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*Upper House miscreant . ...
U.K, can travel , 52 year :
53 year old (16 year old ) "Public school upper house miscreant" seeking to meet a mature headmasterly gentleman who understands and knows how to deal with a boy in a formal disciplinary and traditional manner. I possess all the attire/uniform and also mindset of those days.
Date: November 13th 2018  

*Realistic CP Given - Bend over or hold out your hands lad! ...
South Yorkshire & Surrounding Area, can travel , 45 year :
I am looking to dish out realistic cp, cane, plimsoll, tawse, wooden paddle to a bared bum, or the cane/tawse to your palms (where pre-agreed). I do not do warm ups usually as I expect the punishment to be felt as it was back in the day. Happy to school role play, discipline you for recent misdemeanors or just a straight cp session. Love also to chat with guys who got cp for real at school. Will respond to all ads, please have the manners to reply, even if it is a polite no. Can travel only.
Date: November 13th 2018  

*Impertinent in pert cheeks ...
London and southeast, can travel , 35 year :
Slim and athletic guy with a penchant for discipline seeks understanding discreet older gent for a telling off followed by reddening of cheeky bum. Also been told they look good in various fabrics. Not particularly interested in intimacy, but can show appreciation by hand.
Date: November 12th 2018  

*Mature submissive male looking for occasional meetings with a dominant man. ...
North West Lancashire, can accommodate and travel , 63 year :
I would like to establish a very discreet arrangement with a more dominant man who enjoys being in control.
I am a mature sensible man who is drawn to being humiliated and punished.
I will dress to please for the right person.
I can accommodate on occasion or travel.
If this interests you please contact me
Thank you

Date: November 12th 2018  

*Real caning ...
North London, can accommodate , 40 year :
CD switch Mistress offers authentic caning ! Looking to meet other lovers of the rattan crook handled cane. Tv/cd particularly welcome .I accommodate. In North London.
Date: November 12th 2018  

*Switch looking for mutual fun times ...
norfolk/suffolk, can travel , 55 year :
Always been on receiving end for many years, now looking for switch sessions or session perhaps with guys that dress up in knickers etc and just be top on that occasion unless switching whilst dressed like that is what you like. Laid back travel only into London. Essex but based in Norfolk.
Date: November 11th 2018  

*Naughty boy needs limits and experiences extending ...
Worcs/Glos/West Midlands/Warks/Wilts preferred, can travel , 63 year :
Educated sincere older naughty boy, clean shaven (face and bottom!) non smoker seeks contact with strict mature gentleman for scolding, humiliation, intimate inspections and sound punishment. Very open minded. Discretion and hygiene are paramount.
Shapely and very spankable smooth and resilient bottom.
Enjoy role-play but not essential. Cannot accommodate but prepared to travel for the right gentleman who understands the psychology involved in bringing the best out of a naughty boy.

Date: November 11th 2018  

*Hard Slipperings ...
Norfolk, can travel , 61 year :
Adult schoolboy types in long trousered uniform report for formal discipline. Former housemaster, very experienced in slippering will give your tightly stretched seat a thrashing to remember. Please send a detailed reply with experience etc. Complete discretion assured.
Date: November 11th 2018  

*Sore striped bottom needed ...
Kent London home counties, can travel , 57 year :
Seeking strict man or women for a thorough spanking otk by hand and implements, corner time, then bent over for implements, role play, till punished properly and sore.
Date: November 10th 2018  

*Shy Schoolboy ...
Crewe, can travel , 38 year :
I a shy inexperienced schoolboy
Love all things uniform more traditional the better
Want guidence and realistic discipline

Date: November 10th 2018  

*Seeking older inquisitive gent ...
UK, can travel , 64 year :
Mature but slim and smooth male, youthful figure with small firm bottom wishes to submit to inspections, fondling and light OTK or furniture hand spanking from older gent. Being stripped and closely examined before treatment expected. Also willing to carry out small, naked household duties.
Date: November 10th 2018  

*OTK spanking offered in Tyneside ...
Tyneside, can travel , 55 year :
Hi I am a very assertive man who has 25 years experience of spanking juvenile acting adult lads. I can spank and strap you to all levels, you tell me what you can take and I will carry out your punishment to the letter. I’m looking for guys 18-45 years old and slim build, neat school shorts or sports shorts are mandatory. I only travel so you must be able to accommodate. Sorry no beards
Date: November 10th 2018  

*Traditional punishment ...
Surrey / London, can travel , 60 year :
Young 60, experienced & straight suit wearer looking for older headmaster type to apply traditional cp to my tight trousers (no underpants) and bare bottom. Enjoy role play and various positions; anyone out there with a horse? Sir's place only.
Date: November 10th 2018  

*Headmaster figure sought ...
Kent, can travel , 49 year :
Headmaster figure sought for naughty 49 year old lad.
I'm seeking to be disciplined for being naughty.
Willing to accept otk spanking, slipper, tawse, paddle, cane etc.
I like to be inspected prior to punishment and hopefully relived after.
I enjoy wearing stockings and high heels if this would be of interest to you.
If you would like to discuss things further, please get in contact.

Date: November 10th 2018  

*Suited older gent seeks suited submissives. ...
Southport Merseyside or near, can accommodate , 76 year :
I am a mature (70's) gent seeking younger (25 - 45 say) gentlemen who dress in formal business attire and are in need of discipline. I have BDSM interests too.
Can provide relief for your subsequent arousal if that is needed.
Also I can accomodate for discreet daytime sessions.

Date: November 10th 2018  

*former Headmaster of the old school deals with 18-39. ...
Worcester, can accommodate , 68 year :
I am a silver-haired former Headmaster of the old school (68) recently returned from overseas and experienced in dealing, to clearly pre-agreed limits, with fit 18-39 miscreants, singly or in pairs - from otk hand spanking, paddles and tawse to canes and birch. I can accommodate in my study in Worcester and I am very discreet. You will be also. Most lads come back time and again which fact speaks for itself. I will occasionally travel.
Date: November 10th 2018  

*Borstal caning needed ...
London, can travel , 60 year :
Looking for a mature CP Master who can accommodate week day afternoons in North and central London to administer strappings and canings leaving welts and bruises.
Date: November 9th 2018  

*Looking for mature men 60+ ...
London, can accommodate and travel , 40 year :
Looking to meet mature gentlemen 60+ for spanking sessions
I am happy to give and receive
Have lots of equipment and a spanking bench
Like schoolboy spankings

Date: November 9th 2018  

*dirty old man spanking required ...
London And Surrey, can travel , 53 year :
Fit handsome guy 53yr 34w 7" unc looking to be severely hand spanked over the knees of dirty old men. Let your hands roam too. kinky ugly or fat old men most welcome. TRAVEL only. Can dress to please and be orally compliant with the right guy
Date: November 8th 2018  

*Caning ...
Spalding Lincolnshire, can accommodate and travel , 60 year :
Fit male seeks sub for spanking (warm up) then caning. All levels catered for but severe preferred. Can also perform medical inspection with pain level testing. Dress code wet speedos or tight shorts then naked. Role play essential. Ideally suited to a regular attendee who wants to establish a punishment plan with a view to pushing limits. I'm 20 minutes from Grantham station. Age limit 40 though will consider older if in very good nick.
Date: November 7th 2018  

*Naughty Boy needs firm Dad ...
London, can travel , 51 year :
Strict Dad needed for naughty boy visiting London from 16th to 19th of November. I admit to being a bit large on the waist side (34-36) but have a very spankable bottom for a firm hand. Love role play and other humiliations such as shaving bathing housework etc. Witnesses also welcome.
Date: November 7th 2018  

*Seeking knickered bottom to cane ...
Essex, can accommodate and travel , 59 year :
male 59 in sw Essex seeks a nicely knickered bottom to cane. mature preferred. Sissies welcome as are couples.
severity etc to be agreed beforehand.
must be reasonably local ie not half the world away!
oh and I need lots of housework done - any takers?

Date: November 6th 2018  

*Punishment required ...
Ayr, can travel , 60 year :
Hi there I'm john and I'm 60 never got punishment at school I got other people into trouble so I could watch them being spanked now I think it is time for me to be punished for my sins before it is too late
Date: November 6th 2018  

*plimsoll fetishists ...
midlands, can travel , 66 year :
Plimsoll wearing adult school boy and tracksuit wearing school gym master. I am wearing my school pe kit with white t shirt black cotton shorts grey socks and my old black slip on plimsolls or i can be your pe master wearing a tracksuit and maybe white plimsolls. I'm no stranger to receiving the school slipper nor am i a stranger to giving it. If plimsolls and slippering is your thing then why not get in touch.
Date: November 6th 2018  

*Monthly Discipline Needed ...
Yorkshire, can travel , 48 year :
48 year old male seeking an older assertive male in the West or South Yorkshire areas who can administer monthly bare bottom canings or other CP to me. I always show respect and obedience throughout. Sir is welcome to administer hard discipline.
Date: November 6th 2018  

*Realistic TV/CD disciplinarian ...
Yorkshire, can accommodate and travel , 68 year :
Leeds based sub seeks above contact to keep this recalcitrant male in check.
Middle aged, middle class, well spoken in a precise manner, strict, and intelligent are only some of the adjectives to describe this lady.
Currently have long term house guest but will be able to accomodate by the Spring.

Date: November 5th 2018  

*Isle of Wight c/d needs a good hidding ...
Isle of wight, can travel , 65 year :
Hi, I am a 65 year old c/d, Not bad body for age love to dress to please in need of a good hiding with hand and impements, Pull down my knickers and strait across your knee or whatever for a very red sore bottom, I will reward in kind if you please, Not to convinsing c/d but love to dress up, Sorry can not accom and daytime only, Very genuine. Thank's for reading. Rose.
Date: November 5th 2018  

*Make sure I wear sch unif + and take me to night of cane ...
London, can travel , 21 year :
Someone who willl initiate me into this lifestyle. Looking for uncle, father, tutor, personal trainer, to train me in this.
Someone who will decide my clothes. The more trad the better. And juvenile.
Not just for CP. And make me wearschool uniforms, etc. And outside. Take me to theatre, opera, museums, concerts, church, events, etc. I’ve got, but noone to make me wear them. Nowhere to go in them.
Mouthsoaping. And regressed and kept groomed. Will make sure kept waxed and shaved.

Date: November 4th 2018  

*Naughty NI needs a sore bottom ...
Northern Ireland, can travel , 40 year :
Naughty 40yrold NI boy needs good old fashioned punishment.
I accept hand, slipper, strap and cane over shorts pants and bare bottom.
I prefer disciplnarians 65+ and am not seeking sex.

Date: November 4th 2018  

*Traditional schoolboy needs punishment ...
West Midlands, can travel , 33 year :
I'm a traditional schoolboy who would like to meet other adult schoolboys, prefects or headmasters.
Very much into traditional uniforms, button fly school shorts and button braces, lederhosen and rugby shorts.
Smartly dressed headmaster or prefect to bend me over and punish me.

Date: November 4th 2018  

*First-timer? ...
London, can accommodate , 49 year :
Are you: Under 40 (any gender)? Never been spanked? Never been caned? Or has it just been a while? Want to do it properly? From bare-bottom hand spanking to dragon caning, with a huge variety of implements in between. This will hurt but will be hugely rewarding. I will teach you the mindset to take any punishment with dignity. Peacock Parlour, London N7, small venue fee only. Out of session I am friendly and easy-going: get in touch.
Date: November 3rd 2018  

*22nd December Xmas CP group ...
Somerset/Devon, can accommodate , 53 year :
Wanted dominant assertive and able tops 50+ to give moderate to severe punishment to 1 or many backsides. Have you wanted to let go and see what you can do with your belt? real life punishment craved by many subs, Have them restrained so you can work without them squirming. Sane but strict req
Date: November 3rd 2018  

*Need some spanky fun? ...
Lancashire, can accommodate and travel , 67 year :
Are you a slim, sensible nephew type, up to 35ish, who would like to explore the delights of a playfully embarrassing, otk, funspanking, all delivered in a caring and affectionate manner. You might enjoy role-play and maybe intimacy too, though both are entirely optional. If you're into shorts too then that's great. I'm a slim, sensible uncle/older brother type, 5'11", 10.5st.
Date: November 2nd 2018  

*gym knicker & Leotard wearer ...
south Herts, can travel , 65 year :
slightly sissy guy wearing leotards and gym knickers needs a master or likeminded to share in six of the best on all items that i wear and have lots. scholastic training for adult pupil needs realistic punishing with the cane. any other similar types welcomed as a contact.
Date: October 31st 2018  

*Stupid male requires to be humiliated and punished ...
Cranbrook, Kent, can travel , 53 year :
I need to be treated with complete comtempt to very firmly show me my place, using verbal and physical tecniques, not least to include severe spankings.
Date: October 30th 2018  

*Any Spankers or Switches in the Preston area ...
Preston, can travel , 50 year :
i am a mature guy interested in correspondence or possible meeting with like minded gentlemen in the Preston ,Blackpool ,or area around ,also interested in meeting or chatting to any of the guys who have gone or going to the Manchester C .P club meetings
Date: October 29th 2018  

*In need of bottoms ...
Milton Keynes, can travel , 57 year :
I am looking for nice bottoms to turn red mainly using my hands and any other agreed implements. If you happen to like wearing panties even better!! Some fondling and or oral would also be nice if you agree. Unfortunately I cannot accommodate but I am willing to travel. Come and say hi and lets see what happens.
Date: October 29th 2018  

*Son waiting to be introduced new Step father ...
Dublin, Ireland, can travel , 38 year :
Just turned 38 (going on 14) Can be bit of a spoilt brat, badly in need of a male role-model/authority figure who would not hesitate to yank my pants down and haul me over his knee for many a long over due bare bottom spanking!
Date: October 29th 2018  

*Are there any *hard* bruising administrators in Scotland? ...
Glasgow + reasonable travel (1 hour / 60 miles), can travel , 52 year :
(*ALL* previous welcome to get in touch)
Welted/bruised *hard* leathering required weekend afternoons @yours. Option to finish me off with forced milking. Clothed Male (you) Naked Male (me). Am very experienced & prefer you to be. 40+ preferred. No upper age limit if you are up to the challenge. **Your place**. Glasgow + 60ish miles.
I have implements to bring.
Absolute discretion assured whether it works out or not.
My preference is for 1st meet on neutral territory to discuss.

Date: October 29th 2018  

*slightly chubby smooth bottom ...
Swindon, can accommodate and travel , 55 year :
slightly chubby smooth bottom in need of long but not brutal punishment. happy with fondling and 'afters' from Sir.
Not free often, but willing to travel or accommodate.

Date: October 28th 2018  

*Naughty boy needs grandfather ...
Shropshire, can travel , 51 year :
This naughty boy needs a strict grandfather who knows how to deal with me Qi am single so marks are good, like 5o be fondled too am hairy but like a shave before punishment if possible
Date: October 28th 2018  

*Severe thrashings wanted ...
South central England, can travel , 68 year :
I am looking for a big strong Dom to give my bottom regular severe thrashings. I take all implements and can take a lot. I have a trim attractive bottom to beat, I'm told.
Will travel throughout Hampshire and all adjacent counties.
If interested, please get into contact for further details.

Date: October 27th 2018  

*Gay Male Sub for Male Spanker ...
London, can accommodate and travel , 54 year :
I am a genuine reasonable fit gay male who has been spanked a few times and looking to expand my experience to a realistic OTK spanking with your hand. (Not into the cane). I am willing to take a bare butt spanking leading to a red and stinging butt.
I am 5' 11", 83kg, firm willing butt. Pictures on request

Date: October 27th 2018  

*I need to be punished ...
Tring, can travel , 39 year :
Im seeking strict male 60+ to administer my
First caning. I have some experience before
With spanking and the belt and feel I need to take it to the next level. But would also like to try other implement.
So if any strict masters are interested, please
Get touch for more details.

Date: October 27th 2018  

*Liverpool man ...
Liverpool, can travel , 56 year :
I'm your average 56 year old guy with an interest in spanking. I would like to meet a mature spanker who would enjoy mentoring me into the world of spanking. I'm a willing learner and would like to find me a dad or grandad like man who would enjoy administering the type of spankings I need. I'm a quiet type and enjoy the company of mature males who would like to indulge in this sport. I can travel some distance to meet, but I am unable to host. I hope to hear from you.
Date: October 27th 2018  

*Punishment due ...
NW UK, can travel , 49 year :
Sometimes I mess up, and that's when I feel the need to be dealt with. This week was one of those occasions. I made a stupid mistake that could have had caused me real trouble. It didn't, but I still feel there should be consequences for my bottom to act as a reminder not to do the same again.
Somebody strict to lower my pants and put me over their knee and teach me that lesson would be ideal.

Date: October 27th 2018  

*Retired Engineer ...
Leicester., can accommodate and travel , 76 year :
I would like to meet a strict disciplinarian or quack doctor/nurse. I am a switch player and a non smoker.
Date: October 26th 2018  

*Strict discipline offered for mature gentlemen (65+) ...
East Anglia, can accommodate and travel , 40 year :
Younger master (5ft8, athletic) offers corporal punishment (administered by hand, cane, belt or riding crop) for mature gentlemen (65+) who think they deserve it. You will send me a list of your misdemeanours and I will determine your punishment. You will thank me once I have dealt with you. Arrogant manager types and guilt-ridden clergymen are particularly welcome. 100% discretion guaranteed!
Date: October 26th 2018  

*Spanking from Uncle ...
South of England, can accommodate , 65 year :
I am looking for nephews in need of regular domestic and lifestyle discipline.
Contact me if you are between 18-45 and seeking a genuine Uncle-nephew relationship, including proper, bare-bottomed spanking over Uncle's knee to punish your misbehaviour.
I live in Poole, Dorset.

Date: October 26th 2018  

*Hertfordshire Lad needs to be taught the error of his ways ...
Stevenage, can travel , 60 year :
Hopefully there is someone out there who can give me the discipline I deserve from spanking to cane. Schoolboy scenario preferred but open to all suggestions
Date: October 26th 2018  

*Older Spankers please! ...
Edinburgh, can travel , 40 year :
Edinburgh area. 68 years old
I can’t accommodate but can travel.
I would like to meet a man my age or older, who enjoys giving pleasure when spanking a nice firm, well rounded school boyish bottom as part of good fun sexual play. I prefer to be naked and hand spanked for an OTK spanking. I am not interested in punishment spankings. I have only experience of OTK bare bum hand spankings. A voyeur would be perfect as he would have the best of two worlds!

Date: October 24th 2018  

*Milky white buttocks ...
Anywhere, can accommodate and travel , 56 year :
I believe a good caning is based on the build up, the scolding, the language used "hand me the cane you pathetic boy, kneel by that chair with your hands flat on the seat and your bare arse correctly positioned and ask to be thrashed for fondling the younger boys in the dormatory" The cane should then thrash the air a few times to add to the moment when it smashes into the milky white buttocks and produces the first welt of many. Is this something you agree with?
Date: October 24th 2018  

*Caning ...
London, can travel , 50 year :
Available masochist- spankee/canee/whippie/dildoee in London.
Date: October 24th 2018  

*Traditional CP ...
West Yorks, can accommodate , 77 year :
I offer many years experience in giving otk spanking, strapping and slippering with underpants down. I also use a variety of canes for giving six of the best over trousers and with trousers and underpants down. I am also able offer a full enema service suitable for the experienced and novice alike.
Date: October 23rd 2018  

*Lifelong fan of all types of school CP ...
Munster region of Ireland, can accommodate and travel , 60 year :
Seeking similar types of people. Prefer to be dominant teacher or pe master. Can however switch. I like boys to dress for the role, school uniform or pe kit. I have similar dress items. Genuine school canes, slippers and straps. Hand or bottom punishment as school days. Got it at school and given it many times in adult life. Cross dressing okay if you like. Hope to hear from similar.
Date: October 23rd 2018  

*Real discipline needed ...
North West, can accommodate and travel , 40 year :
I purposely forgot to attend a 'meeting' with the Headmaster knowing I would get six of the best. Looking to meet the Headmaster soon who will punish me for such insolence by restraining and administering 12 hard strokes with a heavy cane on the bare.
Date: October 23rd 2018  

*grandad wanted ...
blackpool, can accommodate and travel , 52 year :
is there any genuine old guys around 70 or older willing to smack my bare bottom, older the better, and grey hair and glasses a big bonus. ive never had one reply off this site, there must be one genuine oap out there. I can accomadate in blackpool, and im free most days/evenings. photo available, thanks Stephen.
Date: October 23rd 2018  

*Seeking Elderly Spankers ...
Kent, can travel , 49 year :
I am seeking very strict dominant elderly spankers who like nothing better than pulling very submissive sissy crossdressers over there knees and giving them long very very hard hand spanking sessions and making there bottoms very very sore and red. I am a very submissive sissy crossdresser and adore teasing very strict dominant elderly grandads with my lovely full frilly black satin knickers, silky black seamed stockings, suspenders and bra and adore being spanked very very HARD!!!
Date: October 22nd 2018  

*Pyjama Punishment ...
East midlands, can accommodate and travel , 60 year :
Male 60, seeks one or two males 18 or over for PJ punishment. Make me bathe, then inspection, put on PJ,s and send to bed. Spanking with hand, strap or paddle on PJ,s, then PJ,s down, cornertime hands on head, bed again, more punishment. I can be restrained if wish. No Anal sex. Naughty PJ.
Date: October 21st 2018  

*Traditional OTK Spankings ...
Dublin, can accommodate , 57 year :
Strict and experienced disciplinarian available to administer traditional discipline to naughty boys and girls. Can accommodate. Ideal for those who had strict upbringing and who were soundly spanked at home and/or school. Genuine and discreet.
Date: October 21st 2018  

*Always seeking younger, slim effeminate men for CP fun and games ...
West Sussex Near Arundel, can accommodate and travel , 60 year :
As the title says, but let me add... I have all the toys and can visit or accommodate in a my well equipped playroom. I like the full range of erotic CP activities and respect limits.
Fit, strong and with a good imagination.
Get in touch

Date: October 21st 2018  

*Headmaster/uncle/guardian ...
West London, can accommodate , 84 year :
Headmaster/uncle/guardian still has vacancies for naughty boys in need of bare-bottom discipline. 84, 5'10", 12-stone, slim, grey-haired and clean-shaven. Wide selection of implements. All limits respected without question. Situated about a mile from the London end of the M4 motorway. There is no upper age-limit for students/nephews/wards, although they must be in good health. However, there is an upper girth-limit of 36". Sorry, no cross-dressers.
Date: October 21st 2018  

*Traditional School CP ...
Darlington / North Yorkshire, can accommodate and travel , 68 year :
Like many guys of my age I was caned at school. Often in front of others, including girls. No wonder I've been left with a kink ! Shame i didn't appreciate it at the time. I'm looking for someone who would enjoy giving me a hard caning. Nothing complicated, just being told to bend over and then thrashed.
I can switch, also enjoy giving the cane. Hopefully hard but limits respected

Date: October 21st 2018  

*Caning enthusiasts ...
Manchester, can travel , 64 year :
Experienced male looking for others with a love of the cane. I'm happy to receive or switch and prefer a warm up to cold caning. Nothing excessive but I'm looking for lengthy canings but limits respected always.
Date: October 20th 2018  

*For Older Spankers ...
South East and beyond, can travel , 72 year :
I would very much like to meet a man my age or older, who enjoys the pleasures of spanking a sexy bottom as part of fun sexual encounters. My preference is to be naked for spanking. I am happy to experiment to fulfill your fantasy.
Date: October 20th 2018  

*Boy Needs Discipline ...
North East, can travel , 47 year :
Standing in the corner of your Study, Sir. Shorts and underpants already long since taken away. Bottom stinging from a sound spanking or even a slippering or belting. And that was only the warm up! Waiting to be summoned to bend over the chair for a sound hiding with the cane! Are you the Headmaster for this naughty prep school boy? Or maybe you're a strict dad who still believes in sore bottoms for badly behaved lads? Please get in touch.
Date: October 20th 2018  

*Lads who think they need a spanking on the bare bottom ...
Portsmouth, can accommodate , 63 year :
To all lads 18-35 who are slim/medium build and fit who feel they need a smacked bare bottom I'm your man who will spank your bottom just the way you want limits always respected unless told otherwise.
I do not mark a lads bum cheeks up but make them red and sore which will wear off after about ten/fifteen minutes.l can accommodate anytime have own house and off road parking plus a spare bedroom and bathroom so you can stay as long as you want. This is a genuine offer so no time wasters.

Date: October 19th 2018  

*Master wanted to discipline naughty school boy ...
west midlands welsh border, can travel , 58 year :
Naughty school boy needing discipline by mature school master. little experience but willing to please sir possible oral relief given can travel.
Date: October 19th 2018  

*Mature sub male ...
Exeter Devon, can accommodate and travel , 60 year :
Mature sub male with tiny cock looking for spankings, nude, semi nude or cross dressed, OTK, over a table, wheelbarrow, car bonnet etc, hand and implements. Role play scenarios. Prepared to offer sexual gratification afterwards if required Can accommodate or travel East Devon area. Other. Photography or filming welcomed. Voyeurs also welcome.
Face photos available on request

Date: October 19th 2018  

*Many thanks to all responders ...
Anywhere, can accommodate and travel , 73 year :
I would like to say a big 'Thank You' once again, to all the guys who responded to my request to tell me about their spankings. Many sent me long details and up to date recollections, some childhood spankings. Many pics. too. You were all very kind and it was really appreciated. I am unable to meet anyone these days and you have all helped me great deal. THANKS!
Date: October 18th 2018  

*Strict, experienced Dominant seeks older submissives ...
West Yorkshire and Manchester, can travel , 37 year :
Experienced in all forms of CP from mild spankings to severe canings. Looking for guys aged 50+, no max age, who can accom. Can spank just for fun with or without roleplay, or as real punishment. Experienced in and will consider long term mentoring. West Yorks and Manchester but may travel further for the right guy.
Date: October 18th 2018  

*Seeks spanking ...
Jersey, can travel , 77 year :
Fit 78 year old seeks retired schoolmaster, clergyman-type of about my age, for regular spankings; your place only.
Discreet, clean, reliable.

Date: October 17th 2018  

*Son seeks strict stepfather ...
South England, can travel , 61 year :
Feel strong need to regress to being teenager again and role play son who has a new strict stepfather. A stepfather who, although affectionate and caring, feels the boy is in need of firm rules and regular spanking etc as necessary.
I am 5'10", smooth, slim, healthy, fit with hopefully a boyish figure.
Stepfather/daddy preferably about same age or older.

Date: October 17th 2018  

*Advice Wanted ...
Midlands, South Yorks, can travel , 55 year :
Looking for punishment, (and suggestions) for real things that I got away with at school during 1970’s in various years, and a particular one in the 5th year’s which I failed to own up to.
Any genuine teachers or headmasters please make contact and I will provide further details.

Date: October 17th 2018  

*A term times worth of canings due ...
York and surrounding area, can travel , 40 year :
Straight guy with gay fantasy.. It's end of term time and i'm due a terms worth of canings in one go. The first 6 have been quite hard and i've negotiated me being naked and tied down and you being naked administering the caning and i can see that i'm excited and so are you… what else could i do to make the caning less severe?
Date: October 17th 2018  

*Naughty Boy Needs Daddy ...
Midlands/South West, can travel , 58 year :
Simon, 58, slim, straight, submissive, needs a strict daddy to care for him, dress him, teach him, take control, and help him regress to days as a naughty boy, with kind words and treats for good behaviour, but warm, soundly spanked/caned bottoms and early bed without supper when he transgresses or is disobedient. I cannot accommodate but can travel.
Date: October 17th 2018  

*Bi Male seeks a Hard Bottom Beating ...
SE London & Kent, can travel , 67 year :
Fit normal weight bi-male will bend to receive a thorough bottom warming, Can reciprocate if the atmosphere is right and show appreciation if demanded. Love to wear knickers for punishment.
Date: October 16th 2018  

*Warrington seeking older spanker ...
warrington, can travel , 53 year :
warrington male seeks local spanker for spanking fun. Been in to spanking as long as i can remember. i travel on public transport so im looking for a man who i can visit who is local for spanking caning ect. I am happy to role play and full body inspections are welcome. i am Bi so no problems with being touched by a man.
If you want to know more please feel free to message me.
also happy to make friends and chat
thanks for reading
kind regards P.

Date: October 16th 2018  

*Spankee Visiting Hong Kong ? ...
Spankee Visiting Hong Kong ?, can travel , 70 year :
Happy to deal with any spankee visiting Hong Kong, your hotel.
Date: October 16th 2018  

*School caning revisited ...
Dublin, can accommodate , 70 year :
Switch wishes to meet adult male 25-45 who can give cane or strap, over trousers or bare, as was formerly done as punishment in boys' boarding schools. Respect and discretion assured.
Not sexual; simply punishment as it actually was.

Date: October 15th 2018  

*Visit me to Inflict 12 Strokes of Slippper/Plimsoll all Bare Bottom ...
Manchester, can accommodate and travel , 54 year :
I have been sentenced to 12 strokes of the Slipper/Plimsoll, all on my Bare Buttocks. I can supply both instruments if required. I am 5ft 8 ins tall, 34 waist, clean shaven, fair skin. You should be over 50 and extremely strict. I am genuinely looking to meet, not just write, and am ultra reliable. I can sometimes accommodate in Manchester or travel a reasonable distance.
Date: October 14th 2018  

*Adult boy for over the knee spanking and possibly caning from Sir ...
Glasgow, can travel , 45 year :
Adult lad with soft face and good shape requires parental guidance and discipline on a weekly basis. If you enjoy seeing the seat of a pair of nylon y fronts stretched tight as I bend over then I may be right for you. Not gay, but comfortable being humiliated and fondled. Role play important. If you're a single male or MF couple or CD then please get in touch. I'm immaculately clean, friendly and discreet.
Date: October 13th 2018  

*cane only ...
midlands, can travel , 65 year :
I seek to visit you at your home for proper canings with you in the nude all ages 18 to 21 you will have spanking and some cane over 25 up to any age real caning visit you only I cannot accomodate
Date: October 12th 2018  

*School Inspection ...
Sidcup, can travel , 54 year :
54 y/o 6ft, 13 stone guy, seeking preferably older who would take the role of teacher, Housemaster, Doctor, Uncle etc. Mild/moderate hand spanking plus the embarrassment of inspections as in the 60's/70's. Keen to discuss the possibilities with anyone likeminded.
Date: October 11th 2018  

*Curvy Bottom for Attention ...
Cheshire, NW, Midlands or North Wales, can travel , 55 year :
I have a curvy bottom that is in need of punishment from interested parties
Bi in a sub way and interested in all sorts of toys and activities with the right person
The sooner the better please as im eager to please you
Available daytime weekdays or weekend from Friday nights

Date: October 11th 2018  

*Experienced submissive ...
London and South East, can travel , 60 year :
60 year old experienced submissive hoping to find a Disciplinarian willing to humiliate and punish me. I would expect to be naked throughout my punishment for added humiliation and willing to show my appreciation orally if required.
Cannot accomodate but happy to travel.

Date: October 11th 2018  

*Dom Daddy ...
London, can travel , 40 year :
dom top daddy seeking submissive, trannies and crossdressers preferred. London area
Date: October 10th 2018  

*Naughty lad visiting Liverpool 3rd Nov ...
Liverpool Airport, can travel , 28 year :
Fit, athletic, cheeky late 20s lad, requires a good spanking from guys 50+. You need to be able to host and preferably live close to Liverpool airport. Happy to chat further and on the phone

Date: October 10th 2018  

*Looking for a leathering! ...
Birmingham, can travel , 55 year :
I am a mid-50s midlander in good shape who enjoys spanking sessions of all kinds. Happy to give and receive with kindred spirits who can accommodate in the West Midlands area.
Date: October 9th 2018  

*Regress me to a naughty 10 year old ...
North west England, can accommodate and travel , 69 year :
I like to roleplay in my school uniform with a very strict but loving uncle or step father. I have many years experience. I like to be over your knee having my bottom smacked hard and standing in the corner with everything on display. I can be a dirty boy so I will need to be undressed and given a bath or shower and then put into my pyjamas and sent to bed. I am even naughty sometimes in bed. I am fit and mobile. I travel all over the country so anywhere is possible in the UK.
Date: October 9th 2018  

*Traditional Domestic/School Discipline Required ...
Liverpool, can accommodate and travel , 53 year :
Hi. My name is Roy and am in Liverpool. I am 53 (going on 13) and am looking for anyone, who is able to deal with naughty boys, with the traditional methods that were once used at Home and School. I have experience of OTK by hand and implements, or can bend over to be punished. I have School Uniform/PE Kit to wear. I would have to travel by train. I hope what I have written is of interest to you. Can answer any questions that you may have. I look forward to hearing from you.
Best wishes

Date: October 9th 2018  

*uncle needed ...
Manchester (Edinburgh & London in November)., can accommodate and travel , 19 year :
I am living in Manchester for uni, however in November I will be visiting London for a few days and Edinburgh for week. I am looking to connect with an older 'uncle' type person for discipline. Please email to discuss and arrange if interested. I am slim and have dark skin. x
Date: October 9th 2018  

*Tailored to your needs ...
Glasgow, can travel , 40 year :
It has to be as you wish it.... we agree then leave it to me to make it a truly memorable occasion. You can be a boy or an adult ...or you can simply enjoy a spanking delivered by a highly experienced spanker..... it has to be fun for both parties which is why I have quite a few regular friends interested in the noble art and allowing me to make decisions on how they should be dealt with!
Date: October 8th 2018  

*Seeking senior disciplinarian, Greater London ...
London, can travel , 65 year :
Decent, educated male seeking a spanking partner (or couple), ideally for regular contact. I'm a respectful and discreet individual, willing to adapt to the disciplinarians' requirements.
Happy to meet in public first etc. I am fit and presentable, look younger than my age. Thank you for reading,

Date: October 7th 2018  

*birching ...
Manchester, can accommodate and travel , 53 year :
I am interested in the classic spray (prison and school) birchrod. If there is anyone out there who is interested in receiving or giving a birching, please get in touch. Role play (school, prison, borstal) not necessary but always an added extra. For giving: I am assuming a full birching of up to 24 strokes, but with limits respected. For receiving: I'd expect to be bent over, my backside put into position and no mercy shown.
Date: October 7th 2018  

*Spankings with a medical twist ...
SE England, Midlands, South West,, can travel , 42 year :
I am seeking a mature experienced spanker with an interest in things medical; realistic doctor/patient role play involving long embarrassing inspection and examination with pain level testing using cp, nipple clamps, electro. Willing to travel for the right session.
Date: October 7th 2018  

*Compliant ...
Peterborough Area, can travel , 40 year :
I need a Dom who enjoys control over a willing sub. I will strip naked so you can spank me in any position you want ... I can take various implements to a medium level and my bottom becomes pleasingly rosy. During and after spanking, I will please my spanker by performing masturbation and oral to completion and/or submit my red bottom for anal penetration. I'm compliant, 59 years old and would prefer a mature Dom, 45+
Date: October 7th 2018  

*Punishment required ...
Yorkshire, can travel , 40 year :
I am a sub male, 62, who seeks a tv/cd willing to take a mature admirer over her knee and give a sound spanking. All other activities negotiable. Travel only I cannot accommodate.
Date: October 6th 2018  

*looking for a strong, stern disciplinarian ...
London, can travel , 62 year :
I am slim-to-medium build, 5'7 tall, have a nice young bottom and can easily go over someone's knee. I'm looking for a no-nonsense authentic spanking, given by someone considerably bigger and stronger than me. Hand (as hard as you like) followed by implements. A proper spanking has to hurt!
Date: October 6th 2018  

*pe lessons revisited ...
Malvern, can travel , 70 year :
Remember pe lessons at school? Press ups, cartwheels, running on the spot and of course cotton shorts and plimsolls. The slipper for anything from last in the gym, last in the changing room, last at cross country etc. The echo of a plimsoll whacking across boys shorts, the squeking of plimsolls on the gym floor. Lets go back and relive those days
Date: October 6th 2018  

*Strict Discipline from Dad/Uncle/Granddad required ...
Pembrokeshire, can accommodate and travel , 55 year :
Miss the days Dad bent me over his knee, took my pants down and spanked, slippered or strapped me. Miss the days when the Head or Deputy bent me over a desk or the back of a chair and thrashed me with a cane. Like the idea of role play but most of all want my bare bottom soundly spanked or caned as if I were still a naughty, wayward teenage son/pupil.
Date: October 5th 2018  

*Spanking fun ...
Dorset habits, can travel , 45 year :
I am looking for a sub aged between 18 and 30 y.o to have some play times with who does not mind bare bottom punishments and maybe more but not essential you must be slim clean and no taller than 5'11", and or a Dom or more than 1 to beat my bottom bare.
Date: October 5th 2018  

*Bare bottom presented to sir ...
London, can travel , 41 year :
I am fit and nice looking and need to report to Sir for a no nonsense bare bottom spanking. I have a smooth shapely bottom to go over my masters knee. I can take slipper and cane too if sir thinks I warrant it. I hope to hear from you!
Date: October 5th 2018  

*Tvxd spanking ...
Manchester, can accommodate and travel , 60 year :
Last month I put a add on this site seeking a strict assertive Tvxd lady to put me over her knee for a good bare bottom spanking unfortunately my phone was stolen I had a few replies to my add if your one of those tvxd ladies please contact me again as my firm round bottom needs your attention
Date: October 5th 2018  

*A naughty, classy, convincing, sexy and fit TV/CD here to be spanked! ...
London, can accommodate and travel , 30 year :
A naughty, classy, convincing, sexy and fit TV/CD who enjoys submissive character roleplay! I have a very longstanding and frequent urge to be spanked. I like to dress as a character such as a naughty schoolgirl, nurse, maid, police officer, office secretary, etc or even in tight leggings or hotpants and be put over the knee or against a desk for a sound spanking. Clean and discreet (and expect same of course). Interested to meet another person with similar passion - straight or TV/CD - Thanks!
Date: October 4th 2018  

*Traditional CP with tawse and/or cane administered to your satisfaction ...
London - Hounslow/Twickenham, can accommodate and travel , 68 year :
Former Headmaster provides authentic caning and tawsing using swishy rattan cane and genuine Lochgelly tawse strap to the level required. Can host discreetly most days and times in West London London TW7 between Richmond and Hounslow. Nothing else expected; just the opportunity to practise my thrashing skills. However, I am also willing to switch and take a hard tawsing/caning if you wish but this is not necessary. Very accurate and very experienced. All ages welcome
Date: October 4th 2018  

*Bad boy needs a daddy to smack his naughty bottom ...
Newcastle Upon-Tyne/North East, can travel , 20 year :
I need regular or one off discipline with willing father figures. We can arrange a discipline plan. I want a real father son relationship with my disciplinarian to help keep me behaving with a red bottom reminding me to behave..

Date: October 4th 2018  

*Looking for a mature daddy to punish me over his knee ...
Manchester, can travel , 47 year :
Young at heart, slim, middle aged guy.
Very compliant.
I need to be put over daddy's knee and have my bottom spanked.
Preference is for hand spanking but have taken implements (slipper, belt, strap).
Like to be spanked over underwear and on bare.
Happy to chat in advance over likes/preferences

Date: October 3rd 2018  

*Seeking interested spankers ...
London or surrounds or further if right person, can travel , 40 year :
Hi, seeking a spanker. Happy to receive hand or implements such as slipper paddle strap and cane. Accept it can be given as real discipline, but not looking for anything that injures of course! No set way it should be done, happy to work with you and the way you like or think should be done. Friendly open minded guy that happy meet for one-off or regular.
Date: October 3rd 2018  

*Crossing the line ...
London, can accommodate , 49 year :
Seeking under-50s of any gender wanting to cross the line between playful corporal punishment and the real thing. Receive a severe senior school caning, well beyond six of the best. Or are you brave enough for my no-limits reformatory dragon caning? Good range of other implements and restraints. Bums, backs, legs, feet, nipples, genitals all punished. This is going to hurt. Strip naked, submit completely, and I will guide you through the agony. Peacock Parlour, London N7, small venue fee only.
Date: October 3rd 2018  

*recent divorcee seeks red arse ...
Cambridge, can travel , 35 year :
Having had a long time away from the spanking world I am back and looking for my first of many red bottoms. Like otk or being bent over furniture, being spanked by a couple is really hot and not a stranger to implements either (slipper and belt being my favourites. I'm 35, slightly overweight with a hairy bum
Date: October 2nd 2018  

*Strict dad to discipline unruly lads ...
Manchester, can accommodate and travel , 60 year :
I am a strict dad and know that lads need firm corporal punishment to discipline them
A good bare bottom spanking will be administered over my knee
If you are lacking discipline and guidance get in touch
Let’s get you back motivated and on track
Lads only up to age 40

Date: October 2nd 2018  

*strict grandad wanted ...
blackpool/fylde coast, can accommodate and travel , 52 year :
is there any genuine old guys over 65 on the fylde coast willing to smack my bare bottom, older the better. idealy you will be in your 70s or 80s. im not interested in anyone younger. im after old fashioned over the knee with hand and implements, i do like m bottom crimson. hopefully you can spend the day with me. im in blackpool. grey hair, glasses and wrinkles a big bonus. i can accomadate. does anyone genuine ever answer these adverts,? again older the better. thanks stephen.
Date: October 2nd 2018  

*dirty old man spanking required ...
London And Surrey, can travel , 52 year :
Fit handsome male 52yr 34w 7" UNC gets his thrills by being hand spanked over the knees of dirty old men, ugly men, fat men etc. Spank me as hard as you can milk me dry if you want. Maybe orally subservient with the right guy
Date: September 30th 2018  

*School master wanted ...
Surrey, can travel , 58 year :
Seeking a schoolmaster who is friendly, but very firm when it is time to get his cane out, someone whom I can visit, discuss my behaviour with him, then for him to deal with me, I am used to spankings and canings, and can be very obedient with a strict master, looking for an ongoing arrangement.
Date: September 30th 2018  

*Wayward muscular lad needs the civilizing influence of the Rod ...
Herts. base/travel throughout England & Wales, can travel , 57 year :
Muscular, former rugby player, in great shape - broad shoulders and backside, formal education, personable but a little spoilt and occasionally arrogant. Seeks understanding, conventional gentlemen who uphold the highest standards or impose very uncomfortable consequences. Ex-housemasters/forces/clergy ideal but really anyone with an unfailing belief in traditional, masculine discipline.
Date: September 29th 2018  

*Haven't been here for a while ...
SE London, can accommodate and travel , 45 year :
I am one of the few that actually managed to hook up with a partner I met online here! I can only submit to older Doms and unfortunately, my current partners' libido is waning and we don't get to meet as often as I'd like. Looking for someone in the NW Kent area. 45, looking for an older partner that knows exactly what they want and isn't afraid to ask for it. I have a very high pain threshold so need someone who isn't scared to really let loose and give my behind a proper spanking.
Date: September 28th 2018  

*Houseboy Required ...
West Midlands, can accommodate , 64 year :
Young 'Lad' required to serve his Master, for house chores etc. Bare-Bottomed hand spanking will be given for any tardiness. Master's satisfaction must be guaranteed by whatever means at your disposal. You will be well treated, but must obey all directives given to you, (nothing distasteful) and you must be prepared to be strictly supervised and some chores will require you to be totally naked.
Apply herein at my e-mail address for next steps.
Master James.

Date: September 28th 2018  

*Bend over, boy! ...
Southampton / Salisbury area, can accommodate , 81 year :
Experienced master offers traditional discipline to lads 18 - 80 with hand, plimsol, strap, tawse, cane and birch if you wish over trousers, pants and bare. All limits respected without question. No sex and no sadism, just a memorable session for mutual fun. Role-play if desired. I'm 5' 11", grey, clean-shaven, still trim and fit. My secluded cottage is 8 miles SE of Salisbury / NW of Romsey. There's a local bus, but it's best if you drive. All replies answered. Regards. Allan.
Date: September 28th 2018  

*Slipper, cane & belt..... ...
London / Surrey, can travel , 60 year :
Straight, experienced, gregarious mature schoolboy with nice whackable bottom looking for older master with well worn plimsoll and rattan cane to relive school punishments and maybe reminisce. Also enjoys dad's / big brother's belt. Sir's place only.
Date: September 28th 2018  

*very low IQ unskilled worker available in exchange for punishment & humiliation ...
Cranbrook, Kent, West Kent, E Sussex area, can travel , 53 year :
Stupid but obedient and hardworking unemployed male wants to be of service to you. No monetory renumeration requred, just incentives such as physical and verbal humiliation, spanking and however else you wish to treat me. Any task considered.
Date: September 27th 2018  

*Gagging to be spanked ...
Essex/london, can travel , 65 year :
I have been out of the loop for some time, but now keen to get back into the scene, in fact I'm gagging for a good spanking. I'm mature, friendly, good soh, open to all suggestions, willing to dress as my master requires and obey his wishes. Looking for a headmaster type between 60-80 . I am recently back from a beech holiday so my white bits need some serious attention, please help by tanning my pert bottom with hand, ruler, paddle etc. All emails answered with discretion. Paul
Date: September 27th 2018  

*Assistant for Master required ...
South west, can accommodate , 53 year :
I have been instructed to find someone, male, to his my Master in disciplining me. He will accomodate in the Wiltshire area. You could be a dominant Sir yourself or a submissive with dominant ideas. My discipline usually entails both the cane and birch on the bare bottom. Must be totally clean and strictly confidential.
Date: September 26th 2018  

*strict Headmaster wanted ...
Sunbury, can travel , 47 year :
60 year old Headmaster required for regular meets and lessons. Slippering along the way any of my wrong doings… must be non smoking and no sexual stuff given or wanted… west London area
Date: September 26th 2018  

*Experienced Master seeks subs ...
London and South East, can accommodate and travel , 40 year :
I am interested in meets only for spanking and caning with older white gents who are sane, genuine and experienced in receiving spanking or canings.
Daytimes weekdays preferred.
Married welcome
Aged 50 plus only.

Date: September 25th 2018  

*North/West Yorkshire - Seeking a mature and understanding gent to discipline me ...
West Yorks, can travel , 59 year :
Thank you for reading this.
I am a man in my late 50's (some say I look younger) who is looking for a mature (ideally 65+) understanding man to give me regular bare bottom discipline. I have a good sized bottom and have taken slipper, strap and cane previously. Now seeking a regular arrangement with the right person. You need to be able to accommodate please… the remoter the property the better. Here's hoping the right person is out there. Thank you

Date: September 24th 2018  

*"Teen at heart" gets the attention he deserves ...
Dublin, Ireland, can travel , 37 year :
37 yr old teen at heart who seems to catch the eye of Step-Dads, Uncles, Teachers, concerned men of authority types, all true believers in corporal punishment. I have to accept that this attention means I am going to be taken to task on my shortcomings with firm talking to, most likely delivered to me as I stand with hands on head and underpants around my ankles, so as I will be in no doubt whats going to follow, the point will be driven home by a trip over the knee for a thorough Spanking.
Date: September 23rd 2018  

*Elderly gent to administer discipline and more to mature guy 63 ...
London/kent/anywhere, can travel , 60 year :
I need an elderly gent 60 plus to discipline and humiliate me(not too excessive),spank,slipper,wooden spoon and all up to canes my bare bottom in any positions and hard please. I am often VERY naughty,rude and dirty and deserve apt punishment. Love cornertime and verbal humiliation and scolding, love to give O, accept toys, happy to satisfy, compliant and can often behave like a slut!

Date: September 23rd 2018  

*Seeking spanking ...
Hampshire, can travel , 49 year :
I'm seeking someone to give me a spanking. I'm 49 and stocky. Guilty of slacking during training I'll be wearing gym/football kit while you, the team manager decides what to do. This could include corner time, spanking, belt and tawse followed by taking 'O' and 'A' levels, if required. Can travel only, discretion is assured.
Date: September 23rd 2018  

*Seeking genuine CP Giver ...
Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire, can travel , 48 year :
I am seeking to receive regular and realistic Corporal Punishment from somebody who shares my love and interested in traditional forms of discipline. Spanking, birching, caning and all other forms of traditional CP welcome. Please feel free to contact me for further details.
Date: September 22nd 2018  

*Severe Caning ...
Anywhere, can accommodate and travel , 56 year :
Do you like nothing better than giving a sound caning to a deserving backside. Are you reasonably experienced and like to cane hard. Do you take great pleasure in watching welts form as each stroke punishes the creamy white bare buttocks presented to you. If your answer is in the affirmative to all these questions I have a bottom which would like to be presented for your attention.
Date: September 22nd 2018  

*Traditional CP ...
West Yorks, can accommodate , 77 year :
I offer many years experience in otk spanking, strapping and slippering with underpants down. I also give six of the best over trousers and with trousers and underpants down using a variety of canes. I also offer a full enema service suitable for the experienced and novice alike.
Date: September 21st 2018  

*spankee for humiliation and mild spanking or switch ...
Bishops Stortford, Herts and Essex border, CM23, can accommodate and travel , 63 year :
Mature novice spankee for naked humiliation & mild hand spanking
Looking to be humiliated by older or especially younger and mildly hand spanked, stinging, red sore bottom but no lasting marks or pain required, body inspection CMNM or medical ok, corner time with soothing touch appreciated ,mild implements but not cane. Happy to switch. not into oral.

Date: September 21st 2018  

*Looking for strict senior disciplinarian ...
Grimsby, can travel , 41 year :
Submissive male, 41 years old, looking for strict senior disciplinarian, prefer over 70 to administer bare bottom discipline. Would be an advantage if you have some experience in giving hard slipperings. Please contact Keith.
Date: September 21st 2018  

*Headmaster Wanted ...
Uckfield, can accommodate and travel , 57 year :
I am looking for a strict Headmaster to give me a good traditional dose of discipline. The older the better. I do like role play and once in your house will be very compliant. I need the feeling of being totally in your charge and long for the feel of your hand on my bare bottom. I am fairly slim with longish fair hair. Discretion assured.
Date: September 20th 2018  

*seeking a firm handed spanker ...
North Wiltshire, can travel , 52 year :
Im 52, 5'6 tall non smoker guy and im seeking a dominant firm handed spanker who can accommodye.
I have been into spanking all my adult life and i'm seeking a spanker who knows how to give a sound otk spankings over a prolonged session.
I am willing to travel long the M4 and south coast for the right spanker, im seeking a spanker who wants to spank me on a regular basis.
If you are interested? please do get in contact..
Many thanks

Date: September 20th 2018  

*Hi guys ...
Barry, can travel , 40 year :
I live in Barry, cant accommodate and can only travel out locally. If you can get here and get a room we could have some spanking fun.
Date: September 20th 2018  

*Mature sub into CP with emphasis on punishment ...
London, can travel , 65 year :
Older sub with long experience of submitting to bare bottomed judicial caning recently returned to scene looking to meet tough but sane CP Masters to administer regular severe punishments with verbal humiliation. I have a high pain threshold, bruises and welts accepted but no blood. Can you quell my rebellious nature and teach me respect for authority, Sir?
Date: September 19th 2018  

*Looking for a school master who loves the slipper and cane ...
Bristol, West Country & South Midlands, can travel , 60 year :
I am looking for a School Master type over the age of 60 who is a enthusiatic devotee of the slipper and cane. Most of all I am looking for a good chemistry with a Master where we can both give each other total satisfaction.
I cannot accomodate but will travel to link up with anyone who is on my wavelength.
My fetish is T bar sandals and I love to wear them whilst being beaten and that's an important turn on for me.

Date: September 19th 2018  

*Leeds mature male seeking domination and humiliation ...
Leeds, can travel , 64 year :
I am a mature male looking to be controlled and punished. I am very broad-minded and will accept pretty much anything I am told to do not matter how demeaning. I live alone so marking is not a problem.
Date: September 19th 2018  

*Sir wanted ...
Yorkshire, can accommodate and travel , 40 year :
Head wanted no sex
Date: September 18th 2018  

*Looking for exciting spanking ...
South Devon, can accommodate and travel , 63 year :
Mature ,experienced chap seeks fellow spankophiles .there is a dearth in this area.
I enjoy being stripped naked and punished hard .restraint is welcome. Love to give oral too and being explored intimately .use of anal toys welcome.
Would switch between f desired .happy to chat on mobiles

Date: September 18th 2018  

*Visiting Cyprus? Mature submissive male needs to meet dominant man . ...
Pathos Cyprus, can accommodate and travel , 62 year :
Are you living in or planning to visit Cyprus?
Mature submissive male would like to meet a dominant male.
If dominating and punishing another man appeals to you please get in touch.
I'm 62, not overweight, average build, fit and healthy.
I'll cross dress and role play for the right man if he desires.
All replies answered.

Date: September 18th 2018  

*Rituals of obedience training ...
East Anglia, can travel , 51 year :
I am seeking to visit a very strict older (60+) gentleman who would take pleasure in controlling, examining and spanking a 'boy' as if he were a 12 year old. Behind tightly drawn curtains firm instructions are quietly but authoritatively given. The rituals of obedience training. You would expect and ensure that I do exactly as I am told, no matter how shy and embarrassed it makes me. My boyish bottom would be the focus of your attention.
Date: September 18th 2018