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*Discipline Deserved ...
Edinburgh/Borders/East of Scotland, can accommodate and travel , 57 year :
Looking for someone who wants to spank, tawse and cane an expirenced, slim, fit, 57yo. guy on a regular basis. You will be very discrete like me. Any age, but might suit a genuine older retired authority figure, teacher, minister, etc. who is used to firm traditional discipline. No sex or fees. Can easily accommodate in Edinburgh centre or will travel for the right person. Is this you?
Date: October 15th 2017  

*Seeking spankings over your knee, ...
Surrey mostly, sometimes Norfolk., can accommodate and travel , 58 year :
I am trying to find someone to give me regular spankings, good over the knee bare bottom spankings, would be easier to visit because of a neighbour, I do need this and will reply.
Date: October 14th 2017  

*Need training up to receive ...
London and South East, can travel , 60 year :
Older guy who hasn't been spanked in over a year is looking to put that right quite soon. In the past have taken hand belt cane and tawse and would like to meet a guy to build me back up to the level of receiving cp that I had a couple of years back.
Live in SW London and can travel a reasonable distance for the right contact. Men who are naturally dominant are particularly welcome but that is by no means essential.

Date: October 13th 2017  

*Spank me to tears! ...
Yorkshire, can accommodate and travel , 57 year :
I love all forms of cp from an otk hand spanking to a judicial birching tied down. I'm told I have a very spankable bum and am good at role play. The stricter you are the better - I'd love to be beaten to tears! If you are not into role play, that's OK. No one-liners or time-wasters please. I'm only interested in meeting up for a spanking. Can switch if necessary.
Date: October 13th 2017  

*the plimsoll cupboard ...
Worcestershire Herefordshire, can travel , 68 year :
My small school room consists of a school desk and vaulting horse and a cupboard full of traditional school plimsolls. All sizes black and white that have all been used for slippering naughty adult school boys. If you,d like to relive your days of bending over for the slipper. .get in touch
Date: October 12th 2017  

*Discipline For Adult Schoolboys ...
Norfolk, can travel , 63 year :
Former private school head prefect administers slipperings to uniformed adult schoolboys .You must be fairly slim and will take a hard slippering with my supple plimsoll to teach you discipline.I don't go easy on offenders backsides .Corporal Punishment from me really hurts. Relive the experience of a summons to the head prefects study for a lecture and formal thrashing. Frank and detailed replies please. Complete discretion assured.
Date: October 12th 2017  

*Seeking adult boys ...
Stafford, can accommodate , 42 year :
Reasonably fit spanker seeking adult boys who need to be regressed back to childhood. Juvenile clothing including short-trousers and knee length socks which leave plenty of thigh for slapping a must.
Happy to discuss roleplay scenes.

Date: October 11th 2017  

*looking for spankees ...
south norfolk, can accommodate , 40 year :
always looking for new guys and girls who can take a spanking by hand or implements are available I will take a hand spanking with right person can acc anytime situated south Norfolk please genuine people only apply
Date: October 11th 2017  

*Domestic boy looking ...
West Midlands, can accommodate and travel , 42 year :
Domestic/Houseboy looking for older Sirs who might need a helping hand around the house. Will dress as you please and submit to punishment if work not up to scratch.
I use public transport, so looking for someone local to Stoke area.

Date: October 11th 2017  

*Nephew/houseboy ...
London/Home counties, can travel , 50 year :
Slim, smooth type, (a little older but have good figure) enjoys younger role for elderly gent who will take charge and take advantage of a shy, obedient boy in his care. Submissive and enjoys domestic scenes, could be nephew or maybe young houseboy. You will insist on vest/underpants to be worn in the house so these can easily be removed for inspection/spanking/caning at any time as you decide.
Date: October 11th 2017  

*Discipline For Lads ...
MANCHESTER, can accommodate and travel , 58 year :
Strict no nonsense disciplinarian will deal effectively witmotiv issues you have
Arrogance laziness poor motivation etc any issues not previously punished for etc
Drop your pants lad and go over my knee for a bare bottom slippering
Get in touch the sooner the better lad
Its for your own good you know that you need it lad

Date: October 11th 2017  

*Domestic servant or carer for retired gentleman ...
Herts Beds, can travel , 50 year :
Would you like someone to do menial tasks and housework? Shoes polished, floors cleaned. If tasks are not completed to your high standards then a sound spanking or a dose of the slipper. No job too humiliating.
Date: October 11th 2017  

*Lazy stableboy is looking for no-nonsense stablemaster ...
UK, can travel , 36 year :
Fit young stableboy (36,11st, 5,7ft) would like to serve / work for assertive and booted mature gentleman (65+, farmer, horse-rider, ex-army etc) who is experienced in dealing with rebellious lads. Corporal punishment (riding crop, horse whip, belt, cane) accepted. Absolute discretion guaranteed.
Date: October 10th 2017  

*Naughty boy ...
Brighton and Hove, can travel , 50 year :
Seeking guy to relive childhood and schooldays with (tests, lines, pe, uniform inspections, supervised baths, chores, naughty chair, put to bed early etc). Over the knee spankings on school shorts, pants, and bare botty, before being put in the corner with hands on head. Also slipper, cane and other implements. Humiliation including slave/master, age regression and nappy punishment. Open to suggestions.
Date: October 10th 2017  

*Masculine spanker seeks twink spankee ...
Merseyside, can accommodate and travel , 68 year :
Hi. I'm in Southport just north of Liverpool. I'm fit/slim/attractive. I'm seeking an 18-30/skinny or slim guy. Any nationality at all. I love to spank by hand/tawse/small hand whip. All limits respected. Fun spanks are fine. If you are an exhibitionist and enjoy medical examinations with extras then that's fine. I am unshockable. I'm genuine you should be too. No fees either way but I'm very happy to pay travel expenses in full.
Date: October 10th 2017  

*Nothing too heavy ...
Aberdeenshire, can travel , 68 year :
Retired tall slim gent would like to meet up with someone who would enjoy a visit from me. A long unhurried fun time, starting with you enjoying being put across my knee for a spanking. Then, pants removed, and pillows put underneath you, to raise your bottom to meet a few well aimed strokes of my leather belt. To finish of, enjoy oy some soothing cream rubbed into your bottom.
Date: October 9th 2017  

*Sound spanking sought from father/uncle type ...
South/Mid West Wales, can accommodate and travel :
Slimmish, middle-aged man looking to relive childhood experiences of fatherly spankings and slipperings, and school canings. Prefer an older gentleman, one I can look up to. An authority figure it would feel right taking a good hiding from. The notion of age regression through bending over a knee again is important to me. Seat of trousers to start with, then seat of pants, then bare bottomed. Also experienced at being leathered.
Date: October 9th 2017  

*Carpet beater ...
Hampshire/Dorset, can travel , 51 year :
I'm a versatile switch with a particular love of being punished with an old-fashioned carpetbeater. Looking for a strict but fair master 40-70 who will discipline me by hand, belt or whatever other instruments he deems necessary, culminating in the use of the carpet beater on my bare bottom. Will thank Sir by accepting any sexual contact he requires. Travel within 50 miles of Southampton.
Date: October 9th 2017  

*Hard Strapping Needed ...
Norfolk, can accommodate and travel , 58 year :
Norfolk male needs hard strapping to bare ass.
Favourite positions include spread-eagled restrained on bed with ass high in the air or over a bench with legs tied apart. Other methods welcome. Very much into bondage and a humiliating ass fingering.
Can travel South Norfolk area and North Suffolk.

Date: October 9th 2017  

*55 y/o switch looking to have some mutual fun ...
Norfolk/north suffolk, can travel , 55 year :
Mostly been on the end of a good spanking and cane. so looking now to meet someone who wants a good sore bum and give as good as he gets. must be fun clean/discrete as married. Happy to play in other ways but really i want to experience giving a good solid spanking on pants to bare bottom and receive the same. Like sports kit but equally just a enjoyable fun time and two sore bottoms is fine. prefer evening meetings and south norfolk area best but for the right type of fun will travel
Date: October 8th 2017  

*Seeking mature CP ...
West Midlands, can travel , 40 year :
If any 60 plus CP enthusiasts who can accommodate, who happen to enjoy applying the strap/cane to the hands please contact me.
Date: October 8th 2017  

*Adult Schoolboys sought ...
Bournemouth/Poole/Wimborne, can travel , 64 year :
Seeking Adult schoolboy (18-50) in grey shorts for traditional school discipline .This would include to punish you like a school boy would be punished - detention, lines, spanking (bare bottom), corner time. I prefer to cane with trousers up in a headmaster/pupil scenario. No sex, no sadism and no restraints, just a memorable session for mutual fun.
I cannot accom at the moment

Date: October 7th 2017  

*looking for any race houseboy ...
Manchester, can accommodate , 65 year :
would like a regular young houseboy to do remedial housework and given otk spankings for poor work or just maintenance. I would consider any race.
I would like this to be a regular thing.
I am 65 slim and clean shaven, and sane.

Date: October 7th 2017  

*Naughty boy for roleplay sessions ...
Norfolk/Suffolk, can accommodate and travel , 33 year :
Inspections, chores, discipline, whatever dad sees fit
Date: October 7th 2017  

*Returning after an enforced absence ...
London, Essex and Hertfordshire, can travel , 28 year :
A young, dominant and experienced spanker up to and beyond tears. OTK with hairbrush and paddle a speciality. Gender identity is of no consequence. Imagine the humiliation of being called out of the corner by someone half your age, before I pull your pants down and place you OTK. The cool side of the hairbrush offers little comfort, before I raise it high above my head. I can't accommodate at this time, all limits respected. All emails responded to, however sexual favours not sought nor wanted.
Date: October 6th 2017  

*Wiltshire male seeks punishment ...
Salisbury, can travel , 49 year :
Sub 49 year old male seeks light cp over jeans, swimwear, sportswear, lingerie or naked; hand, paddle, tawse or possibly cane.
Role play is welcomed and I'm willing to submit to 'O' and 'A' level tests until my master is satisfied. Restaints and other implements can also be used.
Must be discrete and I can travel only. Genuine.

Date: October 6th 2017  

*Big, privileged lad needs strictest Prep regime ...
Throughout England & Wales, can travel , 56 year :
Herts. based, lad. Discipline as boy. Seeks re-admission to the type of old-fashioned, exclusive prep school guaranteeing exemplary demeanour, manners and obedience achieved at considerable discomfort to the backside. Masters or 2-way with similar lads 40++. Well educ but cheeky, range other interests incl history & sport. 6ft/48c/36w. Needs painful and humbling consequences to develop the best traditional standards. Short term or residential.
Date: October 5th 2017  

*Scholastic CP ...
North London, can accommodate , 50 year :
Adult school boy looking to meet older Headmaster (65+) to apply the rattan school cane across my bare bottom ! Canes and caning bench .Genuine and discrete .Not into long email exchange and only make appointment by phone.
Date: October 5th 2017  

*Sub needs punishing especially with the Plimsoll ...
S Yorks, can accommodate and travel , 53 year :
I am a slim sporty type who likes to be spanked & slippered / Plimsolled over tight adidas shorts also bare bottom.. like a good severe session.. look forward to being punished soon...
Date: October 5th 2017  

*Red bottoms humiliated ...
Milton Keynes, can travel , 54 year :
Hi, this is the first time I have tried this so lets see what happens. I would like to find a younger person who would like to be humiliated by being stripped and played with, then given a red bottom. I like to use hands and belt. If you are up for it let me know. Unfortunately I cannot accommodate. I will do my best to respond to all replies.
Date: October 5th 2017  

*Medical role play cp sessions ...
Central, Southern England but anywhere considered, can travel , 41 year :
Submissive guy, slim build, smooth body, seeks medical-type sessions with a strict “doctor”. Examinations, spanking level testing, nipple play and embarrassing positions. Lovely spankable bottom. Prepared to travel.
Date: October 5th 2017  

*Looking for play partners ...
Sidcup - SE London/NW Kent, can accommodate and travel , 40 year :
Hi all, very experienced sub. Good figure, firm butt, looking for regular play partners, older the better. Can only submit to older partners!! Many toys, restraint items etc. pretty-much up for any form of abuse. Message me, I have pics, references and CV of stuff I'll do, will have done to me and situations I'll consider, for the right person. Know what I want and will do my best to accommodate you and (hopefully) your perverted tastes!! Drop me a line...
Date: October 4th 2017  

*Spank me otk ...
Manchester, can accommodate and travel , 60 year :
Anybody who wishes to spank my firm round bottom please email me I want you to take my shorts down put me across your knee for a long overdue spanking don't care who male female or especially women a TV XD age unimportant
Date: October 4th 2017  

*Experienced Dominatrix delivers traditional punishment ...
Nottinghamshire, can accommodate , 54 year :
Dominatrix delivers traditional punishment - I enjoy giving a firm spanking and love to bring a red glow to a well-shaped bottom. Sessions can include Caning, CP, Judicial punishments, also content to play nice and hand out a teasing massage. Dressing for the occasion is important to me, leather, fishnet, pvc, stocking and boots are just a few of my favourite items. If you enjoy seeing your tormenter dressed to thrill you could be in for a treat. Location Newark just off A1.
Date: October 4th 2017  

*strict uncle needed ...
Warrington, can travel , 40 year :
52 year old male seeking strict uncle type for regular spankings over shorts or bare your call. will take cane strap ect.
i travel by public transport so local is good all replys answerd
with right person use me after 101% gen
thank you for reading.

Date: October 3rd 2017  

*Mature 60+ needed to deal with me regularly ...
London, can travel , 40 year :
I just want a mature guy over 60 (no upper age limit) who can accommodate to deal with to spank and cane my bare bottom on an ongoing basis please. I am slim, smooth, clean, constantly misbehaving and being very naughty. Flat hand to canes in any position, very obedient and love to please and satisfy. O levels passed and A curious. Cornertime lover and enjoy being verbally scolded. ATA. Genuine ad needing genuine replies with no timewasters or 'tyrekickers '
Date: October 2nd 2017  

*strict uncle ...
st Helens, can travel , 40 year :
I am 57 very slim with a smooth pert bottom. Looking for a strict uncle. Too take my pants down and underpants down. For a spanking on my bare bottom corner time to smacked legs if I move or rub my bottom then put me in my pyjamas for more over your knee spanking. Then pull my pyjamas down in front of you with hands on head very embarrassing smacked legs if I move then over your knee again plus more corner time smacked legs to. Plus sexual contact
Date: October 1st 2017  

*Tawse Thrashing on your Bare Bottom ...
Manchester or 30 mile Radius, can accommodate and travel , 61 year :
You need to be 18 to 40 years old, slim/medium build, clean shaven and not too hairy. The thrashing will be severe to teach you a lesson to remember. At least 12 strokes, starting on your bare bottom. I can accommodate occasionally, where you will be bent over the back of a leather Chesterfield chair. I will visit suitable premises. I have 40 years experience, am extremely accurate, and will not stand any nonsense.
Date: October 1st 2017  

*Hi all ...
Cardiff, can travel , 56 year :
Looking to meet guys, preferably for long term spanking relationship.
Date: October 1st 2017  

*Naughty boy seeks older spankers 50+ ...
Ayr/Ayrshire, can travel , 42 year :
I am Mike a naughty boy who needs regular hand spanking for older men aged 50 yo plus(No upper age limit)
I can travel in the Ayrshire area and live in Ayr.

Date: October 1st 2017  

*Thrashing needed ...
South East, can travel , 54 year :
I can sometimes accomodate but easier for me to travel to you. I would like to meet a firm and strict headmaster type for discipline and strict punishment. Over shorts and on my bare bottom. Nice build and looks I'm told and very discreet. All replies answered in full.
Date: September 30th 2017  

*London ...
London, can travel , 40 year :
Sirs. I'm seeking a strict nature gent who knows how to administer hard cp. Also to help with my o and a levels. Race and looks unimportant. I'm very genuine so please help me.
Date: September 30th 2017  

*Looking For Older To Put Me Over Their Knee ...
Manchester and surrounds, can travel , 54 year :
Smooth bottomed submissive likes to go over the knee. Mainly hand spanking. Will be very appreciative afterwards if told to be.
Genuine. May accommodate daytime. Prefer older uncle / grandpa types

Date: September 30th 2017  

*Slim Guys WANTED; ideally tops for sex and or CP; either for camping companions ...
NE England or I travel widely, can accommodate and travel , 40 year :
I can only accommodate at certain times. I travel anywhere to meet the right guys; less distance if compromising ... ask.
I'm always on the look out for tops who would enjoy caning / belting me.
I'm always looking for guys who would enjoy using me sexually; usually tops
I'm looking for slim guys any role who would enjoy camping trips with me, some recognised campsite, some out in the wilds. I have good gear.

Date: September 29th 2017  

*Seeking discipline and confinement ...
South Yorkshire / Derbyshire, can travel , 54 year :
I am a masochist seeking discipline, bondage and confinement over a period of two to three days from a strict but patient Master. In return I will serve in a domestic capacity
Date: September 28th 2017  

*Retired Schoolboy . 71 yrs. Milton Keynes/Northants ...
Northampton, can accommodate , 71 year :
Saucy smooth bottom. Very Sub. Waiting for dominant disciplinarians for prolonged cp sessions, and more, with a range of implements. I'm no whimp! Hope you are fairly local, for regular visits.
Date: September 28th 2017  

*An old-fashioned Dad/son "talk" ...
Dublin, Ireland, can travel , 36 year :
Spoiled thirty teen something Brat, overdue a visit to a Dublin based strict Dad who will strip me from the waist down, scold me for my misdeeds, take me over his knee for a spanking, put me in the corner with red bottom on display and repeat this time honored Dad/son "talk" until he is satisfied I've learned the error of my ways.
Date: September 28th 2017  

*Headmaster / Prefect / School Doc / Borstal Officer / Clergyman / Catholic Brov ...
Within reasonable train/bus travel from Nottingham, can travel , 52 year :
I am a regressed secondary schoolboy / 6th former who needs to be controlled and dealing with realistically as I might have been in the 1970's.
Restraints can be used if sir sees fit. I like my limits stretched. I have lots of kit. Photography / videographer welcome as long as no face shots. No charge either way.

Date: September 26th 2017  

*Old But Sexy ...
South East, can travel , 71 year :
I am keen to find a man older than myself, who would enjoy the sexual thrills of having me naked for a sensuous spanking session. This could be a prelude to a fulfilling erotic encounter. Though getting on a bit I am still fully functional with a trim body.
Date: September 26th 2017  

*Experienced CP sub in need of punishment ...
London/Essex, can travel , 60 year :
60, in reasonable shape, nice arse for punishing.
Will submit to all cp on jeans, underwear, speedos, or bare.
Hand-spank or any implement(s) of your choice.
Over the knee, tied down or fully restrained.
Other options - sex use, bondage, s+m, torture.
Just say what you want - I rarely say no to anything.
Can not accommodate, but can travel in the Essex and London areas.

Date: September 26th 2017  

*OK, new to this (lol) ...
London, can travel , 19 year :
Hello. This is my first time on here or these sites. I'll say a bit about me: I live in London (east end), I am at uni (queen Mary), I am from Kansas (USA). I can travel but I can't accommodate because i live in uni halls (thin walls lol). I will chat and answer any questions + send pics etc. if you want to before meeting. Thank you, Jake
Date: September 25th 2017  

*dad son whipping on sons bare back not buttocks ...
London, Manchester, can travel , 40 year :
I grew up with a strict step dad where dad used the heavy strop on my bare back not buttocks regularly in a masculine punishment manner. He said learning to take the pain of the lash was the way to make a man out of me. I miss it and hope I can find an older man who understands and perhaps we can establish a relationship. very serious.
Date: September 25th 2017  

*Accommodation needed ...
Newcastle/Tyneside, can travel , 50 year :
Was wondering if anyone in the Tyneside area had a discrete place or room, in order to spank a younger lad. Happy to let you be voyeur or participate. Twice as kinky, a lad being under the control of 2 spanking dads
Date: September 25th 2017  

*Strict Master Needed ...
South Yorkshire, can travel , 23 year :
Young lad in need of discipline looking for a strict master to take me in hand and give me a sound spanking across their knee.
Date: September 24th 2017  

*Severe Tanning Wanted ...
Newcastle-upon-tyne, can travel , 23 year :
Got the belt growing up. My punishments would probably be considered severe by today's standards. However, compared to punishments given out when cp was in more frequent use, my beltings were probably quite mild.
I would like to receive the kind of tanning a boy would have gotten back then. One that will leave the bottom sore and tender for a few days.
I'm looking for someone older, who has experience, and who preferably has a proper punishment strap or tawse rather than regular belt.

Date: September 23rd 2017  

*Firm Buttock Thrashing ...
Anywhere, can accommodate and travel , 57 year :
Your eyes would be focussed on my shapely bare bottom, ready for harsh chastisement. I would imagine my pale bottom would become very animated due to effect of both cane and strap, quickly turning red with welts and weals. My modesty not spared as you could view my cock, balls and tight rosebud in addition to savouring my shapely bare backside. Lovely to view and caress well striped buttocks. All lads would greatly benefit from proper caning or strapping don't u agree?
Date: September 23rd 2017  

*Traditional CP with tawse and/or cane administered to your satisfaction ...
London - Hounslow/Twickenham, can accommodate and travel :
I am a former headmaster very experienced in administering the swishy rattan cane and/or genuine Lochgelly Scottish tawse strap. I can host most days and times very discreetly in TW7 between Richmond and Hounslow in West London. All ages welcome. Nothing else expected in return, just the opportunity to give you the thrashing you require to the level of severity desired. Over jeans, pants or bare - your decision. No role play necessary.
Date: September 23rd 2017  

*I aim to please with a warm welcome! ...
glasgow, can travel , 65 year :
...and guarantee you will be warmer on departure but between times things will be tailored to suit your needs..... however, guess who will be in control, my boy? I welcome the opportunity to share my considerable experience therefore whether new to the gentle (!) art or highly experienced you will receive the full focus and attention you know you richly deserved. The chill of autumn will soon be with it... do something about your central heating!
Date: September 22nd 2017  

*small nephew needs gentle caring daddy or uncle ...
lancashire greater manchester wigan, can travel , 67 year :
if you like to use cane or give hard punishment spankings then please pass by i am looking for a caring daddy or uncle to give me a reasonable spanking over clothing working your way to bare bottom i like to be a 10 year old boy when being spanked i am very discrete and trustworthy clean and tidy appearance genuine person if this is of interest to yourself then please contact me so i can give you more details about myself and what i am looking for to make you happy also thank you
Date: September 22nd 2017  

*Slim fit lads for CP ...
Glasgow, can accommodate , 56 year :
Seeking slim, fit, willing Lads in central Scotland area for firm but sane CP. Tawse. Cane. Whip only. One off session or regular visits. If you enjoy submitting to a demanding Master dressed in masculine formal shiny fetish gear. Leather. Pvc. Latex. Satin etc, you will not find better. Lads in to flaunting and wearing speedo style glossy briefs and satin shorts a bonus. These can be supplied. Can accom` for session.
Date: September 22nd 2017  

*Strict uncle/tutor seeks submissive nephew/pupil - think first; is this you? ...
London, can accommodate and travel , 62 year :
In real life - willing to have open, friendly relationship; any age (20s-60s), smooth, slim (34" max). In fantasy, you want to be 'younger' - dressed in little white vest, socks and pants, very short uniform shorts (all year). You'll get smacked legs, OTK spanking (hand, spoon, slipper..), corner time, enjoy fondling/groping (both ways), massage. Nothing brutal, and no long email exchanges. Free most mornings and Saturdays. Easy to find in E.London. All replies answered. Rod.
Date: September 22nd 2017  

*Traditional CP ...
West Yorks, can accommodate , 75 year :
I offer many years experience in giving otk spanking, strapping, and slippering over underpants and with underpants down. I have a variety of canes for giving six of the best over trousers and with trousers and pants down. I can also offer a full enema service.
Date: September 21st 2017  

*Experienced Sub Seeking Experienced Gents ...
Staffordshire, can travel , 45 year :
Seeking strict gents who love providing domestic discipline in a firm yet caring manner. Contrite & compliant in the right company & also enjoy being caressed & massaged. I'm seeking the authentic clothed Dom/naked sub dynamic - CMNM.
I'm genuine & looking for real meets with good people. I relish pleasing my dominant by adopting any positions he chooses for me, even if they are exposing/embarrassing. I respond fully to being displayed, inspected, scolded & controlled.

Date: September 21st 2017  

*School Caning ...
Lincolnshire, can travel , 55 year :
X-Dresser 55, with schoolgirl alter ego seeks experienced disciplinarian for school style caning. Not looking to be treated as a sissy or humiliation. Selection of uniforms available. O given. Travel only. Detailed sensible reply will receive full response.
Date: September 21st 2017  

*Mature male Highland couple for traditional discipline ...
Inverness area, can accommodate and travel , 46 year :
Very discreet and experienced bisexual male couple (46 and 53) living in the Scottish Highlands looking for a sane, friendly, caring, confident older gentleman to occasionally administer firm traditional school, domestic or rural no-nonsense type discipline to us both at the same time (have uniforms, kilts and implements etc). Can accommodate or travel in the area. May also consider disciplining younger lads if they need the same.
Date: September 21st 2017  

*Looking for married couple ...
South Norfolk, can travel , 55 year :
Looking for married couple in the South Norfolk area to administer a severe punishment to an unruly and nasty son. All methods necessary to bring him into line. Can travel in the South Norfolk area.

Date: September 21st 2017  

*belting ...
kent, can travel , 47 year :
I am a gay British Asian male looking for two gay guys willing to restrain me and double belt me. yes I know it will hurt and mark and bruise just do it no safe word. You must be willing to fuck my mouth afterwards.

Date: September 20th 2017  

*Discipline for couples ...
Kent, can travel , 40 year :
Well-mannered and open-minded and with a sense Humour, is seeking to lectures thusbands or wives in need of it., maybe selected single males
This aimed at couples in the age range of 45-65., if single males age range is 18 to 25 I'll answer polite and sensibly messages
Prefer to travel if possible in Kent

Date: September 19th 2017  

*Adult sixth former for traditional dorm punishment ...
Midlands, can travel , 48 year :
I remember boarding school in 70's when discipline was strict and dished out as and when necessary.
Looking for someone who can reintroduce me to those days of traditional punishment.
Please mail for more information if interested.

Date: September 19th 2017  

*mutual spanking and caning ...
powys mid wales/ herefordshie border, can accommodate , 70 year :
elderly bi gent visiting this area for the next 2 months wishes to meet other gents over 30 for mutual spanking and caning. fetish clothing if required
Date: September 18th 2017  

*Looking for punishment sessions ...
Devon, can travel , 65 year :
I realise that this may be rather a waste of time as there seems to be a dearth of spankophiles in my area.
I am a decent ,mature lover of receiving... or giving erotic spankings.
Ideally ,I like to be stripped naked and given over the knee initially ,whilst my erection is fondled.
I have often been put to in bondage too ...legs spread wide and genitals on show.
Naturally, I will thank my punisher orally or by hand.
Happy to discuss a session on the phone initially

Date: September 18th 2017  

*Disciplinarian ...
Yarm,North Yorks, can accommodate , 65 year :
Retired ex teacher seeks pupils for correction sessions and training in servitude .I have schoolboy/girl outfits to role play ,other scenarios are also available. Overnighters are also available with late night and early morning spankings in your nightie or pyjamas .Discerning gentlemen only
Date: September 17th 2017  

*Looking for punishment ...
Hampshire, can travel , 53 year :
I'm a 53 old male looking to meet someone who can punish me on a regular basis, I can't accommodate but willing to travel anywhere in Hampshire I live in southampton. You can give me a spanking as well as use belts, canes straps riding crops e t c .I can take some hard punishment and can and expect to be marked. I'm ok with or without role play .
Date: September 17th 2017  

*Expert caner seeks mature subs ...
London, can accommodate and travel , 40 year :
Seeking older men (55+) in London seeking 1-2-1 with younger Master.
Expert with canes, belt, paddle and hands.
Can host or travel London zones 1-6.

Date: September 17th 2017  

*Naughty boy seeks discreet & articulate mature strict gentleman ...
Worcs/Gloucs/Herefordshire/Wilts/Warks/ & Oxon, can accommodate , 40 year :
I am now aged 63yrs and have been very interested in shaming and spanking since my early teens and in recent years I have visited several mature strict gentlemen. I enjoy the erotic and sensual aspect of the scene but realise that I have to be soundly punished in order to achieve those sensations. I have a shapely and resilient hairless bottom which needs to be dealt with on a regular basis. Ideally I am seeking to visit a mature, strict, articulate gentleman.
Date: September 17th 2017  

*Looking for a mature master..... ...
Central London, can travel , 27 year :
l Like the idea of traditional spanking by strict mature and civilised men, over the knee and various other position, using belts, leather strap, cane, slippers and hands. I also like being verbally abused.
Date: September 16th 2017  

*Bend over, boy! ...
Salisbury / Southampton, can accommodate , 80 year :
Experienced dom offers traditional discipline to lads 18 - 80, with hand, plimsol, strap, tawse, cane and birch if you wish over trousers, pants and bare. All limits respected. No sex, no sadism, and no restraints -- just a memorable session for mutual fun. Role-play available. I'm grey, clean-shaven, still trim and fit. My secluded cottage is 8 miles SE of Salisbury / NW of Romsey. There's a local bus, but it's best if you drive. All replies answered. Regards. Allan.
Date: September 16th 2017  

*Domestic discipline for mature couple ...
London, can travel , 54 year :
Well-mannered disciplinarian, open-minded and with a sense for good clothing, is serving strict but delicate lectures to husbands or wives in need of it.
This invitation is addressed to couples in the age range of 45-65. I'll answer polite and sensibly, and with the help of your partner we'll find out what you need - and what you are longing for... Greater London area.

Date: September 16th 2017  

*Mature lad seeks Daddy ...
London and surrounding area, can travel , 57 year :
Average build, mature lad seeks dominant dad who is experienced and accurate with the cane. Enjoy being kept in shorts and have collection available. Take control of me, discipline me with care and affection when you see fit, use me sexually whenever you desire. In return I will try my best to please and pleasure you. Looking for regular meetings if possible. Overnights a distinct possibility.
Date: September 16th 2017  

*Nice guy seeks a hard and bare Otk spanking + Voyeur kinks ! ...
London And Surrey, can travel , 53 year :
Nice guy fit good looks 34w 53yrs NEEDS to be given a sound M/m bare bottomed hand spanking over your knee. Enjoy roleplay can dress to please enjoy being milked plus orally bi curious. Also happy to be a voyeur and a domm to another session
Date: September 16th 2017  

*strict grandad wanted ...
fylde coast, can travel , 51 year :
is there any genuine older guys over 65 in lancashire willing to smack my bare bottom, older the better, no upper age limit. grey hair and glasses a big bonus, but not essential. i like my trousers and briefs taken right off by you, then over your knee. like my grandad and granma used to do it. no younger plz, it wont work for me. there must be one older grandad type out there, im in blackpool. thanks stephen. ps, im willing to pay for a hotel if you cant host.
Date: September 15th 2017  

*Looking for very naughty boys ...
Manchester, can accommodate , 54 year :
I'm looking for naughty young boys who are in need of a firm hand and a good sound bare bottom spanking and possibly to be fully stripped nude and used as my personal naughty boy plaything. ( an option only )
If interred give me a shout

Date: September 15th 2017  

*Former old school Headmaster deals with 18-39 miscreants singly or in pairs. ...
Worcestershire, can accommodate , 67 year :
Silver-haired former Headmaster of the old school (67) recently returned from overseas and experienced in dealing, to clearly pre-agreed limits, with fit 18-39 miscreants, singly or in pairs. From otk hand spanking, paddles and tawse to canes, birch and authentic borstal punishment strap. Can accommodate (usually daytime) in his study in Worcester and is very discreet. You will be also. Most lads come back time and again which fact speaks for itself. Will occasionally travel.
Date: September 14th 2017  

*22 year old submissive in Dundee ...
Dundee, can travel , 22 year :
22 year old bisexual guy who lives in Dundee, Scotland. I can travel for a session, but sadly cannot accommodate as I live in a shared house.
Discretion needed, and given in return.
Not a fan of roleplay, but enjoy being spanked by older guys. Also enjoy CMNM scenarios.
Please be aware that due to a really busy schedule I don't always have time to meet at short notice.
Always up for a chat, send a message and see where it leads! :-)

Date: September 13th 2017  

*memories of THE SCHOOL SLIPPER ...
south Midlands, can travel , 63 year :
Do you remember a plimsoll on the teachers desk or hanging on a hook by the black board waiting the next boy to fall foul of the teacher. 3,4 or 6 whacks of the plimsoll penetrated through the trousered or gym shorts seat or if after school sometimes bare bottom. If you wish to relive this experience either way get in touch.
Date: September 12th 2017  

*Strict mature Uncle needed? ...
London and Kent, can travel , 50 year :
Hi there to all you strict mature guys. I am a naughty naughty boy and need regular spankings and canings on my bare bottom. Very clean and smart and 100% genine, so come on guys, get in touch!!!
Date: September 11th 2017  

*Good hiding required ...
Jersey. Channel Islands, can travel , 70 year :
Experienced at giving and taking CP, I need a local friend for occasional sessions, your place only. I am civilised and sane and respect limits.
Date: September 11th 2017  

*Mature top canes hard ...
Bournemouth, can accommodate and travel , 73 year :
A mature gentleman who was caned and birched at his public school in the 60s, has a fetish for caning the bare buttocks of deserving men.
He is certainly not a sadist, but is accurate and professional. He will ascertain your limits and take you to them and perhaps a tad further. Afterwards there will be a spot of T.L.C. and the application of some soothing cream. Absolute discretion is guaranteed.

Date: September 11th 2017  

*Approved school Borstal training ...
UK and Wales, can travel , 64 year :
Trim, fit lad, keen on body building with dumb bells and medicine ball work, wishes to report for Borstal training to Master in senior age range, 60-70s. Cleaning, polishing, inspections, exercises, drinks little, well disciplined, can supply uniform with shorts for Borstal and exercises. Strict c.p. in shorts and bare for slacking, would like to report for weekends if possible. Keen to report for training Sir, John.
Date: September 11th 2017  

*My study NOW boy ...
East Anglia, can accommodate and travel , 40 year :
Naughty boys get a buzz from breaking the rules, tardiness and disobedience but they also know the cost of being caught and sent to my study near Cambridge. This very experienced headmaster type will deal with slim and preferably petite schoolboy lookalikes, between ages of 18 - 26 (no messages outside of that spec please). Humiliation and embarrassment are a key aspect of the punishment. Other ethnic boys particularly welcome to apply. Sir
Date: September 11th 2017  

*Looking for 60+ headmaster or clergyman ...
London surrounding area, can accommodate and travel , 40 year :
40 year old athletic man is looking to meet a formal mature gentleman/ headmaster or clergyman 60+ to give me a sound spanking. I have lots of equipment school uniform and white pe kit also a mortar board and gown.
Date: September 10th 2017  

*Spanking and Discipline For Lads ...
Manchester, can accommodate and travel , 60 year :
Are you a lad in need of discipline? Lazy arrogant or need Motivation
A student needing a guiding hand?
Perhaps you have one something wrong and never been punished?
can deal with you in the old fashioned way pants down over the knee
Get in touch tell me why you need discipline and lets make it happen You know you need it and will benefit from it

Date: September 10th 2017  

*Spanking accommodation wanted in Tyneside area ...
Newcastle upon Tyne, can accommodate and travel , 18 year :
Was wondering if anyone in the Tyneside area had a discrete place or room, in order to spank a younger lad. Happy to let you be voyeur or participate. Twice as kinky, a lad being under the control of 2 spanking dads
Date: September 9th 2017  

*Looking to re-live school cane experience ...
Sussex, can accommodate , 60 year :
I am 60 years old and slightly disabled. I have finally got up courage to put an ad on here. My parents spanked me up to about 15 years old. I was caned 3 times on the bottom at a boy’s school I went to. I have never been caned or spanked since and have always fantasised about it. About 6 months ago I purchased a cane and a wooden paddle and am looking for a guy older than me to use them on me. I live in Sussex and can only accommodate.
Date: September 9th 2017  

*Seeking a spanker ...
London, can travel , 39 year :
Hi, 39yo guy that is interested in being spanked, some experience, need a lot more! Hand given otk or the use of implements. Bottom bared or fully nude, role play or just straight forward, as you prefer. Not interested in anything too over the top or that injures, but understand that spankings can hurt and that you might enjoy that it is given as authentic discipline. Not have any fixed ideas of how it should be done and like to work with the spanker and what they like and enjoy.
Date: September 9th 2017  

*Smacked bottoms ...
Kent South East, can accommodate and travel , 35 year :
Guy in Kent with a long term interest good experience in giving and receiving traditional corporal punishment. Various positions, over the knee smacked bottom, slipper, strap, cane. Have interest in cp as a discipline and also just for the fun. I see it as an activity between two guys which has a good bonding aspect. Very open and happy to make contact and meet with guys of a Likemind.
Date: September 9th 2017  

*Holidays over so time to be spanked ...
Berks, Oxon, Hants, W.London, Thames Valley, can travel , 72 year :
Mature, ex prof gent wants to visit you to be put OTK & spanked over trousers, then pants then bare. Inspection/groping welcome & possible role playing. Happy to meet either sex and couples of either or both sexes, any age. Please call me soon. Chris
Date: September 8th 2017  

*Punish me hard to tears ...
Rhyl/North Wales, can accommodate , 47 year :
Smooth slim male can visit you to be spanked/slippered/tawsed and caned hard. I can be naked or wear my little white vest/navy knickers and long white socks. I like to be embarrassed and do corner time.
Genuine advertiser will reply to everybody.

Date: September 8th 2017  

*Need to be caned ...
Cardiff, Bristol, can travel , 50 year :
Young 50y/o looking to be caned to senior school level by headmaster type. Cannot accom.
Date: September 6th 2017  

*Likes to be obedient ...
UK, can travel , 60 year :
I would like to correspond with strict polite master types who want to chat about old fashioned formal corporal punishment. I like the detail of such scenes. I do have a weakness for foster home scenes or similar. All forms of corporal punishment. Dress code. Meeting is difficult but not impossible, I have met before and with the right person would do so again. Due to my circumstances I prefer to chat either on line or via email.
Date: September 6th 2017  

*ex public school boy ...
Richmond Nth Yorks, can travel , 67 year :
I'm a 68 year old guy in love with the cane. I love to bend and to be given a hard thrashing. At school I was caned in front of the class, class of both sexes. I long for it again
Date: September 6th 2017  

*Boy Needs Spanking ...
North East UK, can accommodate and travel , 55 year :
Hello sir I'm a naughty boy in North East. Looking to meet a Strict sir or master, over 65, to give me spanking, discipline, humiliation etc.
Date: September 5th 2017  

*Looking for an authorative, articulate guy ...
Brighton, can accommodate , 25 year :
I am a 25 year old transgender guy. I have a cute smallish cock and full breasts. I am 5'9, 10st.5 .I am very feminine, hairless and with my own long fair hair. have a need to be beaten. Just moved from London. Ideally I would like to meet a dom who has been with some one of my persuasion before but that's not essential. I have an extensive wardrobe One-liners will not be answered. Please ask if you have any questions about meeting someone of my sexual orientation.
Date: September 5th 2017  

*Headmaster/uncle/guardian ...
West London, can accommodate , 83 year :
Headmaster/uncle/guardian still has vacancies for naughty boys in need of bare-bottom discipline. 83, 5'10", 12-stone, slim, grey-haired and clean-shaven. Wide selection of implements. All limits respected without question. Situated about a mile from the London end of the M4 motorway. There is no upper age-limit for students/nephews/wards, although they must be in good health. However, there is a 36" upper girth-limit (and I don't just mean waistbelt-limit). Sorry, no cross-dressers.
Date: September 5th 2017  

*Mature, Strict Master ...
Dublin / Anywhere, can accommodate and travel , 59 year :
Mature, strict Master, well-experienced, is available for the detention and corporal punishment of naughty (adult) boys, girls and boys-who-would-be-girls.
Date: September 5th 2017  

*Over your knee for a sound spanking ...
Luton, can travel , 54 year :
Is there a strict gentleman who would like to discipline my firm bottom for me? Put over your knee and spanked until you think I have learnt my lesson. Or do you think a dose of the slipper is called for ?
Prefer an elderly, retired person . Very open minded and happy to consider any scenario including roleplay. You will find me very obedient and willing to fulfil your fantasies.

Date: September 5th 2017  

*Report for Detention and Punishment ...
Leicester/Midlands, can accommodate and travel , 60 year :
Boys 18-30, who wish to return to their schooldays. Must be prepared to wear school uniform and shorts, wear white underwear, and have short hair. They will be given lines etc followed by corporal punishment on pants and bare inc cane, strap, paddle or spanking. I am a ex schoolmaster 60+. only reply if serious. MR P
Date: September 4th 2017  

*Beefy bottom needs tanning ...
Throughout England & Wales, can travel , 56 year :
Hertfordshire based, traditional lad, CP as a boy, still deserving firm attention from either dedicated, stern Sirs or 2-way with like-minded lads 40+++. Travel th'out E&W. 6ft/48c/36w. Well educ, wide range other interests incl history & sport - esp rugby. Embarrassing slipper discipline and other humbling consequences to uphold standards and maintain a disciplined lifestyle. Weekdays or weekends. Uniform/ex-uniform? Short haircuts, proper white pants. Red faces - red backsides!
Date: September 4th 2017  

*Mature, slim, discreet ...
Essex/London, can travel , 68 year :
I am a former teacher, very slim, greying hair, late sixties and married.
I seek similar who have a penchant for spanking small bottoms like mine, over the knee, as well as other activities. I can switch but I am mainly passive now. I fit snugly OTK and I will always reward the dominant in the appropriate manner.

I prefer slim men but that is not set in stone.Large appendages a plus.

Date: September 4th 2017  

*Leathering needed ...
Moray/Aberdeenshire, can accommodate and travel , 59 year :
Are an old fashioned man who still believes in corporal punishment which means wearing a good leather belt which is used to leather naughty lads like me. Seeking an authority figure eg School teacher Businessman Clergyman to put me over his knee and also the leather belt. I am slim fit and need regular spankings looking for a person who likes being addressed as Sir and has an authoritative manner
Date: September 4th 2017  

*Naughty boy requires correction! ...
Manchester, can accommodate and travel , 38 year :
I am looking for a man aged 65+ who like to discipline younger. I don't get spanked too often, but have been spanked many times in the past. Hand, slipper, plimsoll, strap, paddle, martinet, cane, are acceptable. A sir who likes to smack bare legs is good too. Casual, sports wear, school uniform with shorts, I will wear where required. The older the sir the better, who loves younger boys to discipline.
Date: September 4th 2017  

*submissive panty wearing bisexual guy seeks Master ...
Falkirk / Glasgow, can travel , 62 year :
I'm needing my panties pulled down and spanked/caned on my bare ass. Will then please my Master as i get on my knees with mouth open
Date: September 4th 2017  

*Naughty bottom ...
Bristol/Avon, can travel , 45 year :
I need my smooth bottom soundly spanking and walloping.
I can show appreciation ;-)

Date: September 4th 2017  

*cross dresser in need of restraints and discipline ...
north west, can accommodate and travel , 57 year :
Hi clean and discreet CD looking for imaginative discipline sessions under restraint I'm looking for someone experienced in the art who can accommodate and has the necessary equipment.
Date: September 3rd 2017  

*Mentoring for college guys or newly graduated moving to employment ...
Shropshire, West Mids, Mid Wales, can accommodate , 52 year :
Do you study but lack focus, or out of Uni and into work but need motivation. I offer firm but fair discipline for breaches of agreed rules to keep guys on track in studies or at work. Plimsoll, tawse or cane, corner-time. This isn't about humiliation or sex but about discipline and accountability. If interested, message with brief explanation of what you're doing and how you feel mentoring might benefit you in your studies/work. This would suit guys who can get to Shrewsbury by road or rail.
Date: September 3rd 2017  

*Experienced Dominatrix delivers traditional punishment ...
Nottinghamshire, can accommodate , 54 year :
Dominatrix delivers traditional punishment - I enjoy giving a firm spanking and love to bring a red glow to a well-shaped bottom. Sessions can include Caning, CP, Judicial punishments, also content to play nice and hand out a teasing massage. Dressing for the occasion is important to me, leather, fishnet, pvc, stocking and boots are just a few of my favourite items. If you enjoy seeing your tormenter dressed to thrill you could be in for a treat.
Date: September 3rd 2017  

*over a knee ...
N/West, can accommodate and travel , 60 year :
Hi have a firm round bottom that needs a good spanking are you a strict TV XD Male Female or couple who will put me across your knee and spank my bottom till it glows hope my age wont put you off as I don't mind what age you are will answer all replies respectfully with Yes Miss or Yes Sir
Date: September 3rd 2017  

*Looking for a Daddy ...
East London and Essex, can accommodate and travel , 59 year :
Mature chubby man wants to return to being a boy again under the control of a Daddy. Clothes, haircut, body hair etc all to be controlled by you inside and out. Very genuine.
Date: September 2nd 2017  

*In need of the belt ...
London, can travel , 56 year :
Seeking a dominant step father type that is not afraid to use his belt or other tools to instil discipline. The threat alone will have me trembling, hearing you unbuckle the belt will have me pleading.
Date: September 2nd 2017  

*sissy/tv seeks strict gentleman ...
near heathrow, can accommodate and travel , 63 year :
I am a tall, slim, sissy/tv and would like to be punished by a daddy inc spanking, strap etc, i live near heathrow and can accommodate or travel to satisfy all your kinky needs,.
Date: September 2nd 2017  

*the cane for you ...
worcestershire/plus 60 miles, can travel , 64 year :
sir 6ft and 15 stone over 30 years experience of real canings it is a proper caning and it is pants off in fact more likely everything off I cannot accommodate but will travel to you I am friendly but firm I carrying out your full punishment also will help wives /partners /parent /with punishment as needed
Date: September 2nd 2017  

*Experienced versatile taker ...
M4 & M5 corridor. Travel further if necessary, can travel , 41 year :
Slim guy with lovely spankable bottom seeks strict master. Long sessions wanted with me in underpants or naked. Genuine, discrete and clean. Gratitude shown afterwards as Sir instructs. Housework and domestic chores also undertaken – references available. Guys 40+ only. Can travel.
Date: September 1st 2017  

*A Trip Across the Knee? ...
Lancashire, can accommodate and travel , 66 year :
A sane, sensible uncle/older brother seeks a similar slim nephew, 25-39, for playfully embarrassing and erotic fun-spanking within sane and sensible limits. A sensual massage may be needed to soothe your tingling cheeks followed perhaps by a consoling cuddle and a little tlc. Role-play and intimacy are all possible though entirely optional. Into shorts too? Great! I'm 5'11", 10.5st.
Date: September 1st 2017  

*Mature guy to spank me, thrash and cane me? ...
London/anywhere, can accommodate , 62 year :
Hi all. I am looking for a strict mature guy 60+ who I can visit and can put me over his knee, pull down my trousers and pants and give my bare(smooth) bottom a real good long hard hand spanking, slippering,wooden spooning and anything up to the cane. I will adopt any position I am told to for this. I love to do "cornertime" and please my spankers if required to... regularly and ASAP please???
Date: August 31st 2017  

*Boy looking for Strict Father for Age Regression ...
United States, can accommodate , 23 year :
Looking for a strict well dressed father to regress me into a boy again.
Father will shave my body, take me to a tailors for a school uniform or suit with shorts (with a boater hat), give me a proper boys haircut and fit me with a chastity belt/device. I will be whatever age father needs me to be. If a father should contact me, I would appreciate a detailed list of what my daily routine, dress/grooming code, and schedule would entail.
Turn ons: Father dressing me and combing my hair.

Date: August 31st 2017  

*any mature dom guys wholl spank me absolutely for real? ...
blackpool and north west region, can accommodate and travel , 45 year :
im looking for any mature dom guys married straight or bi or gay all welcome
im in need of someone who will spank me absolutely fo real
over the knee on my bared bottom until they feel ive learned my lesson
ill do anything they require after beng thoroughly chastised
come on someone must want to take up the challenge!

Date: August 31st 2017  

*Seeking strict master ...
Buckinghamshire, can travel , 37 year :
Looking for 60+ Headmaster type
Into school scenario role play
To administer belt, strap or cane

Date: August 30th 2017  

*sub male required ...
Gt Manchester, can travel , 60 year :
I am looking for a sub male who can take a good slipper and strap, may restrain if you are ok with that and may also do other things you must be able to accommodate or have somewhere private to go
Date: August 30th 2017  

*Leeds based male ...
West Yorkshire, can travel , 44 year :
Masculine fit bearded Leeds based 44 year old seeks older male to instil manners, respect and discipline through the humiliation of spanking and other forms of corporal punishment. Obedience and a willingness to please in anyway Sir wishes will be shown in return for realistic CP. Regular at least once monthly sessions wanted.
Date: August 30th 2017  

*Detention again - unacceptible behaviour ...
London, can travel , 36 year :
SE London, 36, 5'9, clean shaven, light and slender but regularly pump iron. I have had many satisfying sessions over the past ten years (usually otk) but of course always need more. Particularly into firm but fair teacher-types (pref. mid 40s-60s) who know exactly how to deal with naughty boys... especially their bottoms.
Date: August 30th 2017  

*Need to feel the belt across your bottom? ...
Manchester, can accommodate and travel , 54 year :
I like to see a guy bent over, as I slowly undo my leather belt and give him a good dozen, and then to have him stand in the corner with his hands on his head, as I admire his red bottom. You can give 'O' if you like. Looking to meet someone on a regular basis. Let's have some fun, not heavy given.
Date: August 30th 2017  

*Discipline For Adult Schoolboys ...
norfolk, can travel , 64 year :
Are you a fairly slim adult schoolboy type over 35 who wears uniform and deserves traditional discipline? This slim, former head prefect, experienced in administering slipperings to miscreants will visit and roast the seat of your trousers with my supple plimsoll following a formal lecture on your behaviour. I don't go easy on offenders backsides so it will really sting. Complete discretion assured. Detailed replies please
Date: August 29th 2017  

*Mature male ...
Sheffield, can accommodate and travel , 73 year :
Mature male seeking naughty schoolgirl tv or schoolboy any age no upper limit who is in need of inspection and correction.
Date: August 29th 2017  

*houseboi4u ...
yorks, lincs, notts, can travel , 40 year :
houseboi here for use as you see fit from set housework, cp, regressions and or bondage. all aspects of submisions and servitude, uniformed submission. high standards, could even be a private butler. good looking, honest and reliable based in south yorkshire but will travel
Date: August 29th 2017  

*TV/CD switch ...
UK Midlands or anywhere UK, can accommodate and travel , 70 year :
Mature switch CD for light mutual CP and other fun seeks others similar or older assertive gentlemen who use CDs for relief, CP , WS.
Date: August 28th 2017  

*Mature male spanker ...
Birmingham, can accommodate and travel , 65 year :
Mature spanker age 65, regular build, 6 ft tall very discreet and genuine looking for naughty boys or girls who want and need to be spanked, young or mature, your limits respected. Role play and erotic massage also given if required. All replies answered and recent face picture available upon request
Date: August 28th 2017  

*The benefits of CP!! ...
N & E Yorkshire, Humberside, can travel , 60 year :
Born when I was I never experienced 'real traditional' school type discipline. For reasons still not understood, during my late teens I discovered an interest in CP. I quickly discovered that it hurt & that I didn't really enjoy it. However I came to realise the beneficial aspects of the discipline it gave to my life & accepted the discomfort. Newly moved to Yorkshire I am hoping to find new Masters/Mistresses (pref 50+) willing to provide the regular discipline that my life needs.
Date: August 28th 2017  

*School discipline ...
London/heathrow, can accommodate and travel , 65 year :
I'm 65 and new to the spanking scene.
I am interested in the headmaster/pupil thing.
Since an early age I have been curious about the cp scene but never followed it up.
I am interested in being put over the heads knee and spanked on the bare bottom, then although never caned at school I would like to experience a traditional six of the best .
Finally if the head needs relief I would have to comply or be caned again.
Please e mail your thoughts and hopefully you can help me.

Date: August 28th 2017  

*Young 71 Looking for Dominant Spanker. ...
Northampton, can accommodate , 71 year :
Smooth round bottom Sub is waiting for Spanker disciplinarian. I can take what you have to give, and more in return. Have my own canes and tawse. I'll entertain you.
Date: August 28th 2017  

*Ruthless Master Needed ...
Inverness, can accommodate and travel , 66 year :
Tall mature spankee seeks authoritative master who will deal out the punishment he deserves, ideally within a schoolroom scenario. Extended hard hand spanking expected plus judicious use of various implements.
Can travel and occasionally accommodate in the Inverness area. May switch if appropriate.

Date: August 28th 2017  

*Correction of mature adult male excessive hand relief ...
UK, can travel , 69 year :
Gentleman, fit, educated, well behaved (has in past had cane as adult), good standards except in private has persistent very frequent masturbation self pleasure self relief habit. Would like discreet polite correspondence with similar for mutual discussion of the solo habit and would also like to respectfully find out if there may be gentleman disciplinarian interested in or specializing in applying much needed correction privately to a mature male who needs help to control his solitary misbehaviour.
Date: August 28th 2017  

*I would like to be spanked and more ...
Spanking and more needed, can travel , 49 year :
I would like to attend a Sir or Master for a good firm OTK spanking, bare bottomed for as long as Sir requires. No get out. May lead to the cane if Sir wishes. Told I have a very spankable bottom. Discretion assured. All replies answered in full.
Date: August 27th 2017  

*Boy Seeks Headmaster ...
North East, can travel , 46 year :
Badly behaved, work shy prep school "boy", role play age about 12 (real age 46), seeks older, very strict Headmaster for painful hidings on his bare bottom. Accurate, safe but hard caners particularly effective!
Date: August 26th 2017  

*Seeking daddy uncle housemaster who has a room to offer ...
Salisbury, can travel , 51 year :
Traditional schoolboy seeking older gent who would be able to offer a spare room during the week in Salisbury area. New job, new boyish attitude and hoping to combine daytime work with some evening fun. Happy to pay my way so not looking for sugar daddies. Arriving home after work and being told to change into shorts or uniform would be such a thrill. Able to cook, do chores and be a traditional boy or just keep out of the way.
Date: August 25th 2017  

*Discreet switch fun ...
East Anglia, can travel , 65 year :
I am in my 60's and married. Discretion is requested and guaranteed. I am cultured and polite with a life long interest in spanking. This has been from schooldays. I am mixed race and have a nice brown bum. A guy with similar interests who values hygiene, safety but with fun. CD's or TV's welcome. Venues can be discussed. Nice stingy experiences .
Date: August 25th 2017  

*Southeast Spankee ...
Southeast Area, can accommodate and travel , 43 year :
I am seeking a top man to administer a long, traditional otk spanking, to be followed by a good strapping and caning. With or without roleplay - as you prefer. Looking for regular punishments if possible.
Date: August 25th 2017  

*Seeking mature clergy ...
London/England, can travel , 48 year :
Bit of a long shot but... Quiet, slim 'young man' (choirboy?) keen to meet mature, understanding, reverent gentleman of the clergy with strict standards and a tactile, disciplined approach to the guidance and tutoring of a young ward in his care. Maybe you have access to private vestry or other suitable lodgings as I am unable to accomodate.
Date: August 25th 2017  

*Fantasy into Reality ...
Yorkshire, Humberside, Teeside, can travel , 54 year :
I'm currently sitting in a small locked room naked apart from a short white prison smock. Following my recent escape from the reformatory and subsequent recapture during which I assaulted several officers and badly injured one. All I know now is I am about to be punished and it is going to be extremely painful. What would you suggest and would you be able to accommodate and carry out the punishment? Perhaps it may be a one off punishment or possibly extended over two or three days.
Date: August 24th 2017  

*medical and punnishment wanted ...
brighton /worthing, can travel , 62 year :
hi I'm looking for a doctor for full body examination/postate/medical tests/catherters/piss test/if you are married or girlfriend she can join in as the nurse also into strip searches and prison reception procedure ie search for contraband made to shower and use toilet why reception staff watch etc can take medium spanking if found to be not thought to be doing as instructed (officer from the north who contacted me before if you are reading this and are still intrested please get in touch
Date: August 24th 2017  

*School or home discipline. Ennjoy switching. A meet for the Bank Holiday would b ...
Willerby, nr Hull, East Yorkshire, can accommodate , 54 year :
Looking to give or receive formal school caning and to take domestic otk spanking from strict Father or Uncle
Date: August 24th 2017  

*Traditional Headmaster required ...
Bournemouth/Dorset/Hants, can travel , 59 year :
Adult schoolboy needs traditional correction by mature master. I am slim 11 stone, clean shaven with full head of hair and a boyish backside. Role play not essential.
Date: August 23rd 2017  

*The most important thing is teaching the lesson and that I learn it ...
Belfast, can accommodate and travel , 40 year :
Boi, moving into spanking circles and in need of someone to give the proper lessons to enable me to perform better to the proper standards of life.
Looking for a Spanker, teacher, daddy to instil the lessons needed. Now with school uniform and proper underwear, shorts to accommodate preferences of Spanker
The lesson isn't learnt on trousers or briefs. The only way to learn is bare ass lessons which enable better teaching and understanding.

Date: August 23rd 2017  

*naughty boy looking for older ...
peterborough, can travel , 31 year :
Hi, i'm an experienced spankee with a spankable bottom, (so i'm told) looking for discreet spanking meets with older guys around peterborough.
I can take a hard spanking and prefer to be naked for it. :-)
Pics available on request.
Looking forward to hearing from you. :-)

Date: August 23rd 2017  

*Cane&strap ...
South Wales Swansea area, can accommodate , 70 year :
Slim gay male i administer bare arse spanking cane and strap i can accom and o/nite if reqd all things negotiable
Date: August 22nd 2017  

*seek retired public school master ...
london & south east, can travel , 64 year :
Am 64. Fit, healthy, smooth, slim. 5'10", 10.5 stone. Quite quiet and a little bit introverted. A lot of hobbies, very well traveled. Was beaten a lot and quite severely when at prep and public school. Married 42 years, now a widower. Recently retired. Seek a very discreet friendship with retired public school master.
Date: August 22nd 2017  

*Share memories ...
Yorkshire, East/West Midlands - any, can accommodate , 64 year :
Would like to correspond and share memories of school punishments/domestic spankings with guys my age or older. Remember getting excited watching other boys being spanked in class? The heat coming through the seat of your trousers after a good spanking?
Date: August 22nd 2017  

*Slim bearded chap for spanking fun ...
East Anglia, can accommodate and travel , 48 year :
Slim bearded chap 5'10" 40's into spanking fun
looking for slim guys 20 to 30 to receive spanking fun, also into receiving from older or younger. Quite into smart trousered formal look also PE kit
Not into roleplay but like authentic style spankings

Date: August 22nd 2017  

*Private spanking ...
SE Essex, can accommodate and travel , 62 year :
62 YO experienced spanker, I love to switch. Looking for discreet fun, spanking and fondling only. Safe, clean and sane. Will wear panties if you want me to, but not important to me. I love spanking positions and can roleplay. Occasional accomodate. No timewasters please. Just fun with real people.
Date: August 22nd 2017  

*Schoolgirl Discipline Needed ...
Halifax/Huddersfield area, can travel , 67 year :
Submissive male adult with schoolgirl alto ego really a girl at heart. Wears school skirt and navy blue schoolgirls gym knickers would very much like to meet a strict disciplinarian, headmaster types for school style discipline, corporal punishment, spanking and caning, corner time and obedience training. Can travel locally midweek days.
Date: August 22nd 2017  

*40 looking for older spanker for overnights ...
Manchester, can travel , 40 year :
Genuine guy in Manchester looking for an older experienced spanker who would enjoy an unrushed time. Solvent, honest just looking for an experienced older spanker for fun meets. In good shape very spankable bum. Looking for nice but Stricht 65plus guy. Travel anywhere.
Date: August 22nd 2017  

*accommodation sought ...
greater london, can travel , 40 year :
is there anyone who has a pleasant room they would be prepared to let for maybe 3 hours on a weekday afternoon for my friend and I to visit on a reasonably regular basis, preferably near a tube station, complete discretion, cleanliness and respect guaranteed
Date: August 21st 2017  

*Traditional School CP ...
Lincolnshire, can travel , 55 year :
Male 55 x-dresser with schoolgirl alter ego seeks experienced disciplinarian for traditional school cp. Selection of uniforms available. O given. No desire to be treated as a sissy or humiliation. Willing to travel reasonable distance. Detailed and sensible replies will receive full response.
Date: August 20th 2017  

*Young looking 53 year old straight male seeks a firm hand ...
North Lincolnshire, can travel , 53 year :
Young looking submissive male seeks discipline from a tall, slim, fit type between the ages of 35 to 55. Nothing sexual, just spanking and cp, possibly with role play. Likes over the knee hand spanking, as well as a good slippering, and a moderate caning.
Unable to accomodate, but willing to travel within a 70 mile radius of North Lincolnshire.

Date: August 20th 2017  

*the real spanking starts when I want it to stop ...
London/South-east/anywhere, can travel , 57 year :
smooth plump older bottom needs prolonged, repeated attention from a top who takes pleasure in repeated punishments that don't end till he decides it's enough. Humiliation, forced worship of sweaty body, milking and sexual use welcome. Overnight ideally, with my bum never safe.
Date: August 20th 2017  

*Sub needs punishment ...
Taunton, can travel , 63 year :
Experienced Somerset sub seeks a Master for regular punishment.
Eager to assume the position, experienced at taking hand, slipper, belt and cane on the bare.
Experienced at restraint for Masters who prefer to bind their subs.
Very obedient.

Date: August 19th 2017  

*A TV with a broad minded attitude seeks chastising ...
Bristol s west area, can travel , 40 year :
I am a TV who dresses to please with stockings, I am not experienced with spanking etc but would like to meet a Dom or master who would like to train this TV in accepting mild punishment to accepting a higher limit over time. I am very experienced as a TV and not shockable so please feel free to ask or suggest any particular request prior to meeting
Date: August 19th 2017  

*OTK in sports kit ...
West Yorkshire, can accommodate and travel , 50 year :
Hi, 50yo bi guy, 32w 40c fit and smooth. Looking for 18/45yo for OTK spanking in sports kit/shorts/underwear/naked. Also enjoy various other positions. and humiliation. Not into brutal beatings more hard with red bottom. Not looking for overweight people, as quite fit myself. Can accom (sometimes) or travel with reason. Hope to hear from you.
Date: August 19th 2017