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*Sir wanted ...
Yorkshire, can accommodate and travel , 40 year :
Head wanted no sex
Date: September 18th 2018  

*Looking for exciting spanking ...
South Devon, can accommodate and travel , 63 year :
Mature ,experienced chap seeks fellow spankophiles .there is a dearth in this area.
I enjoy being stripped naked and punished hard .restraint is welcome. Love to give oral too and being explored intimately .use of anal toys welcome.
Would switch between f desired .happy to chat on mobiles

Date: September 18th 2018  

*Visiting Cyprus? Mature submissive male needs to meet dominant man . ...
Pathos Cyprus, can accommodate and travel , 62 year :
Are you living in or planning to visit Cyprus?
Mature submissive male would like to meet a dominant male.
If dominating and punishing another man appeals to you please get in touch.
I'm 62, not overweight, average build, fit and healthy.
I'll cross dress and role play for the right man if he desires.
All replies answered.

Date: September 18th 2018  

*Rituals of obedience training ...
East Anglia, can travel , 51 year :
I am seeking to visit a very strict older (60+) gentleman who would take pleasure in controlling, examining and spanking a 'boy' as if he were a 12 year old. Behind tightly drawn curtains firm instructions are quietly but authoritatively given. The rituals of obedience training. You would expect and ensure that I do exactly as I am told, no matter how shy and embarrassed it makes me. My boyish bottom would be the focus of your attention.
Date: September 18th 2018  

*Looking for younger (under 45), slim effeminate men for spanking and fun ...
West Sussex, can accommodate and travel , 60 year :
I'm 60, don't look it, have all the gear and love to use it on errant bottoms and get into the more erotic aspects including nipple and ball work.
V easy going in public but have a dominant streak that likes to be let out occasionally.
Get in touch with your desires.

Date: September 17th 2018  

*never too old ...
South East, can travel , 72 year :
Sensuous septuagenarian spankee seeks sexy senior spanker of some seventy seasons or more. Love to be naked for a spanking by an older dominant man who enjoys it as part of a fulfilling and imaginative sexual encounter. Not looking for anything heavy, just fun. Sadly I cannot accommodate but am prepared to travel some distance for the right person.
Date: September 16th 2018  

*Hard Slipperings ...
Norfolk, can travel , 63 year :
Hard slipperings with my supple plimsoll for miscreant adult 6th former types. Report wearing tight trousered uniform. You will be lectured and then receive formal slipperings on your tightly stretched trousered seat. As a former private school head prefect I am very experienced in dealing with offenders backsides. Fairly slim guys please send a detailed reply with your experiences.
Date: September 16th 2018  

*"Ouch Sir It Stings So Much Over My Wet Speedo's !" ...
Manchester, can travel , 52 year :
You can peel them down and then spank my smooth tight bare bottom as well ! Instruments ok too. Slim 31" waist small can travel only, preferably midweek evenings. Clean, Broadminded & Genuine happy to please. Let me know how you will deal with me as I have been very naughty in the swimming pool !
Date: September 15th 2018  

*spanking for all ...
kent anywhere, can travel , 58 year :
we will meet you will be stripped naked and spanked otk with hand. belt, slipper, hair brush ect everybody catered for. I am 58 and quite fit ..looking for, males, shemales ,trannys, ladys, anyone realy who enjoys a good spanking and more if you take it well... newbies welcome all limits respected..
Date: September 14th 2018  

*Sore bottom wanted ...
Manchester and North Wales, can travel , 60 year :
I would love to visit anyone who can supply me with a nice red hot and sore bottom, preferably well striped. I don't mind your age, size, TV, XD gay straight or bi. I am happy to thank you appropriately after (and during) my spanking
Date: September 14th 2018  

*Early 50s going on 14 regressed schoolboy looking for sir ...
Midlands / South Yorks area(s), can travel , 55 year :
Regressed 55 yr going on 12-18 year old schoolboy seeking a headmaster / PE teacher / borstal officer / school doctor for real things he got away with or any sir chooses, incl restraints.
I have a fetish for office plastic chairs as well as games of chance and school medicals.

Date: September 14th 2018  

*Looking for older guy ...
N Wales/N west/Midlands, can travel , 57 year :
My name is Steve and I am looking for older guys who are willing to spank me, I will take hand, belt, whip and cane, I am willing to be examined, fondled etc before and after, will also dress is required.
Look forward to hearing from genuine hard spankers.

Date: September 14th 2018  

*experienced spanker seeks crossdresser ...
bournemouth and around Dorset, can travel , 71 year :
Very experienced spanker seeking crossdresser who will submit to discipline ,your limits respected
I am 71 average build ,very smooth and will switch if required ,
have good selection of implements ,cannot accommodate so will visit you ,very genuine ,so no time wasters .

Date: September 14th 2018  

*Experienced former Headmaster seeks 18-40's ...
Worcestershire Birmingham, can accommodate , 68 year :
Experienced former Headmaster, 68 willing to deal firmly/formally with younger offenders (18-fit 40) who know what they want. Limits respected though I do seek to extend those limits if mutually agreeable. All levels from hand-spanking upwards. Full range of carefully kept and clean equipment. I can offer role play - HM, Prison Governor, Uncle etc. I can accommodate in Worcestershire - easy road and rail links and have been known to travel.
Date: September 13th 2018  

*Visit me to Slipper/Plimsoll or Tawse my Bare Bottom ...
Manchester, can accommodate and travel , 54 year :
I have been sentenced to six strokes of the Slipper/Plimsoll or Tawse, plus 20 very hard hand smacks, before or after the slipper/Tawse, you decide. All on my Bare Bottom. I can supply both instruments if required. I am 5ft 8 ins tall, 34 waist, clean shaven, fair skin.
You should be over 50 and extremely strict. I am genuinely looking to meet, not just write, and am ultra reliable. I can sometimes accommodate in Manchester or travel a reasonable distance.

Date: September 13th 2018  

*Knock on the door and let the RP "Start" ...
Cornwall, can accommodate , 35 year :
Looking for Sane Sorted, firm handed Disciplinarian, to reintroduce me to the pleasure and pain of discipline.. from hand right thru to.....
From trousered diecipline to Bare assed, even to restrained and watched!

Date: September 13th 2018  

*M/f wanted or both to spank and use me as your real teen school son or daughter ...
Newcastle upon Tyne, can travel , 23 year :
Hi I'm a young 23yrlad i want a male or female or both to treat me as there real teen school boy son or daughter and beat punish and spank me in my uniform and humiliate me to bring my behaviour back down so i behave and may be use me. No time wasters please i can not accom but i can travel as i drive.
Date: September 13th 2018  

*just another naughty boy ...
wigan lancashire, can accommodate and travel , 68 year :
hi i am bob i am just another naughty boy who needs spanking from a caring understanding person i always turn up for any meet i am trustworthy discrete polite boy but still need a spanking on my bare bottom at times i am looking to be hand spanked over your knee and other positions i am willing to be striped inspected for your pleasure not looking to be caned or switching roles and nothing harsh just a red stinging bottom all mail will be answered thank you
Date: September 12th 2018  

*looking for 1st experience of the year ...
Berks, Oxon, Hants, Surrey, can travel , 73 year :
Retired mature ex-professional looking forward to visiting you for a sensual experience being stripped, examined, groped, put over your knee for my 1st spanking of the year. Nipple attention particularly sought.
Please write soon. Your desires considered. Interested in attention from M, F, MM, MF Retired
(Anthony, Odiham. You responded to my ad last month but when I replied your email address was rejected. Can you please add an alternate contact (ex Tel no.)

Date: September 12th 2018  

*Obedience Training Wanted from Strict Master ...
North East UK, can accommodate and travel , 55 year :
Naughty boy in North East requires obedience training and Spanking from Master or Sirs over 65.
Date: September 10th 2018  

*Bare bottom whacking wanted ...
Northants/Milton Keynes & surrounding, can travel , 45 year :
Naughty young man, 40s, would like to find a strict older gent to play ‘Headmaster’s study type games.
Slipper, paddle, cane, whatever Sir deems appropriate.
Please drop me a line to share thoughts and ideas.
Based Northampton area but happy to travel a bit further afield.

Date: September 10th 2018  

*Shirt & Tie Discipline ...
Chester, can accommodate and travel , 50 year :
Boys bent over in shirt and tie uniform / school or business waiting for their caning. Me also in smart shirt and tie with sleeves rolled up for proper application of cane. Any combination of caning and formal uniform. Bondage & chastity also strong interests.
Date: September 9th 2018  

*strict grandad wanted ...
blackpool/fylde coast, can accommodate and travel , 52 year :
im still searching for a genuine old guy idealy in his 70s or 80s willing to smack my bare bottom, older the better. retired clergy to the front of the que. im after old fashioned over the knee with hand and implements and with my trousers and briefs taken right off by you. inspections and prostate massage very welcome. i do like my bottom crimson. i can accomadate here in blackpool for long discreet sessions. does anyone ever answer these adverts? again older the better. thanks stephen.
Date: September 9th 2018  

*Need some beating ...
London, can travel , 27 year :
Looking for spanking by strict older gent, you can use belts, leather strap, cane, slippers and hands. Please contact me for more details
Date: September 8th 2018  

*Prep School Boy Deserves A Hiding ...
North East, can travel , 40 year :
Standing in the corner of your Study, Sir. Shorts and underpants already long since taken away. Bottom stinging from a sound spanking or even a slippering or belting. And that was only the warm up! Waiting to be summoned to bend over the chair for a sound hiding with the cane! Are you the Headmaster for this naughty prep school boy? Or maybe you're a strict dad who still believes in sore bottoms for badly behaved lads? Please get in touch.
Date: September 8th 2018  

*Chastity and spanking ...
Cardiff, can travel , 50 year :
I am in need of discipline and chastity training pref with older mature assertive man
Date: September 7th 2018  

*Traditional OTK Spankings ...
Dublin, can accommodate , 57 year :
Strict and experienced disciplinarian available to administer traditional discipline to naughty boys and girls. Can accommodate. Ideal for those who had strict upbringing and who were soundly spanked at home and/or school. Genuine and discreet.
Date: September 7th 2018  

*Intermate shaving required ...
Staffordshire. Lichfield area, can accommodate , 68 year :
Civilised gent late 60's requires this attention at intervals
also some nipple play.
I can apply the cane/strap etc if desired at all levels during the session.

Date: September 7th 2018  

*Female underwear!!! ...
York, N & E Yorkshire, Clveland, can travel , 62 year :
Slightly overweight, 62yo, female underwear loving male seeks Mistress (Straight, bi, TV, TS) willing to spank aforementioned knicker covered bottom until it is red & sore. Additional activities as instructed however some may require a little extra 'persuasion'! "Visit only
Date: September 7th 2018  

*Disciplinarian Needed ...
Woking, can accommodate and travel , 47 year :
Slim, fit ''boy'' seeks services of a strict disciplinarian in the Woking area to administer firm spanking/slippering and the strap to trousers, shorts or bare (as you prefer) on a regular basis. Educated and well mannered, I am submissive and expect a proper spanking. No sex. Expenses covered if required. Regards, John
Date: September 7th 2018  

*mackintosh spanking and caning ...
powys / herefordshire border, can accommodate , 71 year :
bi gent visiting for the next month offers mackintosh punishment. come alone, strip naked and put on a cool feeling rubber lined hooded mackintosh, lift up at the back and prepare for the paddle, crop and cane. oral offered to hard circumcised cocks. i will also switch for punishment should you wish.
Date: September 6th 2018  

*Slave for Master ...
North West, Midlands, North Wales, can travel , 50 year :
I am a slave who is happy to work for you in return for punishment, humiliation, bondage or chastity. You can of course punishment without using me for chores.
Good A levels happy to be used with toys whips cane slipper plugs rope shackles anything you desire even left in a cage or cellar to await my fate
Happy to do menial tasks for you your friends of either sex and persuasion
Very genuine and available daytimes in week or any time most weekends

Date: September 6th 2018  

*Seeking Disciplinarians of any Gender ...
Bristol/Bath and surroundings area, can travel , 74 year :
I live in Wiltshire and this submissive male is seeking regular treatments from any gender. I would like the person(s) to visit who are within a 30-40 mile radius of Bath. I do take the cane but I am not into severe canings. With a new disciplinarian I will be nervous at first but sure and the same time. Henry.
Date: September 6th 2018  

*Erotic, moderate spanking, strapping and caning sought by Eastbourne man 60's. ...
eastbourne, can travel , 66 year :
I am clean, 5'10, no STD history, circumcised, medium build. Pleasant looking, Married and cannot accommodate. Seeking like minded gentleman to chastise me naked. You must be clean and preferably circumcised as I will reward you with oral. May consider first time anal to satisfy curiosity. Overweight, unclean or alcohol dependent need not apply thanks. Prefer afternoons weekdays.
Please reply with scenario and what you expect from a visit. I will try to oblige. Thanks.

Date: September 5th 2018  

*Tall powerful switch looking for someone to cane me ...
Cheshire, can accommodate and travel , 40 year :
I am a 6ft5 tall powerful man who usually punishes.
I am now wanting to be on the other end of the cane or other implements. If you also have an interest in other aspects of BDSM like bondage humiliation chastity you will be at the top of my list
Happy to reciprocate as a switch
Men Women TVs and Couples Straight Bi or Gay welcome any age
Travel to you only at moment with own transport

Date: September 5th 2018  

*plimsoll slippering ...
bridgnorth Shropshire, can travel , 70 year :
I'm looking for adult school boys for traditional school slippering both ways. Several old school plimsolls to play with. Anyone with plimsolls fetish please reply
Date: September 5th 2018  

*Spanking given or taken ...
Wirral Merseyside, can travel , 58 year :
I am a genuine guy hoping to meet others who would like me to take or are willing to give me a good spanking. I enjoy roll play and am happy to meet anybody between 30 and 90.
Date: September 4th 2018  

*TvXdspank ...
N/West, can accommodate and travel , 60 year :
Am in need of a good old fashion spanking seeking a TV XD to lower my shorts put me over your knee for a good bare bottom spanking no safe word spank till your satisfied with your workmanship
Date: September 4th 2018  

*Seeking one or two way session ...
London central, can travel , 57 year :
I am 6ft, glasses and bearded. Will be in London on Tuesday night. Anyone interested in a session or know where a cp club is meeting that night. Like all aspects of CP from mild spanking to something more wriggle inducing! Look forward to hearing from you.
Date: September 2nd 2018  

*Severe pain offered ...
London, can accommodate , 49 year :
Merciless hard caning: severe pain from the first stroke to the last. Or more measured school-level caning. Wide range of other implements. And many other ways to hurt you. Can you survive the pain? Put me in control, do exactly as you are told, and I will guide you through the agony. Seeking under-50s, any gender. First-timers welcome. Peacock Parlour, London: one tube stop from King's Cross St Pancras, small venue fee. Out of session I am friendly and easy-going: get in touch.
Date: September 2nd 2018  

*An OTK Spanking? ...
Lancashire, can accommodate and travel , 67 year :
Are you a slim, sensible nephew type, up to 35ish, who would like to explore the delights of a playfully embarrassing, erotic, otk, fun-spanking, all delivered in a caring and affectionate manner? You might enjoy role-play and maybe intimacy too, though both are entirely optional… and if you're into shorts, well that's great. I'm 5'11", 10.5st. Perhaps we should meet!
Date: September 2nd 2018  

*punishment required ...
liverpool, can travel , 60 year :
hi im john 60 yrs always got my mates into trouble so i could watch them getting the cane across their bottoms now i feel guilty and need to find someone to help cane me .at the moment i spank ladies so i dont mind if a m or female wish to punish me as long as i get a sore bottom like they did
Date: September 1st 2018  

*Senior Housemaster ...
North London, can accommodate , 57 year :
The Senior Housemaster provides an authentic scholastic punishment with Tawse and Cane ! Gentleman ,ladies and Tv/CD,s are all welcome. I am fully equipped and point out that I do not engage in long email exchange and that all appointments are made by phone. Thank you.
Date: September 1st 2018  

*Boys aged 18-35 report to me! ...
Oldham, can accommodate , 48 year :
I'm a 48 year old gentleman looking for young men aged 18-35 only, who require corporal punishment in their lives.
I can accommodate lads at my place.
Genuine replies to this advert only please.

Date: September 1st 2018  

*Spanking needed ...
south west, can travel , 60 year :
I am a fit young 60 yr old in need of regular punishment from a Master who can accommodate.
Restraint welcome but not essential, as is sex.
I am experienced and can take the cane, flogger, strap… you name it.
Preferably within 30 miles of Taunton.

Date: September 1st 2018  

*Spanking, control, and humiliation for TV, CD, or Siisy ...
West Midlands, can travel , 50 year :
You will be 18-30, slim, smooth, able to accommodate. Seeking a very strict older man to exercise control and direction, and of course punishment if I'm not 100% happy. I am completely genuine, and will reply to all messages from people within my requirements.
Date: August 31st 2018  

*Your exerience ...
Anywhere, can accommodate , 70 year :
Hello Miscreants and naughty boys,
I would very much like to hear about your spanking sessions and thrashings that you have received. If any of you feel you would like to write and tell me all about how scared you were first time. And nowadays needing it on a regular basis, then I would like to hear all about it.
Thanks for reading this.

Date: August 31st 2018  

*Sound spanking needed ...
Alcester Warwickshire, can travel , 66 year :
Looking for a very sound spanking with hand, slipper / belt. Will reciprocate if desired. Can travel about 25 miles. I am average size and weight if you are interested.
Date: August 30th 2018  

*Looking for young guys needing discipline ...
London, Surrey, south east, can accommodate , 57 year :
I'm an experienced spanker looking for young guys (under 35) who need to be disciplined for their misdemeanours. I can accommodate in clean, safe and discreet surroundings in south west London, 20 minutes from Waterloo. You should be slim, fit and in need of a spanking with hand and implements. Limits respected. No sex.
Date: August 30th 2018  

*Erotic Spanking (Mutual) ...
Coventry surrounding areas, can travel , 54 year :
looking for someone who would enjoy mutual naked erotic spanking OTK with hand, paddle, looking for mutual A&O, as I am more bottom than top. I am 5'3, average size, hairy top, shaved below, I enjoy dressing in tights, hold-ups, married, so cannot accom. I work a late shift, and therefore meeting would be am 10:00-13:00, or after 01:00am, can travel from Coventry, but lets say 20-30 mins max distance. If interested please contact me, no timewasters please.
Date: August 30th 2018  

*Seeks mind discipline, attitude adjustment, spanking, strap. I'm submssive ...
Wexford/Dublin etc, can accommodate and travel , 63 year :
Seeking strict person, used to castigating, scolding, punishing. The mind aspect is most important. Ideally on a fairly constant/regular basis. (Not once a year). Other aspects to be discussed.
Date: August 30th 2018  

*Domestic Discipline for couples ...
London, can travel , 54 year :
Experienced Disciplinarian, well mannered and in elegant attire offers his services to husbands and wives in need of correction. I have many years of experience with the cane and whip and while your desires will be certainly considered we will also explore your limits. You are both preferably in your 50's or above.
Date: August 30th 2018  

*Looking for contacts with interest in birching ...
NW, can travel , 70 year :
I'm looking for anyone with information on birching, either giving or receiving.
Preferably first hand accounts etc...
Regards, A.

Date: August 30th 2018  

*skimpy gym kit on during drinking hours laddie ...
south/south west/wales east anglia/midlands, can travel , 61 year :
Fit lad, feels 15, would like to train as schoolboy to do work tasks, p.t. combined with c.p., and made to wear skimpy gym kit with shorts to prevent afternoon drinking sessions. Interested in Borstal type training and can supply kit. Would like to meet ex forces disciplinarian in 60/70s age range with rippling muscles to enforce order and teach self discipline. Please get in touch, John.
Date: August 29th 2018  

*Strict Uncle Needed ...
Midlands/South West, can travel , 58 year :
I am 58, slim, straight, submissive, and need a strict, no-nonsense father figure/uncle who will take a genuine interest in my behaviour and attitude and punish any lapses with sound spankings and hard thrashings: real punishment for real misdemeanours. I cannot accommodate at the moment but will travel anywhere for the right person and hope that a suitable gentleman will soon be warming his naughty nephew's bottom.
Date: August 29th 2018  

*Mutual erotic spanking ...
London, can accommodate and travel , 70 year :
i Am 70, looking for similar age, (younger considered,)
who would enjoy mutual naked erotic spanking with hand strap, whip.
mutual A AND O . Overnight ideally. so if your slim fit, not much body hair. please get in touch. William

Date: August 29th 2018  

*That Boy again ...
Merseyside Liverpool, can travel , 48 year :
Strict old School Headmaster (60+) required. Schoolboy (47) going on 13 needs discipline from senior Headmaster or strict Uncle. Seeking a prolonged over the knee Spanking and a good hard six of the best or more at your discretion. Please message me i like to chat. Cannot accommodate.
Date: August 28th 2018  

*Slim bearded chap for spanking fun ...
East Anglia, can accommodate and travel , 49 year :
slim guy bearded 5 10 in need of spanking have some experience but not for a while quite like to take it in various positions and in office type wear shirt and trousers Open to being handled in other places whilst being spanked ie groped !
Like authentic style with slipper, strap, hand

Date: August 28th 2018  

*No nonsense thrashing needed ...
Anywhere, can travel , 39 year :
German spankee (39yo, 1.90m, normal/ athletic) seeks a serious beating from a mature and experienced disciplinarian. Punishment only, no sex.
Date: August 27th 2018  

*help me reminisce with with a twist ...
York and surrounding area, can travel , 59 year :
looking for an authoritative figure to transport me back to my school days, the office door closed as it was then, but this time trousers off and restrained, pleading for mercy… and getting a reduction if i agree to certain activities.. not been caned for the whole term so much needed bargaining to be done to get it down to just 6 of the best... awaiting your email with trepidation
Date: August 25th 2018  

*Retired Engineer ...
Leicester, can accommodate and travel , 76 year :
I would like to meet a disciplinarian or quack doctor/nurse. I am a switch player and a non-smoker.
Date: August 25th 2018  

*real disciplinarian wanted ...
yorkshire, can travel , 55 year :
I am paul mid 50s looking to meet an older disciplinarian for real issues to be dealt with happy to role play if required
expect genuine corporal punishment properly given. If there is a young male looking to deal with someone same age or older than his parents I would also be interested
will answer all questions honestly

Date: August 25th 2018  

*Cleaner requires work in TN17 TN18 areas upwards of 18 spanks per hour ...
west kent, can travel , 53 year :
Do you have any cleaning work that needs doing that you don't wish to demean yourself to? There's no job too menial for me and deliver good quality results. I will require strict supervision and my perfomance will be enhanced if I'm humiliated whilst being set to task. I expect renumeration of at least 18 strokes of the cane, tawse or paddle per hour. My prefered payment is by the tawse which I accept on my buttocks and my back. No monetary payment is accepted.
Date: August 25th 2018  

*Will travel Glasgow + 60ish miles weekend afternoons for good *HARD* leathering ...
Glasgow + reasonable travel (1 hour / 60 miles), can travel , 52 year :
(All previous welcome to get in touch)
Welted & bruised *hard* leathering required weekend afternoons at yours. Option to finish me off with forced milking. Clothed Male (you) Naked Male (me). Am very experienced and prefer you to be. 40+ preferred. No upper age limit if you are up to the challenge. **Your place**. Glasgow + 60ish miles. I have implements to bring. Absolute discretion assured whether it works out or not. My preference is for 1st meet on neutral territory to discuss.

Date: August 24th 2018  

*Seeking STRICT gents in the East Midlands area for regular HARD discipline ...
East Midlands, can travel , 58 year :
A recent move to East Midlands area and I am keen to meet up with/visit strict senior gents who might be willing to keep me out of mischief.
I have 20+ years experience of being disciplined with a hard naked spanking, strap and the cane.
I am now a bit out of practice, due to the distractions of an extended move.
Very much in need of a fresh round of obedience training, so I know you are in charge. Thanks for reading request.
Passive/submissively yours truly...

Date: August 24th 2018  

*Headmaster/uncle/guardian ...
West London, can accommodate , 84 year :
Headmaster/uncle/guardian still has vacancies for naughty boys in need of bare-bottom discipline. 84, 5'10", 12-stone, slim, grey-haired and clean-shaven. Wide selection of implements. All limits respected without question. Situated about a mile from the London end of the M4 motorway. There is no upper age-limit for students/nephews/wards, although they must be in good health. However, there is an upper girth-limit of 36". Sorry, no cross-dressers.
Date: August 24th 2018  

*Novice looking for an introduction ...
Manchester/Liverpool/Leeds, can travel , 34 year :
Interested in meeting older gents for a sensible but stinging introduction into spanking/cp. Interested in sports and other types of role play. Can't accommodate but travel with work around the North West. I am discrete and would expect the same. In an ideal world looking for semi regular encounters to explore spanking/cp.
Date: August 23rd 2018  

*Spanking and humiliation for TV, CD abd Sissy ...
East midlands, can accommodate and travel , 38 year :
38 year old very strict Master looking for a submissive tv, cd or sissy. most services provided, please email me your requirements. You must be slim, smooth and clean. Ideally 18-50 years old. Oh and the smaller cock the better
Date: August 22nd 2018  

*Seeking fun on Isle of Wight ...
Isle of Wight, can travel , 47 year :
Looking for discrete CP fun on IOW. Me: 47, stocky. Cannot accom, but discretion guaranteed. Give/take, switch. Prefer mature, but not essential.
Date: August 22nd 2018  

*Strict punishment required ...
Dublin, can travel , 46 year :
Male seeks old fashioned step dad or guardian type to administer much needed 1950s type beatings, preferably older and experienced, will travel for right person
Date: August 21st 2018  

*Headmaster sought for naughty boy ...
kent, can travel , 49 year :
I'm looking to meet an authentic headmaster figure who can administer traditional school cp to a very naughty boy.
Corner time, telling off and punishment sought.
Willing to wear stockings and heels if required.
Or straight forward traditional cp.
Hope to hear from you.

Date: August 21st 2018  

*Hard punishment with swollen stripes ...
south of England + London, can travel , 68 year :
I wish: Hard caning. Inspiration: Net 16610: Hard caning men... I am a criminel who has committed grave offences. The court has given me the choice between jail and a severe punishment. The court wishes that afterwards I will not be able to sit down for 3 days without a soft pillow and my bottom will be marked with stripes (blue. black. red) in 1-2 weeks. Hope you will help me to avoid the jail. Jens
Date: August 20th 2018  

*21 year old wants to try being birched ...
London, can travel , 21 year :
Cannot accomodate, you must be within London area.
Date: August 20th 2018  

*Are you in need of some discipline ...
Manchester, can accommodate and travel , 60 year :
I am looking for lads that know they need some discipline in their life
A pants down bare bottom spanking will be administered to correct and discipline you
I am experienced and have disciplined many lads over the years
Get in touch and let’s have a chat

Date: August 20th 2018  

*Married guy kept in chastity seeks older man to deliver corporal punishment ...
London, can travel , 37 year :
Hello, I am seeking an older man who would be available to provide corporal punishment for a younger married guy. I will be in chastity throughout (my wife holds the keys) but would be happy to provide oral service if required. Central/East London preferred.
Date: August 20th 2018  

*A proper Leathering required ...
Edinburgh, can travel , 50 year :
Hi all love otk spanking first but really looking to be properly restrained so i really cant move then my bottom leathered by belt tawse or Prison strop.
Date: August 20th 2018  

*Traditional CP ...
West Yorks, can accommodate , 77 year :
I offer many years experience of otk spanking, slippering and strapping with underpants down. Using avariety of canes I deliver six of the best over trousers and with trousers and underpants down. I can also offer a full enema service for the experienced and novice alike.
Date: August 19th 2018  

*Offering my spankee that visits london ...
Central london, can travel , 21 year :
Hello dear spankees I have a spankee that visits me over a year now he will visit London from the end of august getting the cane slipper and cane all on bare on several role plays he asked and I approve other English spankees to meet him and give his white silky smooth bum a strict thrashing you are welcome to write to me for what how and with what do you want to punish this boy who looked like he is a teen I will let three sirs three hours each with him. Thank you waiting for you replays
Date: August 19th 2018  

*Beta Houseboi for you Sir ...
South UK & Home counties, can travel , 36 year :
Me: slim 36yr old submissive boy with a protruding spankable bottom and a beta male small dick. Humiliation, slapping, fondling, general abuse and hard CP required to teach me a lesson.
You: Mature strict Sir/Daddy/Uncle/Master who needs an inferior boy to obey him.

Date: August 19th 2018  

*Like minded contacts ...
Essex, can travel , 67 year :
I am in my mid 60's , 5'7" and normal size. I am looking for someone, who enjoys spanking and is discreet. My interest stemmed from schooldays and has been a lifelong interest but without extensive experience. I am clean, educated and courteous and I expect the same. Social interaction would be good. I am also of mixed race so everything is brown! Many of us are married and so accommodation is a problem so why not just meet for a discreet chat and coffee?

Date: August 19th 2018  

*Naughty schoolboy looking for headmaster 60+ ...
London west, can accommodate and travel , 40 year :
Athletic good looking schoolboy 40 is looking to meet a handsome mature headmaster 60+ for a good spanking
Date: August 19th 2018  

*I am worth your attention ...
Worcester, can travel , 65 year :
I am very Sub. Tie me tightly, and start abusing me. I am good-looking (well, I think so), and am happy to receive spanking to flogging (my particular favourite). I am very helpful to newbies, in suggesting new ways in which they can achieve what they are seeking. My wishes are irrelevant.
I do not accommodate, after a nasty experience some years ago.
Ideally you will be a short distance from Worcester.

Date: August 19th 2018  

*Looking for a school master who loves the slipper and cane ...
Bristol, West Country & South Midlands, can travel , 60 year :
I am looking for a School Master type over the age of 60 who is into slippering and caning, someone with a warm, serious and dedicated passion for CP. Most of all I am looking for a good chemistry with a Master where we can both give each other maxinum satisfaction.
I cannot accomodate but will travel to link up with anyone who is on my wavelength.
My fetish is T bar sandals and I love to wear them whilst being beaten and that's an important turn on for me.

Date: August 18th 2018  

*all ages requiered for inspection and caning ...
west/midlands plus 70 miles, can travel , 65 year :
I have many years experience with the cane and want all ages from 18 up to no upper age limit to be striped for proper inspection followed by the cane be warned it is real caning as at school in the 60s prefer to visit but may accommodate for 18 to 25 age group as I realise if you live at home you may need to visit
Date: August 18th 2018  

*I'm Looking for a dominant Headmaster figure. ...
Winchester, can accommodate and travel , 64 year :
I'm travelling from Shrewsbury to Bournemouth for a sporting event on Saturday 1st September. I'm staying in a hotel for 2 nights. I will be available late afternoon & evenings on Saturday, Sunday & Monday either to visit you or host. The hotel is within 50 miles of Bournemouth. I'm 64, 6 feet tall, slim & fit. I would like you to be of smart appearance & my age or older & want to spank or cane me. I am passive sexually, also like role-play, massage & medical play.
Date: August 18th 2018  

*Bottom seeks Older Top ...
Sheffield, can travel , 52 year :
Looking for an older Uncle/Dad/Headmaster administrator regular corporal punishment.
I'm 52yo, going on 12/13/14 when being dealt with...?
Slimish, 5' 8". Reliable. Real. Nice, but with a naughty side.
Willing to be gradually moulded into what/who Sir wishes.
When he wishes it.
You'll be uncompromisingly strict, but would dry my tears kindly.

Date: August 17th 2018  

*"Teen at heart" gets the attention he deserves ...
Dublin, can travel , 37 year :
37 but I can't escape that I am still a teen at heart, who cant but help come to the attention of Step-Dads, Uncles, Teachers, concerned men of authority types who are true believers in corporal punishment. I have to accept that this attention means I am going to be taken to task on my shortcomings, this is highly likely there will be scalding lectures, followed by me going over the knee for the point to be driven home with good old fashioned bare bottom spankings.
Date: August 17th 2018  

*Looking for a spanking friend to put me over their knee for a hard spanking. ...
London, Woking, Basingstoke, Southampton., can travel , 53 year :
Hello. I'm looking for a spanking friend for email chats, and to humble me 2/3 times a year by giving me a hard and real otk spanking. Once in a while I require the embarrassment of being stripped naked, inspected, told off and soundly spanked, and I'm looking for someone willing who I can call upon at short notice to be my severe and unrelenting Sir. I have had a life long interest in, and real childhood experience of being spanked and would enjoy discussing this and other cp interests.
Date: August 17th 2018  

*Switch sessions sought ...
norfolk/suffolk/north essex, can travel , 55 year :
Easy going guy ,looking for two way sessions, its the spanking that does it for me both ways but up for fun with the right person. enjoy the erotic aspect. prefer to spank younger and be spanked (cane/slipper etc) by older but flexible. Sorry but can only travel not accomodate! Norfolk/Suffolk, North Essex, travel to London occasionally as well. Must be fun but also know your bottom has been truly dealt with.
Date: August 16th 2018  

*You like the humiliation of a spanking? ...
London, can accommodate and travel , 60 year :
Handsome, fit guy seeks only one guy who enjoys the eroticism of an over the knee bare bottom hand spanking. Looking for someone who is healthy, discreet and a bit imaginative.
Date: August 16th 2018  

*Affectionate Lad seeks Older Gentleman with Stern Outlook ...
W. Sussex.Surrey Borders, can accommodate and travel , 50 year :
50yo professional man WLTM older gent for the occasional smacked bottom
Date: August 15th 2018  

*sub bottom for sir/master/top ...
London, can travel , 48 year :
I'm average build, 5ft 8in tall looking to be made to strip naked and inspected before taking my punishment. I have been spanked a couple of times before and will take hand/strap/cane, but not in to anything judicial
I'm also submissive sexually, so would be up for sir to use me to give oral and take anal (safe only) if required

Date: August 15th 2018  

*Hey Guys, Come and Play ...
Leicester, East Midlands., can accommodate , 60 year :
Hi, guys 18+ come and play my board game "preppies Where money is replaced by spankings and humiliations. We normally wear full school uniform to start but lederhosen and other clothes permitted. Our last game was great. Only 4 guys so email now. Mr P.
Date: August 15th 2018  

*Submissive houseboy seeks position and punishment ...
Central and Southern England but flexible, can travel , 42 year :
Reliable, smart and genuine houseboy available to visit gentlemen 40+. Household chores and other duties undertaken. I dress as Sir instructs and submit to punishment with all instruments in any position. Available now for personal interview/inspection. Genuine references available. No fees.
Date: August 15th 2018  

*Seeking role as domestic servant / care assistant ...
North London, Herts, Beds, can travel , 50 year :
Fit male with firm, spankable bottom seeks role serving an elderly gentleman. Will undertake cleaning or any chores however menial and humiliating. Any failure to meet your high standards will be punished over your knee.
Also available as care assistant to undertake dressing, bathing and other duties as required.
Open to your suggestions and requirements.

Date: August 14th 2018  

*Hard spaking needed ...
Leeds, can accommodate and travel , 40 year :
Im looking for a good spanking with various implements im very naughty and need sorting out soon
Date: August 13th 2018  

*A very naughty adult schoolboy ...
NORWICH/East Anglia, can travel , 57 year :
Seeking a very strict headmaster/housemaster who is very accurate with the school rattan cane. I will travel a reasonable distance.
Date: August 13th 2018  

*grandad wanted ...
blackpool, can accommodate and travel , 52 year :
is there any genuine old guys over 65 in the blackpool/fylde coast areas willing to smack my bare bottom, older the better, no upper age limit. idealy you will be in your 70s or 80s. im after over the knee with hand and implements. retired clergy a bonus. i can now accomadate here in blackpool, and im free most days in the daytime. ive never had one reply off this site, heres hoping, thanks stephen.
Date: August 13th 2018  

*Spanker Seeks Naughty Boys ...
Cardiff, can accommodate , 56 year :
Experienced spanker and disciplinarian seeks naughty boys for punishment.
I offer OTK spanking, flogging, whipping, cropping, paddling, caning, etc.
Restrained or free.
I have a St. Andrews Cross and a school desk as well as a number of canes, crops, paddles, whips, floggers, etc.
Various roleplay scenarios also offered.
Excellent rates.

Date: August 12th 2018  

*Hard over the knee spanker wanted ...
Bristol, can travel , 54 year :
hi i am a mature tall skinny guy who is looking to meet a man with accommodation in the week days just for hard over the knee Hand Spanking i can travel with arrangements, also travel to London by bus reply to me lets have a chat
Date: August 12th 2018  

*looking for 1st experience of the year ...
Berks, Oxon, Hants, Surrey, can travel , 73 year :
Retired ex-professional looking forward to visiting you for a sensual experience being stripped, examined, groped, put over your knee for my 1st spanking of the year. Nipple attention particularly sought.
Please write soon. Your desires considered. Interested in attention from M, F, MM, MF

Date: August 12th 2018  

*strict grandad wanted ...
Blackpool/fylde coast, can accommodate and travel , 52 year :
is there any genuine old guys over 65 on the fylde coast, willing to smack my bare bottom, idealy you will be in your 70s or 80s. older the better. im after over the knee with hand and implements, and my trousers and briefs taken right off by you. grey hair, glasses and wrinkles a big bonus. inspection and prostate massage welcome. i can accomadate now here in sunny blackpool. im not interested in anyone younger. retired clergy very welcome, thanks stephen.
Date: August 11th 2018  

*seeking belt / cane ...
basingstoke, can travel , 37 year :
looking to meet someone who can give a belting or caning...
Date: August 9th 2018  

*Pipe smoking and spanking ...
South, West and North Yorkshire, can travel , 73 year :
Looking to meet a pipe smoking man of any age who is into giving over the knee spanking in trousers and bare, also looking for a relationship if all works out well.
Date: August 9th 2018  

*Mature novice spankee needs humiliation and mild hand spanking ...
Herts Essex CM23, can accommodate and travel , 63 year :
Looking to be humiliated by older or younger and mildly otk hand spanked on underwear or naked, red sore bottom but no lasting marks or pain required, body inspection and corner time with soothing touch appreciated ,mild implements ok but not cane. Happy to switch.
Date: August 8th 2018  

*Male switch ...
Southampton, can accommodate and travel , 54 year :
I’m looking for men in Southampton or surrounding area age 40 to 60 who are interested in mutual cp. anything from light spanking to hard caning .im very experienced and understanding so novice ,s welcome .im average build with a smooth spankable bottom.
Date: August 8th 2018  

*Realistic CP Given - Bend over or hold out your hands lad! ...
South Yorkshire & Surrounding Area, can travel , 44 year :
I'm looking to dish out realistic cp, cane, plimsoll, tawse, wooden paddle to a bared bum, or to your palms (where pre-agreed). I do not do warm ups usually as I expect the punishment to be felt as it was back in the day. Happy to school role play, discipline you for recent misdemeanors or just a straight cp session. Your bum will have stripes/marks for a few days! Love also to chat with guys who got cp for real at school. Can usually travel only. Available some evenings or Tues/Weds daytimes
Date: August 8th 2018  

*An itch that needs scratching ...
York and surrounding area, can travel , 58 year :
Genuine guy looking for an experienced headmaster type and looking for the humiliation of a quite hard bare bottom school type caning.. straight but with the threat of a harder caning could be bribed into a compromise. looking for genuine masters with the ability to hold a conversation and not a two or three word greeting
Date: August 7th 2018  

*Submisive for C.P and humiliation ...
S.E London / Kent, can travel , 60 year :
60 year old submissive looking for a Dominant who is happy to both punish and humiliate. Harsh but accurate punishment by strap tawse or cane. Naked at all times for added humiliation.
Hoping to find a Dominant for regular punishment sessions if chemistry is right.

Date: August 7th 2018  

*Shy naked house boy ...
London, can travel , 45 year :
Shy naked houseboy 45 will visit older gay master I will clean and scrub your house or flat I will submit to hard punishment if not done to required standard belt strap and cane also will submit to bedroom demands so be v active ! You decide on level of discipline
Date: August 6th 2018  

*Severe Punishemnt Required ...
East Midlands, can travel , 61 year :
Dear Masters
I am looking for a Master who would like flog me from my waist to my knees, whilst secured spread-eagled, with birches, martinets or cat O nine tails. I need to be flogged until I am totally raw, front and back. No safe words, no mercy. Heavier instruments can be used on posterior Clean & Genuine. Your place only.

Date: August 6th 2018  

*Young Dominant Male ...
Essex, Herts, London and Yorkshire, can travel , 29 year :
Retuning after an enforced absence. A straight 29-year old with experience of spanking and CP up to tears if required. Imagine the humiliation of being put across the knee of someone half your age, to be made to confess your transgressions before a liberal application of the hand and other implements if so agreed. I travel extensively through London, Essex and Hertfordshire as well as trips to Yorkshire. Sexual favours not wanted nor required. Other BDSM activities considered if SSC.
Date: August 6th 2018  

*Hand Spanking at my Age is So Humiliating! ...
North West England, can travel , 54 year :
I have been caned and birched so many times that I find it somewhat heroic and no longer dread it. I need something else to deter my increasing laziness, and there are 3 things which I still dread: 1) Having my trousers and underpants pulled down aggressively 2) Being made to bend over a man's knee, or to kneel down and told frequently to push out my bottom 3) Hand spanking that consists of not short rapid smacks but long very hard whacks every ten seconds. I am 5ft 8, 34 inch waist, 11 stone 4.
Date: August 6th 2018  

*African UK Dom wants sub, straight Male ...
London, can travel , 40 year :
African UK Dom wants sub, straight Male, who:
1- Can accommodate.
2- Own Transport.
3- Live London.
Relationship pure platonic/friendship, no sex. Your service to I is as host, for Adult/spanking themes I'm planning.
You aged 35-50,slim build.

Date: August 6th 2018  

*Charity slippering ...
Brighouse, can accommodate and travel , 48 year :
I have been sponsored by a couple of friends to be slippered for charity (Help for heroes and Cancer research )
Every stroke with a slipper will raise 10p for the charities
this will be taking place from 27/08 daily up until 31/08

Date: August 6th 2018  

*Looking for Dom male or TV/CD ...
Merseyside/North-west, can accommodate and travel , 55 year :
I am a single, professional, discrete man...… looking to receive traditional discipline... would love to meet up with a TV or CD ( I could switch )

Date: August 5th 2018  

*Meet Horace Maurice & Doris family of plimsolls ...
west Midlands, can travel , 69 year :
Would you like to go back to school and meet Horace size 11 black school plimsoll or Maurice his smaller brother size9 or for the small boys their little sister Doris a size 6 grubby white old pump. Taste all 3 if you can manage. Traditional school slippering at its best
Date: August 5th 2018  

*Anyone with a carpet beater or candian prison strap ...
East midlands, can travel , 65 year :
Looking for a disciplinarian around my age or older, to administer either a carpet beater or a canadian prison strap to my bare buttocks. Limits set beforehand. No sex just discipline sought. Can meet in neutral setting first, or will arrive for my punishment.
Do not contact me if you are just looking to play at this.
Can travel reasonable distance from Grantham but not able to accommodate.

Date: August 4th 2018  

*Seeking Strict Headmaster ...
North Norfolk, can accommodate and travel , 60 year :
I am straight, but can't get those strict school days out of my head, I am looking for those days back again, strict school role play, bending over for the cane, slipper, and across your knee, if I am only to be caned that is fine, Headmaster knows best, in North Norfolk, I like to visit a Headmasters study.
Also I can administer to naughty schoolboys, again this would be strict, firm and formal.
Just talking over those days as well is fine.

Date: August 4th 2018  

*A Slippering You Will Remember ...
Norfolk, can travel , 63 year :
Slim guy, very experienced in giving slipperings to adult 6th former types. Fairly slim offenders around my age or younger report wearing full, black trousered uniform. You will be lectured, spanked and given formal hard slipperings on the tightly stretched seat of your trousers with my supple plimsoll to teach you discipline. Any insolence and I will slipper your bare backside. Please send full details including experience, limits etc. Discretion assured
Date: August 4th 2018  

*N. Ireland. OTK ...
Northern Ireland, can accommodate and travel :
Educated guy looking for educated younger guy, into receiving regular bare otk. Not for sex, just great spanking
Date: August 3rd 2018  

*Knicker discipline ...
London/Middx/Herts, can travel , 45 year :
Looking for someone over 65 who will discipline me severely in and out of knickers. I'm 45, 6', 12st.
Date: August 2nd 2018  

*sissy ...
near heathrow, can accommodate and travel , 64 year :
Hi,i am a tall,slim,fit sissy looking for spanking fun and punishment and obedience training from a mature master who has good verbal persuasive skills,Brian,your email address was inaccessible,try again,reply with full details.I live near heathrow and can accommodate,travel..
Date: August 2nd 2018  

*Slutty cross dresser seeks spanking ...
London, can travel , 30 year :
Slutty cross dresser visiting London on 13 Aug looking for role play spanking
Date: August 1st 2018  

*Tailored to your needs ...
Glasgow, can travel , 60 year :
The service is a flexible one… I have a strong right hand of course but other implements as well... and if you want a really warm welcome then the Lochgelly XH might be for you. Flexible also in that it can be role play if you wish.. and I am a bit of an actor.. or simply cp applied to meet your needs. We both have to enjoy the meet which is why I have quite a few regulars!
Date: August 1st 2018  

*Seeking Strict Elderly Spankers ...
Dover, can travel , 49 year :
am seeking very strict dominant elderly spankers over 68yrs old but preferably in there 70s. I am a very submissive sissy crossdresser and adore teasing very strict dominant elderly grandads with my lovely full frilly black satin knickers, silky black seamed stockings, suspenders and bra and adore being spanked very very HARD!!! So if you think you fit the bill please get back to me and I will send more details and pics. I am 6'1, slim. Overweight spankers VERY welcome.
Date: August 1st 2018  

*Mature for Mature ...
South East, can travel , 72 year :
If you are an older authoritative man who enjoys the erotic delights of spanking a willing, sexy but mature bottom, I may be of interest to you. My ideal man will have his own accommodation, will prefer his spankee to be naked, probably himself also, and will enjoy spanking him as part of a fun but erotic encounter.
Date: August 1st 2018  

*Bi Curios 60 year old naughty boy ...
North Scotland, can travel , 60 year :
I would like to be soundly spanked across the lap of an experienced strict old uncle type. I would like to show my gratitude for the spanking with hand and mouth. Very clean and very discreet.
Date: July 31st 2018  

*Traditional CP with tawse and/or cane administered to your satisfaction ...
London - Hounslow/Richmond/Twickenham, can accommodate and travel , 64 year :
I am very experienced in administering the cane and tawse strap to men of all ages, to the level of severity they require. Nothing else expected, although if you wish to take revenge and thrash me too then you are welcome. I can host in TW7 between Richmond and Hounslow most days and times. I am very accurate, educated, understanding. Novices and more experienced members of the spanking fraternity are equally welcome. My swishy rattan cane and genuine old Lochgelly tawse strap await you.
Date: July 31st 2018  

*Hard cp needed ...
Herts, can travel , 55 year :
I am a 55 year old sub man. I'm seeking a mature gent who knows what he wants and is very demanding. Your limits only. Very genuine and discrete. Looks and race unimportant. Ugly and overweight welcome. you will be satisfied and I will be sore.
Date: July 31st 2018  

*Looking for Naughty Boys ...
Blackpool, Wyre and Fylde, can accommodate and travel , 61 year :
Looking for naughty boys of any age who feel the need to be punished by an experienced spanker for what ever they feel they are guilty of doing, expect a good over the knee bare bottom hand spanking, but be warned I spank hard and fast
Date: July 30th 2018  

*Submissive for caning ...
London and South East, can travel , 59 year :
This submissive cane lover would ideally like to meet an experienced Male/Female couple for punishment. Happy to be caned by both or caned by Male with Female witnessing. I am unable to accommodate at present, but willing to travel for the right couple.
Date: July 30th 2018  

*Hard caning on bare bottom ...
London, can travel , 39 year :
I am looking for sadistic no nonsense caning applied to my naked buttocks. I am fit and reliable. You must be fixated on thrashing and accurate with the implements you choose to use. Let's make a session demanding and satisfying for both. I hope to hear from you.
Date: July 29th 2018  

*Bend over, boy! ...
Southampton / Salisbury, can accommodate , 81 year :
Experienced master offers traditional discipline to lads 18 - 80 with hand, plimsol, strap, tawse, cane and birch if you wish over trousers, pants and bare. All limits respected without question. No sex and no sadism - just a memorable session for mutual fun. Role-play if desired. I'm 5' 11", grey, clean-shaven, still trim and fit. My secluded cottage is 8 miles SE of Salisbury / NW of Romsey. There's a local bus, but it's best if you drive. All replies answered. Regards. Allan.
Date: July 29th 2018  

*Obedience Training for Mature Gentleman ...
Essex / Cambridgeshire, can accommodate and travel , 39 year :
Experienced younger and educated master is offering lessons in obedience for mature gentlemen who require strict discipline and corporal punishment. These are the rules: 1. You will do what you are told, 2. You will dress formally (suit, jacket and tie, uniform etc) for a session, 3. You will be clean. I am not interested in crossdressers or feminine men.
I advertised a few months ago and had a lot of responses. Unfortunately, I lost all in a computer crash, so please get in touch again.

Date: July 29th 2018  

*mature male ...
sheffield, can accommodate and travel , 76 year :
Mature male with tiny penis seeks similar male or tv any age for mutual caning and like interests.
Date: July 28th 2018  

*Sub needs punishment and humiliation ...
Chester/North Wales, can accommodate and travel , 50 year :
Hi, I am a very sub slim male, who also loves humiliation, and I am into serving my Master/s without hesitation.
I am experienced in receiving the cane, slipper, tawse and of course the hand.
I also like naked inspections.
Please contact if this interests you.

Date: July 28th 2018  

*Old Public School boy ...
JERSEY, Channel islands, can travel , 70 year :
Old Public School boy would like to meet old retired Headmaster type for traditional school discipline sessions; your place only. I will also switch roles and be a dominant Master, if you also miss school days and would like to re-live them. I would also like your male or female partners if you have them, to assist in the roles of Prefects or Matron.
I am resident in Jersey, experienced and discreet.

Date: July 28th 2018  

*Naughty 70yr old ...
Blackpool, can travel , 70 year :
I'm a naughty 70yr old and need a bare bottom or naked spanking. Not much experience but hoping to gain more.
Date: July 28th 2018  

*" dirty old men " required to spank and milk randy guy ...
London And Surrey, can travel , 53 year :
Are you a dirty old man who would enjoy spanking and milking a randy guy. fit handsome male 34w 7" unc seeks kinky older types for discrete fun. maybe you would like to be orally served to full completion after my spanking. Can wear white briefs or wifes panties
Date: July 28th 2018  

*I am looking for a Dominant Headmaster / Father figure ...
UK, can travel , 64 year :
64 years old, educated, 6 feet tall slim & fit. Punished growing up by Grandfather & by the Headmaster & pervy Housemaster at an all boys boarding school. CP was frequent at school. Looking for a gentleman my age or older who can preferably host. I like to participate in your fantasy & have you participate in re enacting some of the things that have happened to me. Distance is no object as I enjoy visiting new places & staying in a hotel or renting a cottage.
Date: July 28th 2018  

*Strict Uncle for very naughty boy 63 ...
London, can travel , 60 year :
I am seeking a mature strict Uncle to give my bare bottom a spanking/cp please. If you can accommodate and would like to see me and deal with me then please contact me asap. All messages answered. Thank you.
Date: July 28th 2018  

*Sub for punishment ...
Marlow, can travel , 38 year :
Seeking 55+ strict master/teacher
For punishment with various
Implements across shorts and bare

Date: July 28th 2018  

*Slim young lad seeks strict bare bottom punishment. ...
London, can travel , 32 year :
Authentic looking 'lad', 32, slim, boyish.
Into spankings of the old fashioned variety, especially long otk spankings with underpants at half-mast! Seeking older 50+ traditional suit-and-tie dad or headmaster types who fully believe in the benefits of spanking! Also looking to report to the headmasters study for a sound public school caning on my bare buttocks! Cannot accom, but am willing to travel within reason!

Date: July 27th 2018  

*Cane&strap ...
S Wales Swansea area, can accommodate , 70 year :
slim gay male I administer spanking cane and strap I can accom and o/nite if reqd levels of cp negotiable
Date: July 27th 2018  

*Real spankings for naughty boys ! ...
East Midlands, can accommodate and travel , 65 year :
I am a busy spanker with many years of experience, always looking for new boys to deal with.
Boys 18 - 39 are welcome over my knee for a bare bottom spanking, really naughty boys can expect brush, slipper, strap, belt or cane. All applied very effectively in a firm but fair manner.
All scenes and limits discussed in advance but guarantee you a real life spanking experience.
I can accommodate with full privacy and discretion, travel also possible.

Date: July 26th 2018  

*Genuine 45 for older gay spanker ...
Manchester, can travel , 45 year :
Genuine straight acting 45. Looking for a much older man who can give me the focus I need. Started swimming 4 x a week again and starting to tone up but need a genuine experienced older gay guy to make sure I keep focussed. Looking for genuine uninhibited meets with a trustworthy genuine sane but stricht older gay gentlemen for really fun times hopefully
Date: July 26th 2018  

*Disciplined working holiday on Welsh smallholding and plant nursery ...
Swansea, can accommodate , 45 year :
Motivation and mentoring for subs 18-35 needing 7-14 days in a disciplined enviroment with a firm but fair master. Work mornings-chores, gardening and diy. Fun afternoons- outings, relaxing, internt. Drinks around 7. C.P. according to your needs and experience, with strap, paddle and cane. Partner provides fine cuisine. Travel costs if needed. Good phone chat before booking. Serious ad so no timewasters please.
Date: July 26th 2018  

*Strict "Uncle" Needed ...
Midlands/South West, can travel , 58 year :
I am Stephen, 58, slim, straight, submissive and am seeking a genuine, long-term uncle/nephew, father/son relationship with an older gentleman who will be a friend but who will also take a keen interest in my behaviour and attitude and punish me severely - spankings, canings etc - for any lapses. I cannot accommodate but will travel anywhere for the right person. I need a firm hand so hope someone will take me on.
Date: July 26th 2018  

*Seeking retired clergyman or pervy Uncle ...
London and Home Counties, can travel , 57 year :
Hoping to visit a mature (60+) gentleman who is experienced at creating the atmosphere and ritual of bygone days and administering stinging cp especially the cane.
Like to wear tight nylon shorts or cotton pj's though understand they can be taken down at any time.
Full sexual contact welcomed and indeed desired. Ideally f**k me safely. Am slim to average build, totally genuine and reliable.

Date: July 26th 2018  

*TvXdspank ...
Manchester, can accommodate and travel , 40 year :
Lift your skirt pull down your panties spank your bottom till it glows am a mature male who spanks all sissies age unimportant sore bum guaranteed
Date: July 26th 2018  

*50 going on 16. looking to be spanked with extras ...
Blackburn, can travel , 50 year :
Genuine guy down to earth. looking for a spanking fun. very clean and tidy with a lovely bum. can only travel xxx
Date: July 25th 2018  

*Strict Sir or Bad Boy... you decide! ...
Glasgow, can accommodate , 30 year :
Tall, slim guy who can be a Strict Sir or a Bad Boy. Excellent at role play or equally comfortable with straight spanking. All limits respected and discretion assured. I have lots of implements and a spanking bench. Get in touch to find out more.
Date: July 25th 2018  

*Good hiding needed sir ...
London home counties ?travel further?, can travel , 52 year :
Have sinned and need to punished severly to correct my bad attitude, hand ,slipper, paddle, brush, over knee, bent for strap, cane, tawse, and Birch? till sore and sorry.
Date: July 25th 2018  

*Chuby sub cd for rolplay scenarios ...
Sheffield/chesterfield area, can travel , 40 year :
Hi luv rolplay scenarios husband and used and abused wife, boss and used and abused secretary, uncle and used and abused neice. Squirming over the lap on the bed, skirt pulled up and panties taken off and stuffed in my mouth then once my bottom is red enough panties removed and replaced by cock until Sir is fully pleasured. travel only. Michelle xx
Date: July 23rd 2018  

*Hand and ruler spanking required by older gents. ...
Essex/london, can travel , 71 year :
Hi I need a good old fashioned hand/ ruler spanking, have been out of the loop for a few years and need to be shown what I was missing, I'm gagging to get back into it, willing to dress up in panties etc if my spanner demands, also used to enjoy my spanking even more with somebody eise in attendance, but don't mind either. All enquiries answer, I am 71 but a youngster at heart with a very spankable bottom, you won't be disappointed.
Date: July 22nd 2018