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*Looking for punishment & erotic spanking ...
West/East Midlands, can travel , 51 year :
I`m bi 5` 6", reasonable looking, slim/medium build, a little bit sub. Clean shaven, full head of hair. I am hairy but keep pubes trimmed and bum smooth. Looking for guy 45 plus who is clean, discreet and importantly can host. Nothing too heavy on the punishment side but have received cane, paddle, strap/belt and hand spanking in the past. Also not adverse to pleasuring you or more. Can send pics. Please no one liners. no cam or Skype. Real meets only
Date: August 15th 2019  

*new boy at school ...
Bexley, can travel , 52 year :
Seeking school roleplay, with someone who would enjoy the role of Headmaster. Mild discipline & humiliation only, incorporating inspections (dressed & otherwise) plus bottom spanking as necessary.
Date: August 15th 2019  

*Professional spanker ...
London, can accommodate and travel , 58 year :
Good day boys. Sir awaits. All scenarios tailored to your specific requirements. Call sir now
Date: August 15th 2019  

*Top spanker! ...
Wales s.west,west mids, can accommodate and travel , 40 year :
Tall, slim, fit, smooth assertive male seeks sissy boys, TVs, CDs, and all boys who love to be girls for lots of over the knee bare bottom wriggling, skirts up, knickers down!!
Date: August 15th 2019  

*Adult female baby, real female ...
South Yorkshire, can travel , 43 year :
Real adult female baby, Doncaster south Yorkshire area looking for a daddy. Total regression and to use as required. It is a real female.
Can also be regressed to a female dressed and used as a school boy in a school setting

Date: August 14th 2019  

*2 18yo shower together and want birching together have birches and gymhorse ...
london, can accommodate and travel , 18 year :
2 just 18yr olds showered together before coming to uk and were often punished together can accommodate have birches spray type 10 of to be used want judicial birching over a gymhorse restrained can travel too in and around london
Date: August 14th 2019  

*Birching borstal style ...
Tunbridge Wells, can accommodate , 39 year :
Birching or buckle end of a heavy belt filmed if possible you must enjoy thrashing a restrained naughty boy and take pleasure in inflicting the punishment and hurting me as much as you can as its supposed to be a very good hiding thrash the pants off me leave my bare buttocks purple and black you design the birch or use a belt with a large buckle no limits or your limits i know the birch will draw blood i have been prosecuted before and should have been dealt with then teach me a painful lesson
Date: August 14th 2019  

*Proper caning discipline ...
Anywhere, can accommodate and travel , 57 year :
I presume it must be one of lifes great pleasures to have a willing bare backside presented and bent over for punishment. To stand behind it cane in hand and to administer a hard thrashing and see the welts firm and hear the miscreant yelp in pain as the cane stripes his buttocks. It must be very satisfying. I certainly know how it feels to be on the receiving end and would very much like to place myself your hands. A firm, smooth, round bottom awaits Dennis
Date: August 14th 2019  

*Old fashioned sub lad for discipline enthusiast ...
Throughout England & Wales (based South-East), can travel , 57 year :
Well educated, muscular adult sub-lad wishes to visit a conventional gentleman who is somewhat strict in private, deriving great satisfaction from the administration of rigid, masculine order. I am flexible and open-minded but would expect spankings, slipper, strap & cane, study, errands, inspections and humility training. Even bathroom protocols and early bedtimes if boarding. Regulation haircuts, white underpants and polished shoes. Continual embarrassment - red face, red backside!
Date: August 13th 2019  

*Smooth lad looking for older strict Master ...
London and Surrey, can travel , 40 year :
I am a slim smooth submissive male looking for an Older strict headmaster type and Disciplinarian who knows how to punish a lad. I enjoy being stripped naked and spanked over the knee by Hand, paddle and the Strap. I have good pain threshold and I like to obey and happy to be Humiliated. I also enjoy Corner time and being told I'm a very naughty boy. I will obey and happy to be fondled.
Date: August 13th 2019  

*Local guy seeking plimsoll spanking scenarios ...
Portsmouth, can travel , 67 year :
Tall fit well-mannered 67 year old guy into safe light spankings given or received using just a well worn rubber-toed black school plimsoll which I have of course! No canes, paddles, hands etc. Would welcome a regular partner with spankings forming part of a more horny session.
Date: August 13th 2019  

*Naughty boy aiming to please Master ...
Anywhere ideally Midlands though, can accommodate and travel , 40 year :
Naughty adult boy in need of punishment to help correct my troubled lifestyle also looking to please master by giving my first ever blowjob as a straight guy please get in touch if you think you can help me
Very strict master required

Date: August 12th 2019  

*Experienced Spanker will deal with deserving lads ...
Manchester / North West, can accommodate and travel , 54 year :
hand, slipper, paddle, belt, strap, cane and tawse all used effectively and designed to leave you sore and tender. If this is what you need / deserve - get in touch
Date: August 12th 2019  

*Seeking spankers in the South East ...
South East, can travel , 65 year :
I am seeking someone who is able to accomodate in the South-East ie Kent, Surrey etc. Looking for a dominant disciplinarian to administer sound spankings including use of implements up to a reasonable level. Willing to discuss any scenario. I need humiliation as an integral part of my discipline. Discretion parount on both sides.
Date: August 12th 2019  

*Strict Senior Gent needed ...
Any, can travel , 52 year :
I am 52, 5ft 7, waist 32 smooth body. I am intelligent and sociable. I am seeking a strict elderly gent who would enjoy disciplining me with a variety of implements including the cane. I find that a really good hiding brings me a lot of inner peace, Headmaster types or strict Dads welcome
Date: August 12th 2019  

*strict grandad wanted ...
blackpool/fylde coast, can accommodate and travel , 53 year :
is there any older guys on the fylde coast around 70 or older willing to smack my bare bottom, older the better. grey hair and glasses a big bonus. im after a old fashioned otk hand smacking and also implements. im not looking for sex as such, but im very broadminded and ive been known to play about. but its all about the smacked bottom. im very discreet if you are married. and i can accomadate in private. heres hoping i might get one reply, thanks stephen.
Date: August 12th 2019  

*Boy for punishment ...
Amersham, can travel , 40 year :
Seeking 60+ strict master. Would like to hear the swish of the cane before it goes across the seat of my bare behind. Willing to take other implements also into role play.
Date: August 12th 2019  

*Any masculine administrators in Scotland like doing it *HARD*? ...
Glasgow + reasonable travel (1 hour / 70 miles), can travel , 53 year :
Absolute discretion assured whether it works out or not.
Welted and bruised *hard* leathering required weekend lunchtime / afternoons at yours. Option to finish me off with forced milking. Clothed Male (you) Naked Male (me). Am very experienced & prefer you to be. 40+ preferred. No upper age limit if you are up to the challenge. **Your place**. Glasgow + 70ish miles. I have implements to bring. My preference is for 1st meet on neutral territory to discuss.

Date: August 11th 2019  

*strict uncle ...
st helens, can accommodate and travel , 58 year :
I am 58 looking for a strict or auntie both together if possible. very slim pert bottom. like the domestic spanking stripped off my clothes and put in my pyjamas for a spanking on pyjamas then bare bottom
Date: August 11th 2019  

*Black plimsoll, Red bottom ...
North Worcestershire, can accommodate and travel , 70 year :
Relive your days at school, either as a school boy or school teacher before the do gooders stopped cp .Plimsolls played a big part in our education and they weren't just for wearing in pe. Lets go back to the slipperings we received and put our old plimsolls to good use
Date: August 11th 2019  

*Tv headmistress ...
London, can accommodate , 55 year :
A trip down memory lane ! Be caned expertly by this tall dominant CD mistress ,dressed formally in mortar board and gown. A caning bench and whippy canes await ! Please note I don't partake in long email exchanges and will need a phone confirmation. Discrete and genuine the same is expected .You won't be disappointed.
Date: August 11th 2019  

*Seeking classic parental/school type spanking, giving or receiving. ...
Brighton, can travel , 43 year :
I'm straight; I've had a strong spanking fetish since boyhood, and some experience of both giving and receiving with females, but also a long-standing interest in traditional male/male CP. I have a lot more opportunity now to pursue real life meetings due to travelling more for work.
In general seeking to be spanked by older men, to spank younger guys (I’m 43). Roleplay optional, not into anything very severe, but like it to feel real and like authentic discipline. Please get in touch!

Date: August 11th 2019  

*Time for a little chat, Joe! ...
Newcastle on Tyne, can travel , 67 year :
"yourJoe" the Boss thinks it is high time you and he had a little chat.
Date: August 10th 2019  

*Seeking a Strict Headmaster type person male, TV and a Transgendered person ...
Bath/Bristol with 40 mile radius, can travel , 75 year :
I am submissive and seeking a headmaster type male or a TV or a Transgendered person living within a 40 mile radius of Bath. Will travel further for the right person. I take the cane but not into severe canings. Like a warm up before moving on to harder play. Will answer all replies.
Date: August 10th 2019  

*Punishment with experienced master ...
Leeds, West Yorkshire, can accommodate , 69 year :
I am a bi sexual experienced spanker. I have a wide range of implements and restraints. I expect someone who enjoys hard caning and who is happy to be 'explored'. I live in my own house not far from Leeds/Bradford Airport. Complete discretion given and expected.
Date: August 10th 2019  

*leathering ...
Aberdeen/inverness area, can accommodate and travel , 62 year :
I was leathered by my father when I misbehaved over the bed belt off and several cracks on the bare bottom.
Would like to meet an older disciplinarian who believes in old fashioned leatherings.
I am willing to travel for right person preferably a sane but strict professional person ex teacher would be good. I have an interest in 1960's Scottish school discipline with the tawse

Date: August 9th 2019  

*Mature discipline ...
Inverness, can travel , 65 year :
I need a strict old grandfather figure to give me a sound thrashing with hand and cane. In return for the thrashing I will be expected to show my gratitude with hand and mouth until satisfaction is reached. If you would like to just communicate your thoughts via email I would be delighted to respond.
Date: August 9th 2019  

*Fully brought to heel by a firm, dominant master ...
West Midlands and further, can accommodate and travel , 53 year :
53 year old sub in good condition wants to be trained and controlled in all areas by a firm handed disciplinarian. Experienced in taking punishment but not in other areas and am now available to be brought to heel on a permanent basis. Willing to be dressed and used by a dominant master as and when he sees fit.
Date: August 8th 2019  

*Dublin: looking for disciplinarian ...
Dublin, can accommodate and travel , 54 year :
Dubliner would like to meet a mature man who would correct and mentor me by means of traditional corporal punishment. I would like to meet a serious and friendly man but who also has a very firm hand
Date: August 8th 2019  

*Looking for firm but friendly disciplinarian ...
North London and surrounds, can travel , 58 year :
Me: 58, 34 " waist, 40"chest, bi, submissive, enjoy wearing shorts, take hand, slipper, strap and cane to good stinging level. Give O and take A safely.
Looking for mature, experienced disciplinarian, preferably gay who would enjoy spanking and caning me before penetrating me safely.
Available to visit most days, overnight a possibility. Genuine and reliable.

Date: August 8th 2019  

*Straightforward - no games no faffing! - CP required ...
Glasgow/Edinburgh/Perth/Ayr, can travel , 55 year :
Simple no nonsense request : Want to visit someone where I can strip & spread for them to stripe & beat the arse off me. 30 to 90. Sexuality irrelevant tho getting it from str8 has huge allure. Once done will say "thanks" and get out your way.
Write if you want hard man-on-man action.
If you want sex, Master Slave, Dad son etc, "dressing", TV/CD, role play I won't waste any more of your time.
Simple no nonsense upfront guy to guy replies please

Date: August 8th 2019  

*crossdressing sissy seeks owner ...
west london/middx, can accommodate and travel , 65 year :
hi, i am a tall, slim, crossdressing sissy who is looking for training from a Master in obedience, punishment via spanking, belt, whip, and cane. Also will submit to ownership and wife duties..t.
Date: August 7th 2019  

*C.P. Gardening Holiday. South Wales. Gay/Straight 18-35 only ...
Swansea, can accommodate , 46 year :
Fit guy, experienced horticulturist/disciplinarian offers free working holiday in beautiful South Wales 7-14 days. Partner provides fine cuisine while I instill discipline. Large secluded garden to tend mornings in shorts. Leisure/outings afternoons in black trousers with white briefs showing vpl. Includes accomodation, food and school or military C.P. motivation and mentoring according to your needs. Good phone chat to book. Over 35s - please don't waste yuor time and mine, no offence intended.
Date: August 5th 2019  

*Looking for straight/bi/gay mature gents who discipline bad lads ...
north west england, can travel , 46 year :
im a genuine average guy who needs discipline in his life
im looking for a strict mature man whos not afraid to dominate humilate and discipline to bring a guy into line
i am open to discussion on meeting for this to happen
please reply to fully discuss the session you can offer
my best times are daytimes during the week work etc permitting
if you think you can take me in hand and correct my behaviour/attitude then bring it on
i challenge any gents to prove you can!!

Date: August 5th 2019  

*Kinky rolplay fun ...
hope Valley, can travel , 40 year :
Chubby sub cd into rolplay fun. Sir/husband/master. used and abused schoolgirl /wife/slave girl. Love spanking when innocent, real buzz. Happy to thank in usual ways, ordered onto knees. I travel only so you must accom. Chat first to break ice then see where it goes..... Sarah x
Date: August 4th 2019  

*Spanking in Montgomery area ...
Welshpool, can travel , 60 year :
Hello, I am looking for those in the area who are used to dealing with naughty lads, with traditional methods. I am used to OTK with hand and the other implements, including slipper, strap, paddle. I can bend over a chair, or a stool or the arm of a settee, for my punishments, including the use of the cane and/or hairbrush. I can wear PE kit or School Uniform, for punishment or can be in usual clothes like T Shirt and trousers or shorts!
I hope someone can accommodate me

Date: August 4th 2019  

*Cross dresser seeks OTK fun... and more ...
Hampshire, can travel , 47 year :
I'm an unconvincing CD, late 40s, looking for a 'Sir' in the Hampshire area willing to administer punishment over skirt, panties and bare..
Intimate contact welcomed, role play essential, restraints optional.
Can travel, can't accom.

Date: August 4th 2019  

*West Midlands Based Sub ...
Birmingham, can accommodate and travel , 62 year :
Sub looking to be severely used and abused and pushed further. Has experience but looking for more.
Date: August 4th 2019  

*Slim spankee for mature Sir ...
Sussex/Hampshire, can travel , 35 year :
Experienced spankee looking to have my bottom bared and go over the knee of a mature Sir for a thorough spanking.
Date: August 4th 2019  

*Slippering ...
South Midlands, but travel widely., can accommodate and travel , 71 year :
I like slippering in all its forms. Do you have a nice bendy carpet slipper or an effective plimsoll or trainer which has been worn? I should like to go across your knee or touch toes, etc. and get my rear well warmed up. I can return the favour if required. I can occasionally host. 5' 8", 32/3" waist. Quite fit. Am told I have a bottom well worth spanking. Always happy to chat/message about slippering
Date: August 2nd 2019  

*Seeking discipline ...
Northampton, can travel , 28 year :
28 year old wayward lad I need of discipline I can travel and will dress in lingerie if asked I have never been caned before but looking to experience it
Date: August 2nd 2019  

*Seek Scholastic Six of the Best with the Cane ...
Manchester/Northern England, can accommodate and travel , 55 year :
The cane must be a scholastic swishy one not a judicial one and I can supply if required. Likewise scholastic not judicial force but intended to hurt. Six strokes maximum first visit, more if a second required. You decide the proportion over trousers, underpants or bare bottom. Role play not essential but if desired you should be a Public School Headmaster. I am 5ft 8, 11 stone, clean shaven, fair skin. Ultra reliable and discreet. Just caning, no sex.
Date: August 2nd 2019  

*Bend over, boy! ...
Salisbury / Southampton, can accommodate , 82 year :
Experienced dom offers traditional discipline to lads 18 - 80 with hand, plimsol, strap, tawse, cane and birch if you wish over trousers, pants and bare. All limits respected. No sex, no sadism, and no fees - just a memorable session for mutual fun. Role-play if desired. I'm 5' 10", 12 stone, still trim and fit. Photo on request. My secluded cottage is 8 miles SE of Salisbury. There's a local bus, but it's best if you drive. All replies answered. Regards. Allan.
Date: August 2nd 2019  

*Is this you ...
NE Scotland, can travel , 51 year :
Are you the older Dad figure I seek. Who will treat me as a boy in terms of clothing, hygiene and of course spanking. Who is unafraid to verbally embarass me in public. Who will punish me privately or in front of visitors if you see fit regardless of my humiliation. who will dictate my clothing. Who will ensure I always look like a boy. Who will be the strict Dad who ensures I have a regular red and sore backside. If this is you please contact me.
Date: August 1st 2019  

*Seventy Plus ...
South East, can travel , 73 year :
Smooth submissive sexy septuagenarian seeks a dominant man also over 70 who would enjoy turning his buttocks red during erotic encounters. Unfortunately I cannot accommodate but am happy to travel reasonable distances for the right person. Am happy to experiment with fantasies you may wish to enact.
Date: August 1st 2019  

*Corner time ...
Gtr/Manc, can accommodate and travel , 59 year :
Mature naughty boy who needs regular bare bottom spanking with hand paddle hairbrush ect scold spank and humiliation is e required age unimportant
Date: July 31st 2019  

*Ex Head Boy has Plimsoll to flex ...
Surrey, can accommodate and travel , 48 year :
Ex Head Boy now grown up seeks naughty boys and girls for CP sessions. Formal CP applied in traditional manner with plimsoll, strap, tawse to level required (firm or hard) over clothed or bare as you prefer. No sexual contact, discipline only for those seeking some boundaries and direction in life. No costs.
Date: July 31st 2019  

*Professional spanker ...
London, can accommodate and travel , 58 year :
Hello all. I offer a professional spanking service in London. I can come to you or meet you at one of the Gay saunas. I'm working on finding private premises.
Call me and tell me why you need. I cater all sessions to a subs needs and deliver form love taps to harsh thrashings.

Date: July 31st 2019  

*Naughty boy needs a sore bottom ...
Northern Ireland, can travel , 39 year :
I'm looking for an experienced and accurate caner (aged 65+) to give me a proper punishment like a strict headmaster, leaving my bottom striped with cane marks so that I am unable to sit down comfortably afterwards. Not looking for sex, just plain old fashioned hard schoolboy discipline meant to hurt and be remembered. I also take slipper and strap etc over shorts pants and on bare bottom. Can't accommodate but can travel anywhere in NI.
Date: July 30th 2019  

*Traditional CP ...
West Yorks, can accommodate , 77 year :
I offer many years experience in otk spanking, slippering and strapping with underpants down. I also administer six of the best using a variety of canes over trousers and with trousers and underpants down. I also offer a complete enema service suitable for the experienced and novice alike.
Date: July 30th 2019  

*Calling all boys who need a spanking ...
Hampshire, can accommodate , 64 year :
All boys 18-35 who are fit slim/ medium build who know they need a smacked bottom or would like to try it come to me l am very good at it at all levels, limits always respected. l do not mark a boys bum up just make the cheeks rosy red which will fade off after about 10-15 mind so you're ready for some more if wanted, l have my own house with off road parking a spare bedroom and bathroom so you can stay as long as you want.
Date: July 30th 2019  

*Affectionate Lad seeks to visit Older Uncle with Stern Outlook ...
Crawley Sussex Surrey Border, can accommodate and travel , 50 year :
Skool's out for summer and affectionate nephew wants to visit his firm handed uncle on the Sussex/Surrey border for behavioural correction
Date: July 30th 2019  

*Listeners wanted to hear me self spank on the phone? ...
Anywhere, can travel , 40 year :
Any guys any age fancy listening to me self spank my bare bottom with various implements please contact me. You can encourage me, tell me off, how hard, with what or just listen if you wish. I am an experienced self spanker and can REALLY put on a good show over the phone so wanna listen ,then get in touch please guys. You will be entertained I guarantee it!
Date: July 30th 2019  

*Need Discipline ...
Hampshire, can travel , 46 year :
I'm seeking a gentle introduction into the world of punishment. Over the knee, plimpsol, belt, strap. Intimate contact and role play if wished, but not essential.
I like to think this could become a semi regular thing with the right person, building up to tawse and cane and more in time.
My only requirement is that you must be human!
Can travel south Hants/Wilts

Date: July 29th 2019  

*Headmaster/uncle/guardian ...
West London, can accommodate , 85 year :
Headmaster/uncle/guardian still providing bare-bottom discipline. 85, 5'10", 12-stone, slim, grey-haired and clean-shaven. Wide selection of implements. All limits respected without question. Situated about a mile from the London end of the M4 motorway. There is no upper age-limit for students/nephews/wards, although they must be in good health. However, there is an upper girth-limit of 36". (If you're wearing a 36" belt below a beer-gut, don't bother!) Sorry, no cross-dressers.
Date: July 29th 2019  

*"Ouch Sir It Stings So Much Over My Wet Speedo's ! " ...
Manchester/ North West, can travel , 54 year :
Smooth supple yet firm and very tight bottom needs a sound spanking Sir. Can visit midweek evenings to satisfy Sir's needs. Slim clean discreet and genuine. Can also be spanked in Lingerie if Sir wants. Very broadminded.
Date: July 28th 2019  

*retired gentleman/oap wanted ...
Blackpool, can accommodate , 53 year :
im still looking for a strict old guy around 70 or older on the fylde coast, older the better. im after a old fashioned otk with hand, slipper and hairbrush and with my trousers and briefs taken right off. any roleplay is your choice as is any fondling. but its all about the smacked bottom. does anyone ever answer these adverts? i can accomadate in blackpool in private (no neighbours) thanks.
Date: July 28th 2019  

*Looking For A Strict Sir ...
Yorkshire, can travel , 24 year :
Young lad needs to be put over the knee and given a good spanking to atone for my selfish and lazy behaviour. You will be a strict and dominant spanker who will make me sorry for my past behaviour. I'm also up for corner time to be added to my punishment.
Date: July 28th 2019  

*Caught in lingerie by daddy ...
London, can travel , 40 year :
I am 39, in good shape and very tall. My favourite spanking scene is to be caught by a father figure in lingerie and given a good sound spanking and humiliated. The humiliation would be in the form of 'dress like a girl get treated like one'. So would be forced to perform household chores
Date: July 28th 2019  

*spanking / caning give, take of switch ...
London, can travel , 60 year :
60 year old guy looking for some spanking fun in and around the Eltham area of South East London
I am a switch so like to both give and receive but just as happy for it to be one way give or take
Can be a single person, couple or group

Date: July 28th 2019  

*Authentic Judicial or Prison Corporal Punishment ...
east midlands, can travel , 63 year :
I want to report to discipline specialists (male or female) to receive authentic Judicial Punishment to the bared breach. Can be cane, birch, sjambok or prison strap. I expect no mercy and very long lasting damage to entire buttocks. Your place only. Nothing sexual sought, but can be raped. Clean & genuine
Date: July 28th 2019  

*Retired Engineer. ...
Leicester, can accommodate and travel , 77 year :
I wish to meet a strict disciplinarian or quack doctor/nurse. I am a switch player, if liked, and a non-smoker.
Date: July 27th 2019  

*Traditional Over-the-knee Spankings ...
Dublin/Belfast (occasionally), can accommodate , 58 year :
Traditional OTK Spankings will be administered to guys/girls, over 18, who were spanked growing up. Open to role play but not essential. Genuine and discreet so no messers! Can host. Strict male here who had a strict upbringing.
Date: July 27th 2019  

*Versatile guy looking for sessions ...
South and central England, can accommodate and travel , 44 year :
Slim, friendly genuine Switch. Give, take or both. Experienced and versatile. Role play or straight sessions. Hand spankings, strap, paddles and cane. Long or short session. I can travel or accommodate. All levels respected of course.
Date: July 27th 2019  

*Fairly experienced guy seeks ...
Halifax, can travel , 61 year :
Assertive headmaster type (50+) to deliver top of thigh spanking.
Date: July 27th 2019  

*Regular spanking needed ...
Greater Manchester, can travel , 54 year :
Hi all, looking for someone to take me over their knee and give me a nice red glowing bottom, other positions at your discretion . Corner time, welcome. Sir/daddy can have a wandering hand if he wishes.
I am 54 , very slim, smooth bottom and average height. All responses will be replied to.
Hope to hear from you, thank you for reading this.

Date: July 26th 2019  

*Naughty Lad seeking Traditional Domestic/School CP ...
Liverpool, can accommodate and travel , 57 year :
Hello All. My name is Roy, and I am looking for those who are used to dealing with naughty lads, with traditional methods. I am used to OTK with hand and the usual implements, including slipper, strap, paddle and hairbrush. I can also bend over a chair, or a stool or the arm of a settee, for the usual implements, including the cane. I can wear PE kit or School Uniform, for punishment or can be in usual clothes like T Shirt and Skinny jeans or shorts!
Look forward to hearing from you!

Date: July 26th 2019  

*Accommodation ...
Edinburgh/Glasgow, can travel , 70 year :
Do you have accommodation for rent which is centrally accessible Where the noise of a spanking session would not be noticed or heard. I would like to rent for my private use a twin room either suitable for a session or have access to such a space for a few days occupation by myself and one other. B&B could be considered. Further details from advertiser
Date: July 25th 2019  

*Need a strict Master ...
Brighton East Sussex, can travel , 40 year :
Mature Sub guy needs the thrill of humiliation, stripped completely naked and made to be exposed in embarrassing positions. Over the knee spanking and red botty on show. You will force me on my knees to thank you in a my pair of pink see through panties.
Date: July 24th 2019  

*Nice mature man wants a good spanking ...
London or Northamptonshire, can accommodate and travel , 74 year :
My needs are simple. I am an experienced spanker but crave a good bare bottom OTK spanking which I have not felt for decades.
I am a nice retired professional man.
I am happy to switch or just be spanked.
Can anyone help ?
Please do get in touch.

Date: July 23rd 2019  

*Naughty boy wants first time discipline ...
Newcastle Upon Tyne, can travel , 21 year :
Hello sirs. I have fantasised about spanking for a long time. My parents spanked me once and it left a lasting impression in my mind. Would love to be spanked by a daddy or a teacher figure. Any way you want. If interested please email me. Thanks Jamie your naughty little boy.
Date: July 23rd 2019  

*Any disciplinarian close ...
South Lincolnshire, can travel , 64 year :
Thank you for reading this.
I have moved to the South Lincolnshire area, and it seems there is nobody close who is able to apply abeating to my backside.
If I am wrong and you live within an hour or so of Bourne, and are able to provide either a public school caning, or a strap given to wrongdoers, pleae get in touch.
I am not able to accommodate. I am not looking for a sexual encounter. I am willing to take any punishment either while clothed or across ny bare backside.

Date: July 23rd 2019  

*Professional spanker ...
London, can accommodate and travel , 58 year :
Hello all you naughty boys. Get in touch and let sir put you over his knee.
Date: July 23rd 2019  

*Seeking Disciplinarians of ANY age... ...
Lancashire/Fylde Coast, can travel , 63 year :
I yearn to present myself naked in front of the guy about to harshly discipline me.. I do like OTK but willing to accept the cane or strap afterwards.. I fully expect to leave your place, I do NOT accommodate, with a very sore backside.. Experienced and novices to the art of spanking equally welcome.. Outdoor scenarios would be a bonus if you know of locations.. No one liners please...
Date: July 21st 2019  

*Seeking Mature ...
N West/ N Wales, can travel , 58 year :
Looking for a Mature Gentleman 65-85 who can accommodate, and is willing to administer a sound bare bottom spanking using hand followed by leather belt or cane, I am 56, med build, 5'10, smooth with well rounded bottom. Fondling or other activities welcome, will dress to please if necessary.
Date: July 21st 2019  

*Seeking harsh disciplined ...
London/Bucks/Herts/Middx, can accommodate and travel , 47 year :
Looking for a calm 60yrs+ man who will beat my bare bottom until it's black and blue. Interested in developing an ongoing CP relationship with the right person.
Looking for realistic CP.

Date: July 20th 2019  

*Older man Spanker please ...
Crewe, can travel , 55 year :
I am married 5’7 in a sexless marriage. Life is short so I am now experiencing being sub. I have a life long appeal of spanking since a boy through the golden years of the 80s Janus Roue and blushes. Would like to be punished by older the better father figure. I like nudity and corner as well as otk and over the back of a chair not sure if my limits but not looking for sex. Happily married so safety and privacy are important for me and I hope you. David
Date: July 20th 2019  

*Traditional Punishment Administered by Former Headmaster ...
London - West, can accommodate and travel , 65 year :
I am very experienced in administering traditional punishment using swishy cane and/or genuine Lochgelly tawse strap, over clothing or bare, to the level of severity you require, with or without role play. I can host in TW7 between Richmond and Hounslow in West London or travel. I also take it you wish to get your own back but this is not necessary. Nothing else expected, just the chance to practise thrashing skills. Young or old; experienced or novices - all welcome.
Date: July 19th 2019  

*Strict tutor likes obedience ...
London, can accommodate and travel , 64 year :
Quietly dominant older gentleman seeking a prep schoolboy-type; interested in age regression, strict control, juvenile clothing, slim boyish bottoms. I will be firm and can overcome your shyness; prepared to put you over my knee as many times as is necessary until you do as you are told. Easy to find in East London. I answered similar ad from East Anglia - if this is you, please get in touch; all contacts replied to.
Date: July 18th 2019  

*My study now boy ...
Cambridgeshire, can accommodate , 40 year :
Retired 80 year old headmaster/mentor/dad/uncle type will deal with slim naughty boys aged between 18 and 26 in his study near Cambridge. All levels catered for and have experience of first timers/novices. Sorry but will not respond to messages outside of the above age/size spec it just does not work for me. Sir.
Date: July 18th 2019  

*Spanking and slippering for willing subs ...
Essex/London, can travel , 40 year :
I am a 73 year old ex-teacher seeking suitable submissive miscreants for a severe thrashing with hand, OTK, slippering on bare, and caning.
I am very slim with grey hair and a heavy right hand action when spanking bare bottoms, although I do adjust to the needs of the miscreants I deal with.My hands tend to wander during this process.
Preferably I seek slim lads 21-50 years of age, but this isn't a rigid rule, so to speak. Send me your details and I will see what I can do.

Date: July 16th 2019  

*Fit Spanker ...
Portsmouth, can accommodate and travel , 60 year :
Tall, fit guy aged 60. Experienced disciplinarian especially with the hand, slipper. clothes brush administered to the seat of the pants and bare bottom. Respecter of limits and all scenarios considered. Looking to meet up with younger guys who need a good spanking. Also interested in any other fit guys into 2 way sessions .Based in Portsmouth but can travel as well as accomodate. A safe and horny time guaranteed.
Date: July 16th 2019  

*Remember the Sting of The Plimsoll? ...
Norfolk/Suffolk, can travel , 65 year :
Former private school head prefect, slim built, very experienced in administering OTK spankings and hard, formal slipperings to the tightly stretched trousered seats of uniformed offenders. My supple plimsoll really stings and will teach you the meaning of discipline. I dont go easy on miscreants backsides. Corporal Punishment from me really hurts and is not a soft option to a caning. Insolence and your bare backside will be tanned. Detailed replies from fairly slim guys with your experience/limits
Date: July 15th 2019  

*Heavy Punishment Strap ...
London and UK, can travel , 63 year :
I am a slim male, 63, looking for someone with experience to administer a severe slow thrashing with a heavy punishment strap. I will be naked, bent over and well presented ready for punishment. I'm based in Northamptonshire but can only travel. No sexual contact or role play please. Thank you.
Date: July 13th 2019  

*Experienced Sub Looking For Mature Dominant(s) ...
SE London/NW Kent, can accommodate and travel , 46 year :
Genuine Sub, seeking new play partners... older the better. I love older Doms who know what they want and don't hesitate to do it. Treat me as a plaything for your perverted tastes. Spanking, restraint, toys etc. I'm into it all. Have a vast toy box, pics and details of previous meets… just ask. Happy to correspond before meeting up.
Date: July 12th 2019  

*Strict Sir seeking right man for regular sore bare bottoms ...
East Anglia, can accommodate and travel , 53 year :
Seeking the right man 30-50 for regular bare bottom punishment and mentoring. Ideally single.
Date: July 12th 2019  

*Spankings for slim local lads ...
Wolverhampton, can accommodate and travel , 60 year :
I’m an experienced spanker of deserving naughty adult boys, girls CD’s etc
Anything from a gentle smacked bum across my knee through to the Headmasters swishy cane.
I can accommodate occasionally weekday mornings but able to travel more often than accommodate.
Role play if desired.
Please get in touch if you are in or VERY close to Wolverhampton.

Date: July 11th 2019  

*Schoolboy Hiding ...
North East, can travel , 47 year :
Role play prep school boy (play the age of 11 or 12) seeks mature, very strict Headmaster or dad. Formal, bare bottom punishments in the Head's Study - corner time, spanking, accurately administered caning! Or perhaps a sound strapping from dad. Naked if deemed appropriate by Sir!
Date: July 11th 2019  

*Will travel Scotland for good hard manly leathering ...
Glasgow + reasonable travel - 1 hour / 70 miles, can travel , 53 year :
Absolute discretion assured whether it works out or not.
Welted/bruised hard & prolonged leathering & caning required weekend lunchtime / afternoons @yours. Regular if we gel. Clothed Male (you) Naked Male (me). Am very experienced & prefer you to have some experience. 40+ preferred. No upper age limit if you up to the challenge. I have good implements. Option to finish me off with forced milking. **Your place**. Glasgow + 70ish miles. Prefer 1st pre-meet neutral territory.

Date: July 11th 2019  

*Hard caning please ...
Darlington, can travel , 70 year :
My needs are simple. Any age as long as its legal ! I want to be ordered to drop my trousers and bend over. I'd like a hard caning, one that leaves me black and blue. I can give the cane but am more experienced at receiving
Date: July 11th 2019  

*Older sub seeks older Dom for retraining ...
London and East Kent, can travel , 65 year :
Mature but fit sub who has a long history of regular CP has been off the scene for a couple of years and needs retraining to take regular heavy CP. Masters must be able to accommodate locally. Once brought to heel i am obedient and loyal. Do you have the experience and strength of character to beat the rebellion out of me?
Date: July 10th 2019  

*Father Figure Needed ...
Midlands/South West/Anywhere, can travel , 58 year :
I am tall, slim, straight, submissive, well-educated and am seeking a strict gentleman (preferably older) who will be a friend but who will also beat me regularly: to correct bad behaviour and poor standards, and to ensure I always know who is in charge. I cannot accommodate at the moment but am free to travel and visit most days.
Date: July 10th 2019  

*Need an elderly headmaster/uncle type to smack my bottom ...
London, can travel , 65 year :
I would like to meet a strict older gentleman, 70s or 80s, who will hand-smack my bare bottom, then take the leather paddle, the slipper, the belt and finally the school cane to my buttocks until I learn true repentance. I cannot accommodate but will travel anywhere in the London area. Genuine ad. Please be over 70 years of age.
Date: July 8th 2019  

*Plimsoll playtime ...
North Worcestershire, can accommodate and travel , 66 year :
Most of us remember the old style black and white plimsolls we used to wear for pe in school and getting whacked with them when we were naughty. I often put on my old school uniform or pe kit and plimsolls which excites me and arouses me. Anyone who still has their uniform or pe kit and have kept their old school pumps, let's meet for some school playtime. Slippering both ways and plimsoll fun.
Date: July 8th 2019  

*Naughty lad visiting Suffolk/Essex July 30th ...
Sudbury/Marks Tey/Colchester, can travel , 28 year :
Cheeky experienced naughty lad visiting the above area on the above date looking to get a spanking from an older 50+ uncle type - can’t host but happy to travel. Also love outdoors and car spankings weather permitting - love roleplay and dressing up.

Date: July 8th 2019  

*Mature Gentlemen 60-85 ...
Edinburgh, can travel , 65 year :
I am looking for a Mature Gentleman 60-85 who can accommodate in the Edinburgh area, between 60-85 years and friendly.
If you are an older spanker, and you are erotically turned on by spanking a naked senior, good.
My spanker must enjoy erotic views of my bared bottom, fully displayed and exposed, in embarrassing positions.
Seeking similar aged /older for regular hand spankings,
Can you accommodate, give me erotic hand spankings?

Date: July 7th 2019  

*seeking tv/cd who requires spanking/discipline ...
60 miles around Yeovil, can travel , 68 year :
68 year old very clean and smooth would like to visit tv/cd who requires spanking and CP , I am unable to accommodate, but happy to travel around 60 miles, I have good selection of implements ,and will also switch and submit to medical if required ,I am very genuine so no time wasters please, all emails will be answered
Date: July 7th 2019  

*Traditional schoolboy in need of punishment ...
West Midlands, can travel , 34 year :
Very fit and slim schoolboy. Have full 1950s style school uniform with braces and button fly school shorts, also like lederhosen.
Looking for a traditional prefect or headmaster for spanking and caning.

Date: July 7th 2019  

*A strict master ready to dIsipline ...
Southwest, can travel , 40 year :
A tall sporty master looking for the naughty men to discipline (spanking, canning, ...)
Date: July 7th 2019  

*69 y/o silver-haired former Headmaster of the old school ...
Worcestershire/Midlands, can accommodate , 69 year :
69 y/o silver-haired former Headmaster of the old school, experienced in dealing, to clearly pre-agreed limits, with fit 18-39 miscreants, singly or in pairs. Prefers to accommodate in his study in Worcs and is very discreet. You will be also. Most boys come back time and again which fact speaks for itself. Practiced at weeding out those who merely intend to sit at home pleasuring themselves and have no intention of reporting.
Date: July 6th 2019  

*Still can't seem to grow up ...
NW England, can travel , 50 year :
No matter what I still can't seem to grow up entirely. For a while I seem to be fine, then suddenly the silly, naughty, arrogant little boy in me rears his head.
Would be good to find someone strict and firm, who will take no-nonsense, and have no hesitation taking me in hand when required. Not just through spanking etc but all forms of discipline - rules, clothing, shaming...
An uncompromising man who strongly believes in the mantra "Act like a child, get treated like one" would be the ideal.

Date: July 6th 2019  

*looking to go over your knee and you over mine perhaps? ...
Northern Lincolnshire, can travel , 52 year :
Im an ordinary guy who just likes a good spanking over your knee in my footie shorts briefs and bare. Im happy to switch also. Im 12 stone 5'8 and 32 waist Love to hear from someone soon. Regular meets would be great but also happy to chat. Can accommodate sometimes
Date: July 5th 2019  

*gym master Slipperings ...
S Yorks, can accommodate and travel , 56 year :
sporty gym master type offers spankings & gym plimsoll Slipperings to younger (under35) boy & girls, visit me or i can travel, you will be punished over adidas shorts & bare...
Date: July 5th 2019  

*Ex prep school boy seeking strict master ...
Warwickshire, can travel , 53 year :
Sir, I am a polite submissive ex-prep school boy who would like to meet a traditional and authoritarian school master or prefect who is very attentive to detail and will punish me for any transgressions. I wear traditional 1950s prep school uniform and love all forms or school role play. I will take beatings as ordered with a slipper or school cane and I will also take the tawse on my hands. I prefer to keep my shorts on during a beating, but will happily show my marks.
Date: July 5th 2019  

*Please spank my bottom daddy ...
Coventry, can travel , 36 year :
Hello daddy,
I'm so sorry for being so naughty. Thank you for spanking my bottom, I know I deserve it. Thank you for helping me to be a better boy.
Humiliation and embarrassment. A smacked bottom and a good telling off before being sent to the corner to await further punishment. Daddy spanking my botty in different positions.
Based bear Birmingham, can travel all over the UK. 36 year old boy, slim and a spankable bottom.

Date: July 4th 2019  

*Friendly, professional lad seeks return to a strictly disciplined lifestyle. ...
London based. Travel throughout England & Wales., can travel , 57 year :
Traditionally educated, muscular lad seeks regular visits to an understanding, experienced and very firm-handed stepfather/guardian/prep-housemaster, the type of gentleman who derives great satisfaction from the application of true, rigid, masculine order. I am flexible and open-minded but the regime might include all manner of spankings, study, errands, inspections, bathroom protocols, humility training, even early bedtimes? Continual embarrassment - red face and an even redder backside!
Date: July 4th 2019  

*Submissive cross dresser wishes to find a third man to administer punishments. ...
North West Lancashire., can accommodate and travel , 64 year :
I have been asked to find a dominant man to punish me.
You will join another man and myself who I have been meeting occasionally for the last ten years.
He wishes to be present whilst another man spanks and beats me.
I am a mature male who has grown used to wearing lingerie in this context
If you are interested in joining us please get in touch.
You must be over 40, dominant, very discreet, reliable and trustworthy,
Some experience would be good but not necessary.

Date: July 3rd 2019  

*slim younger lad seeks older headmaster or dad ...
London, can travel , 33 year :
Slim, masculine, athletic lad with a genuinely nice smooth bottom, seeks strict older headmaster or dad type for traditional spanking. Not too much role-play but good to feel formal. my favourite is a good firm caning on the bare bottom which I can take quite hard with senior cane! Also enjoy being over a suited dads lap for a long otk spanking, but can do either scene or both! so pull down my pants and roll up your sleeve!
Date: July 2nd 2019  

*Seeking gym coach ...
London, can travel , 40 year :
Seeking gym coach for regular training lessons. Structured and strict exercise regime carried out in just gym shorts then naked… stress positions, balancing included in lesson… punishments with various implements for encouragement and correction… if you feel you can train me, please leave a message...
Date: July 2nd 2019  

*seeking strict disciplinariian ...
north west midlands and yourkshire, can travel , 51 year :
Male 6ft tall slim athletic build brown hair with very pert bottom seek older master who will carry out severe discipline on me. I love to be dominated by a sir who will humiliate me and carry out a hard spanking of my bare bottom with slipper strap cane or birch. O levels can be checked out by sir if he thinks necessary and wondering hands would be welcome. Witnesses to my punishment if sir so desires it would also be encouraged. Easily able to travel and all replieies will be answered.
Date: July 2nd 2019  

*Visit me to inflict a Tanning with my Plimsoll ...
Manchester/Cheshire/Lancashire, can accommodate and travel , 57 year :
I deserve a Tanning for being rude to an elderly man. Nine hard strokes of my size 12 black canvas plimsoll should suffice in the first instance. You decide the proportion Bare Bottom, but some must be. A repeat visit may be required for a lot more strokes. The punishment should start at the door, and involve no socialising or sexual contact. I am 34 inch waist, 11 stone, clean-shaven, Bottom pic possible. I can accommodate in Manchester or travel 40 mile radius. Looking to meet not just chat.
Date: July 2nd 2019  

*Strict no nonsense elderly spankers and caning required ...
London surrounding, can travel , 60 year :
Hi. Mid 60's naughty boy seeks strict hard spankers to visit who are over 60 to give me what I deserve. Maybe regular visits are a possibility? I am a really bad naughty boy and as well as hard spankings and such, I also need to be really told off and humiliated as well. I like to stand in front of my "uncles" and told to confess all my dirty rude deeds and then wait before a decision is made of how long and how hard my chastisement will be?
Date: July 2nd 2019  

*58 yo but likes to play younger - sick of time wasters and fantasy texts ...
leeds/west yorks area, can accommodate and travel , 59 year :
hello do u want to deal with a naughty boy/girl like parents did in the past
I'm 58 likes age play looking for dad/mum to deal with me
if u want fantasy texts etc don't bother contacting me
ca travel or accom

Date: July 1st 2019  

*Slippering ...
Anywhere, can accommodate and travel , 71 year :
Based in the South Midlands, but travel widely in UK I can accommodate and travel. 71 and quite fit.
I like slippering in all its forms. Do you have a nice bendy carpet slipper or an effective plimsoll or trainer which has been worn? I should like to go across your knee or touch toes, etc. and get my rear well warmed up. I can return the favour if required. I can occasionally host. 5' 8", 32/3" waist. Am told I have a bottom well worth spanking. Always happy to chat/message about slippering.

Date: July 1st 2019  

*Looking for physical and discipline ...
Herefordshire/Powys Border, can accommodate and travel , 50 year :
Guy, 50 who is smooth and proportionate is available to be physically examined and to receive some discipline. I can easily accommodate which is my preference and sometimes travel. I can be flexible and adapt the scenario to suit. Gentlemen over 30 preferred.
Date: July 1st 2019  

*"Six of the Best" plus needed ...
North Leicestershire, can travel , 71 year :
I'm looking for a very experienced and accurate caner (pref. aged 60 +) to give me a proper punishment like a strict headmaster, leaving my bottom well marked with purple cane welts so that I am unable to sit down comfortably afterwards. Not looking for sex, just plain old fashioned hard schoolboy discipline meant to hurt and be remembered. Can't accommodate but can travel in my local area (Nottingham, Leicester, Lincoln, Derby)
Date: July 1st 2019  

*need to report to Muscular Master ...
south, south west, east anglia, can travel , 65 year :
Keen, fit lad into bodybuilding and pt, would like to meet strict gym instructor in 60s age range with muscles to enforce discipline and combine cp with gym work. Vaulting horse a bonus. Feel 16, trim and tanned in my shiny shorts would like to meet on a regular basis. Need to be toughened up to stand up to initial a-level training, if required. PT kit and shorts supplied. Please e-mail, John.
Date: June 30th 2019  

*Medical examination ...
North East England, can travel , 54 year :
Submissive guy keen to be degraded/ embarrassed, through intimate medical examination, probing and spanking from any age guy (older preferential). I am 5,9”. 12.& stone, smooth with a nice bottom and legs. Sorry can only travel
Date: June 30th 2019  

*Spankings for naughty lads ...
Manchester, can accommodate and travel , 60 year :
Are you naughty
Cheeky lazy or arrogant
A good proper bare bottom spankings is what you need
Traditional yes old fashioned may be
Effective most certainly
Genuine enquires only
Males up to age 40

Date: June 30th 2019  

*need harsh whipping on bare back by step dad ...
U K,, can travel , 41 year :
I seek a step dad who uses strap on sons bare back not bottom to straighten him out and make a man of him on a regular basis.
Date: June 30th 2019  

*retired gentleman/oap wanted ...
Blackpool/fylde coast, can accommodate and travel , 53 year :
is there any old guys on the fylde coast willing to come to my place hopefully on a regular basis, and smack my bare bottom, ideally you will be around 70 or older. father/son, uncle/nephew or grandad/grandson type of roleplay, but its not essential. if you are married i dont mind your wife being present. i could come to you if you prefer. im in blackpool. i prefer otk and with my trousers and briefs taken right off. im also very discreet. thanks stephen
Date: June 29th 2019  

*medical and or caning ...
worcestershire, can accommodate and travel , 65 year :
young men for school medical inspections and examination I can accommodate for inspections and examinations keen to see lads with very small genitals for caning I prefer to travel to you from public school to judicial canings given
Date: June 29th 2019  

*Seeking firm CP ...
Scotland but can travel throughout UK, can travel , 50 year :
Looking for very firm traditional CP using the usual implements. Usually bare but can start clothed. Often punished on the hands with tawse/cane but not necessary. Often punished in school uniform or PE kit. Can be taken out in public in PE kit or school uniform but NOT essential. Anyone with a proper caning bench please get in touch.
A straight forward traditional spanking though is always welcome.

Date: June 28th 2019  

*Light spanking fun ...
Gravesend kent, can accommodate , 60 year :
Looking for light spanking fun with another interested male.
Age, weight and looks unimportant.
Cleanliness, discretion is.
Not into cross dressing.

Date: June 28th 2019  

*Traditional CP ...
West Yorks, can accommodate , 77 year :
I can offer many years experience in otk spanking, slippering and strapping with underpants down. I also deliver six of the best over trousers and with trousers and underpants down using a variety of canes. I can also offer a complete enema service suitable for the experienced and novice alike.
Date: June 28th 2019  

*Serious slipper/cane ...
Anywhere, can accommodate and travel , 57 year :
Always had a penchant for the slipper and cane dating back to my choir days. The slipper can be a fearsome instrument when applied correctly as can a cane although the latter is always expected to be the worse. However I have my doubts. My smooth, round, firm bottom would be very interested in making the acquaintance of either or both to keep me in line.
Date: June 28th 2019  

*TV/CD switch ...
Anywhere UK, can accommodate and travel , 70 year :
Mature TV stockings suspenders corsetry wearer seeks discreet meets with equally discreet mature gentlemen for discipline and degradation.
Can switch. Open minded. All possibilities discussed.

Date: June 26th 2019  

*Seeking Naked Punishment ...
Peterborough and Surrounding Area, can travel , 60 year :
I have enjoyed the spanking scene for a number of years now and would like to meet someone similar. I prefer to take but can switch. I can take medium/hard spankings with a variety of instruments and also like to include a sexual element .. I will thank my spanker orally and submit to anal penetration as the ultimate 'punishment' if desired. I will also take part in group spankings where others watch and/or join in.
Date: June 26th 2019  

*Seeking a local headmaster ...
Norfolk, can travel , 57 year :
Looking for preferably a retired Headmaster or Housemaster who will with me in his study. As I have been very naughty, a very hard caning is expected.

Date: June 25th 2019  

*Straight boy seeks spanking and bj experience ...
Anywhere, can accommodate and travel , 40 year :
My name is Jamie I'm 40 yrs old from west mids I am straight but for a while now have been looking for a strict master who will punish me and train me in giving oral to thank the master
Date: June 24th 2019  

*Caning in Leotard / Gymknickers required ...
South Herts, can travel , 40 year :
Southgate Sissy Needs master/ mistress /TV who can take a firm attitude and punish with tawse / cane naughty adult schoolie in a leotard or knickers. Must have a study to knock at the door and be realistic to old times. No sex unless there is mutual consent and acceptance with care.
Date: June 24th 2019  

*Looking for any kind of spanking ...
Isle of Skye, can accommodate and travel , 63 year :
Hi all spankers I am George looking for anyone to spank me any where in the Highlands isle of Skye or in the Highlands area I am hairy all over and upnfor anything you like
Date: June 23rd 2019  

*Very mature Headmaster needed ...
Londo/portsmouth/kent, can travel , 65 year :
I am looking for a very mature Headmaster type to deal with me on a regular basis please. Only guys 80 plus need reply . I am a 65 year old spankee often needing punishment and humiliation for lewd behaviour and being a very dirty naughty boy! I will give O and give thanks to those who spank and cane me on my bare bottom
Interested Sir?

Date: June 22nd 2019  

*Seeking large gent ...
London, can travel , 55 year :
Sirs. I'm a 56year old sub man. I'm looking for a real man who can deal with me properly. All types of cp. looks not important. Fat and hairy very welcome. I'm open to all new experience. Clean genuine and discrete.
Date: June 22nd 2019  

*Obedience lesson required ...
East Anglia, can travel , 55 year :
I am a prep schoolboy-type seeking a quietly dominant older gentleman who has an interest in age regression, strict control and boyish bottoms. You will be firm enough to enhance my shyness with your instructions, and be prepared to put me over your knee as many times as is necessary until I do exactly as I am told, in spite of my embarrassment.
Date: June 21st 2019  

*Sexy Senior ...
South East, can travel , 73 year :
If you are an older spanker, certainly 70 plus, and you are erotically turned on by spanking a sexy naked senior I might be your man. I am adventurous and compliant, have a certain amount of experience, and am ready to explore the rich world of sub-dom relationships.
Date: June 21st 2019  

*Seeking part-time domestic ...
Midlands, can accommodate , 44 year :
Middle aged & in good health Master seeking a domestic sub for odd jobs around the house. Ideal boy should be able to take a fairly intensive spanking, paddling or caning when earned. Must also be willing to be put in chastity while in service. I also like my boys to wear brief shorts.
Ideal candidate will be available to visit me on weekday daytimes.

Date: June 21st 2019  

*Spread-eagle me across a bed and take a strap to my bottom ...
West Yorkshire, can travel , 60 year :
60 year old. tall, slimish. Not had a beating for a while but I feel the urge.
I like to be tied down, spread-eagled to a bed with a pillow under my butt to raise it ready for a good strapping.
Leeds based.

Date: June 20th 2019  

*CP related correspondence ...
Anywhere, can travel , 40 year :
Late 60s with lifelong interest in CP would like to correspond with similar.
Date: June 20th 2019  

*Yes sir I will be good ...
Buckinghamshire, can accommodate , 40 year :
Seeking 60+ master for my 1st caning and other aspects of discipline welcome. Verbal, headmaster/ school boy role play. I have 34 waist, smooth unmarked bottom waiting to be stripped.
Date: June 19th 2019  

*Humiliation & Spanking In The Presence Of Others ...
Fylde Coast/Lancashire, can travel , 63 year :
I am especially seeking guys of any age who can arrange a naked 'public' spanking in front of others.. Corner time etc welcome and any 'inspection' especially so, outdoors a bonus.. Experienced or those with limited experience welcome to use my backside for practice however.. I will travel for the right person.. No one liners please..
Date: June 19th 2019  

*Submissive young guy or TV or CD needed to be used ...
Beds, Bucks, Herts, Cambs, can travel , 60 year :
I would like to find a younger guy or girl who will wear sexy underwear and who will get stripped, played with and spanked over my knee. I do enjoy 'o' but not into 'A' at all. As there doesn't seem to be many subs near me I am prepared to travel a good distance. If this sounds interesting to you please reply and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Date: June 19th 2019