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*Older Gent with wandering hands ...
South Coast, can travel , 62 year :
Slim, smooth male seeking an older gent who would like to hand spank my naked small firm bottom, especially with wandering hands etc. Can travel.
Date: July 5th 2020  

*Prep School Punishment ...
North East, can travel , 48 year :
Badly behaved Prep School "boy" deserves a painful, bare bottomed interview in the Headmaster's Study. Corner time, perhaps a warm up spanking over your knees, you decide what is appropriate. But ultimately you will find that you need to administer your cane to my naughty rear end.
Date: July 5th 2020  

*Young at heart, still need spanking ...
Warwickshire, can travel , 35 year :
I still have the same urge I have always had since childhood for a smacked bottom and a telling off before going over daddy's knee for a spanking. Domestic role play scenes are my favourite. Some experience with implements. I'm straight, not interested in sex at all. Just discipline.
Date: July 5th 2020  

*sissy needs master ...
west london/middx, can accommodate and travel , 66 year :
i am a tall, slim, sissy and am looking for a mature Master for punishment and obedience training, belt, whip etc, O+A also available, would consider ownership, discretion assured.
Date: July 5th 2020  

*It’s time you learnt a lesson lad ...
Manchester, can accommodate and travel , 60 year :
Strict no nonsense disciplinarian here to punish lads in the old fashioned manner

Pants down over the knee

You will receive a good long hard spanking on the bare bottom

Particularly interested in dealing with lads for real reasons or those that need motivation or discipline to remain focused

Happy to answer any questions

Strictly discipline only


Date: July 5th 2020  

*Headmaster or Uncle Needed ...
Munster Cork, can travel , 50 year :
I cannot travel to my uncle in U.K. at present so hopefully I can connect with a strict older uncle headmaster type in Munster area including Cork Waterford or any area.
Older sincere gent with strict values who takes no nonsense would fit the bill and deliver what this lad needs.
All genuine replies will be answered.
Irish Munster Adult Schoolboy.

Date: July 4th 2020  

*Older naughty boy seeks shaming and punishment ...
Gloucs; Worcs; Warks, can travel , 64 year :
Older naughty boy, non smoker and in good shape wishes to make contact with mature authoritative gentleman for regular visits. Enjoys roleplay, age regression, scolding, intimate inspections and firm guidance.
Utmost discretion and hygiene assured.

Date: July 4th 2020  

*naughty Schoolie for the cane ...
S.Herts, can travel , 69 year :
need a scholastic discipline environment in gym outfit acceptable leotatd or gym knickers awaiting verbal admolishment with canings to follow for each offence. welcome headmasters sissys or similar to give and or receive. respect and carefulness in current situation expected. like to follow procedures as laid down and full details outlined to process welcomed

Date: July 4th 2020  

*60 yo but likes to play younger - sick of time wasters and fantasy texts ...
leeds/west yorks area, can accommodate and travel , 60 year :
hi im 60 yo single male in leeds
I can be your naughty little girl/boy
mostly hand slipper
no sex

Date: July 4th 2020  

*Short stay in West Yorks then Kent based ...
Halifax/Huddersfield, can travel , 55 year :
I need spanking over Sun Mon Tue poss Wed in West Yorks or to from en-route from SE England, otherwise back in Kent.
I am a spanker but don't mind having a go at spanking, I know how/when it's needed, permissions and limits respected.

Date: July 4th 2020  

*I need a good spanking ...
Southwest, can travel , 55 year :
A very naughty boi in need of a good hard spanking over your knee followed by the cane and maybe the birch. Bare bottom of course.
Date: July 4th 2020  

*Retired Engineer ...
Leicester, can accommodate and travel , 78 year :
I would like to meet a disciplinarian or quack doctor/nurse. I am a non-smoking, switch player, TV friendly.
Date: July 4th 2020  

*A damm good spanking ...
Manchester, can travel , 45 year :
Naughty cheeky and arrogant lad
Needs a damm good proper spanking
Dose of the slipper strap and cane
Someone strict to teach me a proper lesson

Date: July 4th 2020  

*Outdoor spanking needed ...
Midlands, can travel , 30 year :
Naughty, horny 30 year old lad seeks experienced 55+ uncle type for some outdoor spanking fun! Due to the uncertainly with COVID-19 I think an outdoor spanking is relatively safe! Happy to wear a mask and gloves if need be! Love roleplay and dressing up or happy to find a quiet spot and bend over!

Date: July 4th 2020  

*Reporting to a strict headmaster ...
East of England, can travel , 58 year :
I am an exceedingly naughty adult schoolboy who deserves to report to your study for very strict discipline with gym slipper and senior cane. Applied to trousers, underpants and bare bottom.
Date: July 4th 2020  

*Seeking a Headmaster ...
Norwich, can travel , 61 year :
Naughty boy looking for a strict Headmaster, who is expert with a cane, in the Norfolk area, it is time for me to bend over sir, trousers tightened up or bare, regular discipline needed.
Date: July 4th 2020  

*Plimsoll lover seeking others ...
Worcestershire, can accommodate , 70 year :
I'm a plimsoll lover and slippering enthusiast. Would love to meet others with the same fetish.
Date: July 4th 2020  

*A visit to the Headmasters study ...
Anywhere, can accommodate and travel , 57 year :
Sir, I need to present myself at your office in order to sort out my behaviour which quite honestly is going down hill fast. I expect you may have to resort to CP for which I am quite prepared to accept regardless of the pain and weals it will cause. I am 5ft 10ins with a firm round bottom which requires whatever you believe is the requisite number of strokes to make sitting down very difficult for some time.
Date: July 3rd 2020  

*Novice Schoolboy ...
Bromley Kent, can travel , 60 year :
Hello, I am keen to play the part of a shy schoolboy in trouble for the first time. I've had a little previous experience with this and love roleplay, mild/moderate spankings etc.
Date: July 3rd 2020  

*Always looking for slim young men to punish ...
South of England, can accommodate and travel , 62 year :
Based in West Sussex I can often accommodate but can more easily travel. Slim, fit 62 year old is once again seeking slim young men to punish and use.
Can accommodate and travel.

Date: July 3rd 2020  

*Straight boy seeks spanking and bj experience ...
West Midlands/ anywhere uk, can accommodate and travel , 41 year :
Hello all I am straight and married but looking to be punished hard and to have training in giving pleasure to you through a blowjob
Date: July 2nd 2020  

*Athletic sub guy ...
Derbyshire, can travel , 40 year :
Tall, athletic sub guy into otk, cp, bastinado, cbt, restraint etc looking for older dominant guy for sessions. Realistic real time only. No timewasters or one liners. Experienced in receiving. Please message to exchange photo then organise meeting.
Date: July 2nd 2020  

*Overdue ...
N/West, can accommodate and travel , 62 year :
Dear Sis mature naughty boy in need of a good old fashioned spanking. Though I am not bi or gay I do find these people know how to administer a good spanking, would someone take down my trousers and put me over there knee followed by corner or naughty step time
Date: July 1st 2020  

*Old fashioned thrashing desperately needed ...
Inverness, can travel , 65 year :
Mature naughty boy craves the attention of a strict old uncle figure who will administer long and hard across the lap bare bottom spankings. Spankings to be followed by a sound caning. I have a high pain threshold so severity is essential. Gratitude for thrashing expressed with hand and mouth.
Date: July 1st 2020  

*Strict Uncle ...
Gloucestershire/Anywhere, can accommodate and travel , 62 year :
I am 62, single, straight, and very strict, and looking for a younger "nephew" to guide and teach, with regular spankings for bad behaviour, poor manners etc: real punishment for real lapses and mistakes. If you need a friendly but firm hand to keep you in line, I am sure that I can help.
Date: June 30th 2020  

*real punishment ...
Bromsgrove, can travel , 67 year :
wanted bottoms for tawse and cane or both given properly with you in the nude all ages welcome but 18 to 22 age group maybe considered for spanking over 22 expect the cane hard 18 to 22 for medical examination and spanking maybe able to come to me
Date: June 30th 2020  

*Gay Sub seeking a red butt ...
London, can travel , 57 year :
I am an experienced gay Sub who has been spanked a few times and enjoys submitting to other men who also enjoys having a bare butt over their knee. I prefer a hand spanking and to travel to be punished as this adds to the anticipation of knowing I am to be spanked. I will of course submit further if required to do so. Based in North London, I am average build and my butt is firm and I have no problem being naked whilst being spanked
Date: June 30th 2020