in time.
I'm inexperienced and submissive but open minded. You should be experienced but patient and willing to take charge.
Role play and intimate contact welcomed but not essential.
I have had both vaccines. I can travel but not accommodate.

Date: May 30th 2021  

*Headmaster seeks adult schoolboys... ...
Dorset/Hampshire/Portsmouth, can travel , 65 year :
Are you a schoolboy under 35, looking for "detentions" which include work and tests from an old fashioned schoolmaster or Headmaster ,do you wear proper old grey school uniform and take corporal punishment by cane, slipper and hand? I am straight and looking for school roleplay and CP only ,no sex!!. Cannot accommodate for the moment but will travel reasonable distance for the right scene and person.
Date: May 30th 2021  

*Spanking fun and play ...
Beds/Northants, can travel , 62 year :
seeking someone around the same age or older who can accommodate and with whom to enjoy the pleasures of spanking, mild CBT and other erotic, mutually satisfying activities. I am usually bottom but will switch if you also enjoy receiving. I enjoy role play of all kinds. I am very experienced, clean, reliable and reasonably fit. I cannot accommodate, unfortunately. If you are much younger than I and this listing interests you, please still get in touch. Thanks for reading.
Date: May 30th 2021  

*Free House 4th- 6th June ...
North Lincolnshire, can accommodate , 55 year :
Looking to spank guys over the weekend of 4th-6th June, can Accomodate in North Lincolnshire.
Anything from hand spanking to school caning, whatever your up for.
Not looking for sex, just to spank guys but happy to do role play or give medical exams if wanted

Date: May 30th 2021  

*Traditional dad/son discipline for naughty boys OTK bare bottom spankings ...
Greenhithe/Dartford Kent., can accommodate , 60 year :
Boys do you need some discipline back in your life or taken down a peg or two, Im a strict 60 year old guy who gives misbehaving lads embarrassing bare bottom spanking over my knee like dads would have given naughty sons. Boys 18 to 50s slim to medium build especially boys never spanked before, mainly hand but other implements depending on your bad behaviour, Please note i give spankings not beatings, I can accommodate.

Date: May 29th 2021  

*Strict Headmaster,Housemaster Mentor or Sir Wanted ...
North East UK, can accommodate and travel , 57 year :
Looking for someone 70 or over in North East uk who can give me some discipline. Spanking, strap, belt caning. Humiliation. Like to be a naughty schoolboy or perhaps visit a strict dad or housemaster who might put me in my pyjamas before dealing with me.
Date: May 29th 2021  

*Seeking Gents Who Administer Domestic Discipline ...
Deeside, can accommodate and travel , 47 year :
I can often be quite feisty and not naturally submissive in everyday life, but I can become very contrite and complainant when under the strict supervision of a traditional domestic spanker type. I’m drawn to those who are strict, yet affectionate and sensually tactile, as this nurturing and encouraging approach can deepen the connection for me.
Date: May 27th 2021  

*Naked humiliation ...
Brighton East Sussex, can travel , 65 year :
Strict Master needed to strip me naked for inspection and bare bum spanking. Forced to go on my knees to thank you. Am open to embarrassing situations with cheeks pulled apart for touching.
Wheel barrow position very appealing to me as everything will be on show to you gaze and wandering hands. Sorry can't accommodate but will travel 10 mile radius for right Master.

Date: May 27th 2021  

*Retired Engineer. ...
Leicester., can accommodate and travel , 79 year :
I wish to meet a strict disciplinarian or quack doctor/nurse. I am a switch player, a non-smoker and TV friendly.
Date: May 27th 2021  

*Seeking Older ...
South East, can travel , 74 year :
Hello - I am hoping to make contact with older men, certainly over 70, who enjoy giving a spanking as part of their sexual repertoire. I prefer to be naked for spanking and hope you get as much enjoyment from the experience as I. I cannot accommodate but am happy to travel reasonable distances for the right person. I would also like to enter into email conversations with other spankers and spankees, exploring the practice and trying to understand more about it.
Date: May 27th 2021  

*Bare for Sir ...
London, can travel , 43 year :
Attractive, subservient lad available to serve as a Nude House Boy and Spankee to an older Gentleman in to London/South East area.
I will strip on arrival and take on any nude chore or task you instruct.
You're welcome to punish me for poor performance or at any time you wish, hand spanking to cane - as you see fit. Fine with intimate fondling and touching whilst I work, with the occasional smack across my bare bottom for encouragement!
Hoping to bare for you soon...

Date: May 27th 2021  

*Headmaster/uncle/guardian ...
West London, can accommodate , 86 year :
Headmaster/uncle/guardian still providing bare-bottom discipline. 86, 5'10", 10-stone, slim, grey-haired and clean-shaven. Wide selection of implements. All limits respected without question. Situated about a mile from the London end of the M4 motorway. There is no upper age-limit for students/nephews/wards, although they must be in good health. However, there is an upper girth-limit of 36". (If you're wearing a 36" belt below a beer-gut, don't bother replying!) Sorry, no cross-dressers.
Date: May 27th 2021  

*Been a very long time ...
Thames Valley, can travel , 75 year :
Mature gent would love to visit you and receive 1st OTK spanking in over 18 mnths. 12st(75kg), 5'9", had both covid jabs. To be put over your knee for a hand/slipper/paddle spanking, with inspection/groping.
Shared shower a bonus. Please respond soon. Chris

Date: May 26th 2021  

*Mature master required ...
West london, can travel , 24 year :
Strict master required must be over 65 to act as stern school master to young school boy who needs to be dealt with for any minor infraction with hand and slipper (not progressed to cane yet) over school shorts and bare. Willing to be abused by master and thank him on my knees. I am aged 24 very slim tall with a very spankable bottom.
Must be local and able to accommodate in own home. Had a master before lockdown but no longer available.

Date: May 26th 2021  

*Searching for a strict headmaster ...
Diss, Norfolk, can travel , 59 year :
Very experienced adultschoolboy who deserves to feel the school cane and plimsole across his bottom.
Date: May 26th 2021  

*Bi sub male can take a long hard spanking ...
Peterborough, can accommodate and travel , 55 year :
Bi male 55 slim sub needs a spanking. Will take cane, slipper, tawse etc cbt. Will dress as told to take a long hard spanking across sports shorts, white pants or panties etc or bare if you want to hurt me more. Restrain me as required, bent over or face down to take punishment know it has to be done await my punishment.
Date: May 26th 2021  

*Older interested gents ...
Hampshire, can travel , 58 year :
Slim, somewhat shy submissive male with small round firm bottom hoping to find older gent who can host discretely, Hampshire area and would enjoy providing naked sensual exploration and a pink glow!
Available weekday afternoons.

Date: May 25th 2021  

*Looking to recreate punishments received growing up,at home and school . ...
Hampshire, can travel , 55 year :
Slim and fit naughty boy, would love to relive childhood spankings, slipperings and canings I received growing up right into my teens.
Looking for a strict Father, Uncle, Headmaster type to teach me the error of my ways and punish me with some old fashioned bare bottom spankings.
Very discreet and 100 percent genuine.

Date: May 25th 2021  

*Experienced Adult Schoolboy ...
Northern Ireland, can accommodate and travel , 39 year :
Adult schoolboy with several uniforms (including my old one), PE kit and Pyjamas seeking older headmaster figure for authentic school corporal punishment. Have tight fitting school shorts and y fronts. Have been a regular visitor to headmaster figures and have received hard, slipper, spoon, paddle, strap, belt, tawse, birch and cane. Also enjoy lines, lessons, detentions and homework.
Date: May 25th 2021  

*Straightforward - no games no faffing! - hard to brutal CP required ...
Glasgow / Edinburgh / Perth / Ayr etc, can travel , 54 year :
Simple, no nonsense request :
Want to visit someone where I can strip & spread for them to leather & cane the arse off me. 30 to 90.
Sexuality irrelevant though getting it from straight has huge allure.
Once done will say "thanks" and get out your way.
Write if you want hard bruising man-on-man action and nowt else.
If you want sex, Master Slave, Dad son etc, "dressing", TV/CD, role play I won't waste any more of your time.
Simple no nonsense upfront guy to guy replies please

Date: May 23rd 2021