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*Looking To Please ...
Essex, Suffolk, can travel , 65 year :
Older man, 60+, lookng to meet another who derives pleasure and gets aroused from giving a caning and demanding obedience. All reasonable scenarios considered. I am clean, sane, not overweight and submissive. Prefer to travel due to living in tiny flat.
Date: August 6th 2020  

*Strict master sought ...
North East, can travel , 40 year :
Good day. I’m jack. I’m 40, slim and submissive. I’m looking for a mature, experienced master who will discipline me using traditional implements. Including spanking, strap, paddle, and cane etc. Role play tried including uncle/nephew and Borstal etc. Also a firm believer in restraint including gags etc. I can not accommodate but I’m more than willing to travel etc. Thank you Jack
Date: August 6th 2020  

*Strict Father Figure ...
Midlands/South West/Anywhere, can accommodate and travel , 65 year :
I am a strict father figure type, straight, single, with old fashioned values about behaviour and manners, and believe that boys of all ages need regular corporal punishment to keep them in line: hard, over the knee spankings with hand, paddle and strap, and formal, no-nonsense thrashings with the cane. If you have misbehaved or feel guilty about anything, I am waiting to deal with you.
Date: August 6th 2020  

*Fit adult schoolboy needs spanking and caning ...
London, can travel , 56 year :
Fit sporty schoolboy with strong legs and firm shapely backside needs to visit a firm but fair headmaster for a sound spanking and caning.
Would prefer headmasters older than myself.

Date: August 6th 2020  

*Naughty boy who is new to this ...
Newcastle upon Tyne, can travel , 22 year :
I have been interested in spanking for a while.  I would like to spank those around my age or get taken over the lap of an uncle figure for bad behaviour.
Date: August 5th 2020  

*Medical Inspection and Discipline required ...
North East, can accommodate and travel , 59 year :
I am an older, very over weight gay guy looking for an older guy who will perform a very humiliating medical inspection including a full internal. Punishment also required. Very turned on by guys in leather and jock straps. Also interested in assisting a master training a younger man.
Date: August 5th 2020  

*keen to report for boot camp/borstal training ...
south/southwest east anglia midlands, can travel , 65 year :
Keen, fit lad would like to report to ex forces disciplinarian in 60/70s age range for boot camp/borstal training. To wear skimpy drill or gym shorts for work and pt, to be caned whilst touching my toes or vaulting horse for idleness or lack of effort. Non smoker, very moderate drinker, enjoys country walking, can supply uniform with shorts. John.
Date: August 5th 2020  

*Hard/Very hard caning sought ...
Colchester, can travel , 43 year :
As per main heading. Limited by number of characters as to the detail I can give here. You must be able to accomodate and have or have access to furniture and equipment to restrain. Travel only in Essex or to Suffolk, Cambs or Herts. Previous experince. Please do not expect instant replies. I will be considering all if any offers before responding. Thanks.
Date: August 5th 2020  

*Experienced old school pe master gives the slipper ...
Worcestershire, can accommodate , 71 year :
Do you remember getting the slipper at school? Would you like to relive those days? I have genuine old school plimsolls to take you back to those stinging, bottom blistering experiences. All boys to be dressed in either school uniform or pe kit with plimsolls for a slippering you'll remember for days.
Date: August 4th 2020  

*Slipper a liar ...
Brighouse, can travel , 50 year :
50 yr old male who has spent the last 22 yrs telling lies to his wife about being slippered when younger.
my wife feels that I need a good hard slippering and my mouth washed out with soap
this needs to be done in front of her.
all replies will be answered, if you have any ideas Please message them Thanks

Date: August 3rd 2020  

*A younger knee ...
Gtr/Manchester, can accommodate and travel , 63 year :
Mature naughty boy want the humiliation of going over a younger persons knee for a good old fashioned bare bottom spanking age unimportant will be respectful and call you Sir at all times
Date: August 3rd 2020  

*Seeking firm, painful punishment from older gentleman ...
Reading/Thames Valley, can travel , 52 year :
Tall, medium build, looking for a very firm, prolonged, accurate and relentless thrashing from a gentleman older than myself. Your choice of implement(s), on clothes, partially clothed or bare. Restrained, unrestrained, over the knee - deliver the beating(s) however you wish. Also will take tawse/strap on hands (reluctantly!).
Date: August 3rd 2020  

*Slippering ...
London & South East, can travel , 63 year :
Having had a passion for slippering since school days I would love to meet someone who shares my enthusiasm - particularly if they possess a big old size 11 gym plimsoll with a heavy well worn rubber sole with which they would enjoy slippering my small boyish bottom till it is bruised black and blue.
Date: August 3rd 2020  

*60 year old schoolboy ...
West Yorkshire, can travel , 60 year :
60 year old schoolboy seeking Headmaster to administer a tradional caning. Not looking for severe bare bottom thrashings, prefering a more authentic school caning experience across the taut seat of my trousers and then underpants with trousers down. I do have an unusual request, although not essential, I would love to recreate my first caning at school where I was so scared I actually wet my pants sat outside the Headmasters study.
Date: August 2nd 2020  

*Adult Schoolboy looking Strict Sir ...
Northern Ireland, can accommodate and travel , 38 year :
Adult school boy here with several uniforms including my old one into all aspects of traditional authentic school discipline. Have several years experience in receiving. Willing to do homework, lines, extra work or even copy out my old school rules as punishment before a visit. Hand, slipper, cane, strap, tawse etc. Traditional underwear, PE kit and pyjamas.
Date: July 31st 2020  

*My study now boy ...
East Anglia, can accommodate , 81 year :
Boys in need of castigation for disobedience and tardiness will be dealt with in my study. You should be under 35 slim and ideally petite. CD's and sissy welcome as are other ethnic boys. Messages not fitting that spec will not be answered. Thresholds and safe words respected and I enjoy bespoke designing sessions to your fantasies and special interests. Serious role play enjoyed but not essential. Sir.
Date: July 30th 2020  

*Looking for strict man ...
North and Mid England, can travel , 51 year :
Want someone to be strict and firm with me as when left to my own devices I can be wilful, arrogant and ill-disciplined.
Ideally a man who believes in rules, standards and discipline, and a sore bottom and childish punishments for bad behaviour or failings.
Someone who is not afraid to take me down a peg (or six) and remind me of place and keep me there when the need arises.

Date: July 29th 2020  

*Spanking and foot worship humiliation in front of wife ...
East/West midlands, can accommodate and travel , 33 year :
Hello all
Looking for an open minded, strict Sir to both spank me and have me kneel at his feet for a humiliating worship. I can take hand, paddle, crop etc though struggle with the cane but willing to learn to take it.
This is a little different in that my wife, 39, would be present to watch and possibly get involved.
We are a professional couple who just enjoy this.
Prefer to accommodate.
If this sounds up your street please do get in touch.
Many thanks

Date: July 29th 2020  

*Sub needs regular spanking ...
Derby, can travel , 59 year :
Sub bi guy looking for regular spankings from experienced gentlemen singles or groups. I am fully bi so will take abuse while I’m bent over xx
Date: July 29th 2020  

*Seeking a caning ...
South east London, can travel , 61 year :
Looking for someone, couple or group in forest Hill / Sydenhan / Brockley areas or close by to cane my bare backside two sets of six maybe even three or four sets
Possabley up for other things as well

Date: July 28th 2020  

*Seeking Mature Master or Couple ...
Dublin Ireland, can travel , 64 year :
Hello I am seeking a mature Master or Couple Iam a very willing submissive and willing to bend to your orders for spanking strapping and caning or whatever you wish you will be in total charge Iam bisexual can travel anywhere in Ireland thank for reading this
Date: July 28th 2020  

*Seeking spankees ...
East anglia, can accommodate and travel , 70 year :
Slim, understanding, firm but friendly man seeks guys who need punishing and discipline. All needs catered for.
Date: July 28th 2020  

*Seeking young caning companion ...
Swindon/anywhere, can accommodate , 66 year :
I am slim and fit, and have been aroused by the cane since schooldays, especially by the stripes. I would like to meet a guy under 40, preferably slim with pert bottom, who finds similar excitement from the cane, or would like to try. I would like the discipline (you can be spankee or switch) to lead to mutual sexual pleasure. I have many other punishment implements apart from canes, and am also into skimpy shorts and briefs. I can accommodate in my discreet detached house. Inexperience fine.
Date: July 27th 2020  

*Juicy bum for punishment ...
London and all the uk, can accommodate and travel , 45 year :
Looking for a strict father figure with a strong hand thick leather belt and flexible cane to put me in place for better work at school and good behavior
Date: July 27th 2020  

*Discipline needed ...
Northern Ireland, can travel , 40 year :
Hello Sirs, 39yrold northern Irish boy needs discipline.
I am seeking seeking a mature experienced disciplinarian preferably 65+ to administer good old fashioned CP. I have experience of otk spanking, slipper, strap and cane over shorts, briefs and bare bottom. I enjoy playing the role of school boy or will consider any other role Sir might like as long as it invollves getting a very sore bottom.

Date: July 26th 2020  

*Plump male needs spanking or more ...
Sw essex, can accommodate and travel , 60 year :
Male 60 bearded and plump... ok.. fat in need of spanking.
I would like a mild erotic spanking. A parental style spanking. A slippering. The dreaded cane. So if you would consider one or more of those get in touch.
I need someone mature and not too far away. M f couples or tv all welcome. I'm bi. Open to suggestions
Thanks for reading

Date: July 26th 2020  

*Seeking caning from Master to chastise errant senior schoolboy ...
Dover, Kent, can travel , 75 year :
I am looking for a Master who will apply caning to senior citizen with smooth bottom who acts like a naughty schoolboy. Will accept spanking, paddling, caning over bare or shorts. Into anything else if you want to explore further. Can only visit and preferably local in Dover, Kent during weekdays or possible weekend.
Possible anyone in Folkestone or Deal areas.

Date: July 26th 2020  

*Traditional discipline + relief ...
Kent, can accommodate and travel , 70 year :
I am a 70 year old man who is looking for younger guys who are interested in reliving schooldays of the 60s and 70s involving traditional school discipline of spanking, plus the paddle or cane. I also like stroking or massaging sore or throbbing areas afterwards. Those with experience or novices welcomed. For novices, I would be very gentle, and will always go no further than agreed limits.
Date: July 26th 2020  

*Seeking the cane ...
Southeast, can travel , 40 year :
Naughty male Always wanted to be told to bend over and hear the swish of the cane. Before getting my cheeks turned red.
Looking for 60+ headmaster type to carry out my 1st caning and test my pain threshold, will also be interested in tawse, strap and belt

Date: July 26th 2020  

*Seeking Older Mentor for regular spankings ...
Surrey/London, can accommodate , 45 year :
I am a slim sub lad of 45 and I require Mentoring and punishment. I am looking for a strict older master type who knows how to punish his sub.
I am obedient and respectful at all times and I do as I am told. I particularly enjoy over the knee spankings by Hand , Paddle, Slipper and the strap but I am willing to take other Implements and happy for Restraints to be used if necessary. I also enjoy Corner time and some Humiliation. I am obedient and I will call you sir. Please make contact .

Date: July 26th 2020  

*Seeking regular caning sessions ...
Cirencester / Swindon / nearby, can travel , 59 year :
Youthful guy seeking headmaster/uncle/mentor type for regular motivational spankings and canings. I'm inclined to be lazy, so would benefit from a firm hand. Strictly your place only. No fees. Safe sex and fetish fun available if Sir wishes.
Date: July 26th 2020  

*Sexy Spankee 70 Plus ...
SouthEast, can travel , 73 year :
I am hoping this will appeal to older men of a dominant disposition who enjoy spanking a sexy bottom as part of a broader sexual encounter. I am 73, and would prefer you to be over 70. Though unable to accommodate I am prepared to travel reasonable distances for the right person. Prepared to experiment.
Date: July 25th 2020  

*Headmaster sought for naughty lad ...
Kent, can accommodate and travel , 50 year :
I'm seeking a traditional headmaster who can offer traditional school discipline.
I like to wear stockings, gym knickers, pleated skirt and high heels for the session but this isn't essential for the session.
If you are interested, please get in contact so we can discuss things further.
Kind regards.

Date: July 25th 2020  

*Roll back the years ...
London/South East, can travel , 56 year :
In my 50's now but always been a bit quiet, shy, and submissive. Would like to roll back the years. I like the company of and be lead by older, mature and traditional uncle types perhaps who gently take charge and like to have a naive, obedient boy presenting himself in socks, vest and underpants/shorts to have to undergo inspection, fondling, spanking and the cane! I enjoy CMNM role play and can be your ideal boy maybe? I am slim and smooth.
I am initially making contact while Covid around.

Date: July 24th 2020  

*Master / Mentor required ...
Wales, can travel , 60 year :
I seek a strict, demanding, man to serve. I have recently retired and with time on my hands I am looking for a strict dominant for an unequal arrangement. This can involve house duties, submission, discipline, whatever agreed. If sexual duties are required I am willing to be trained orally.
Contact will be through email until the virus situation eases but as soon as we feel safe i am willing to travel in England / Wales for the right arrangement. I am currently in the Cardiff area.

Date: July 24th 2020  

*Spankings and Canings ...
Midlands/South West/Anywhere, can accommodate and travel , 65 year :
I am a strict, no-nonsense disciplinarian who believes that naughty boys, whatever their age, need to face the consequences of their actions. Report to me and confess and that will mean a hard, over-the-knee spanking with hand, paddle and strap, and possibly a good thrashing with the tawse and cane. Confess your sins and receive the punishment you deserve.
Date: July 24th 2020  

*Master, kind but firm, required ...
southern counties, can travel , 68 year :
Retired gentleman seeks similar, to train me to obedience, with hopefully an ongoing friendship developing.
Date: July 23rd 2020  

*School caning and roleplaying ...
Perth and Kinross, can travel , 56 year :
Looking to meet with an older headmaster figure who knows how to apply the crook handled rattan cane across a bare bottom.
Date: July 23rd 2020  

*Strict Disciplinarian Requested ...
Woking, can travel , 52 year :
Well mannered 52 year old, medium build (36" waist, fit) seeks retired headmaster type to administer regular firm discipline to bottom as needed. Level to hard sixth form including slipper, strap, hand spanking and the cane. Implements can be provided. Commercial arrangement so I expect to cover generously for your time. Non sexual although stroking during punishment is ok if wanted. Want to build trust for a regular contact. Regards, John (will wear mask if preferred).
Date: July 22nd 2020  

*Married guy seeking uncle / Doctor type ...
Monmouthshire, can travel , 42 year :
I am 42 and live in south wales. looking for older guy who would like to put this inexperienced lad across his lap for a spanking. start on pants then bare and learn together.
I like being in pyjamas and just pants and vest also. uncle type you would like to train me up also be nice as I'm new to this but eager to learn.
ok with inspections and if uncle wishes to fondle his boy as part of punishment that's ok.

Date: July 22nd 2020  

*Manchester 45 for strict broad minded older experienced spanker ...
Manchester/north, can travel , 45 year :
Genuine 45 straight acting seeking an older experienced spanker for regular meets. Very spankable bottom and looking for a much older horny preferably gay man who likes to be in charge and is looking for a younger guy. Not a time waster just genuinely seek an older man who likes being in charge
Date: July 22nd 2020  

*Straightforward - no games no faffing! - hard to brutal CP required ...
Glasgow / Edinburgh / Perth / Ayr / EK etc, can travel , 55 year :
Simple, no nonsense request: Want to visit someone where I can strip & spread for them to beat the arse off me. 30 to 90.
Sexuality irrelevant though getting it from straight has huge allure (if you know any!). Once done will say "thanks" & get out your way. Write if you want hard bruising man-on-man action and nowt else. If you want sex, Master/Slave, role play, Dad son etc, "dressing", TV/CD I won't waste any more of your time.
Simple no nonsense upfront guy to guy replies please

Date: July 22nd 2020  

*Traditional schoolboy ...
West Midlands, can travel , 40 year :
I am a traditional and fit young schoolboy, cap and short trousers
Have a special fetish for German lederhosen
Looking for perfects, headmasters or fellow schoolboys

Date: July 21st 2020  

*lad who thrives under dads hand ...
London, can travel , 35 year :
in shape, young looking lad 35. got it as a lad, and still seeking traditional strict middle-class pro-spanking dads and grandads for formal prolonged paternal spankings. I enjoy the ritual and male bonding of the experience! Willing to travel reasonable distance for the right experience.
Date: July 21st 2020  

*Kind but strict headmaster ...
South coast, can travel , 40 year :
I am 59 med build and enjoy role play and otk fun. looking for naughty boys who deserve a spanking I am not into giving anything savage so like to just use my hand. happy to play out any scenario that suits you.
Date: July 19th 2020  

*headmaster seeking couples needing correction and behaviour adjustment ...
South Bucks, can accommodate and travel , 61 year :
Headmaster / Mentor seeking couples (M/F, M/M) needing a return to more traditional methods of encouragement in either a school or ‘therapy’ styled setting. All arrangements discussed in detail in advance.
Seeking to travel (daytimes), in-house facilities also available in a traditional styled study, which provides an appropriate atmosphere for interviews and discussions.
Single males dealt with on a visiting basis only

Date: July 19th 2020  

*Report to Sir and drop your trousers to be taken in hand ...
Lancashire Fylde coast, can accommodate , 54 year :
Strict experienced boss who will be Dad, Headmaster or just Sir to grown men who are still naughty boys at heart 21 to 55. Report to Sir, drop your trousers and go over my knee for a spanking and the slipper, or bend over to present your backside. Underpants up to start but they will come down as well
Genuine, fit and can accommodate, will deal with nervous first timers looking to experiment as well as those more used to the humiliation of reporting to Sir and ending up with a sore bottom

Date: July 19th 2020  

*go to the headmaster ...
peterborough, can travel , 65 year :
i used to love to hear my teacher say that to the trouble makers at school and now wish i had had the experience that followed! i am now looking to visit a gentleman in Peterborough, walk in to the location, get told off and then bend over for 3, 6 or even 10 or 12 strokes of the cane. no need for close face to face contact. i would love this to be possible
Date: July 18th 2020  

*Hi guys ...
barry, can accommodate , 59 year :
Paul here, 59, good looking, married, medium build and an ex-teacher. I hoping to meet someone for a regular spanking thing although a one off would be OK.
Call me.

Date: July 18th 2020  

*39 going on 13 overdue pants down parental guidance ...
Dublin, Ireland, can travel , 39 year :
Reluctantly, I admit I am still a teen at heart. I am keenly aware there are men who see me for what I am and are of the opinion I still require strict parental supervision; They are Step-Dads, Uncles, Teachers and authority figures who won't hesitate to call me out for my stroppy teenage tendency, and administer real bare bottom over the knee punishment spankings, I accept I need respite from this charade of adulthood, from one off day visits to weekends/ holidays to something ongoing.
Date: July 18th 2020  

*supervised physical training ...
west midlands, can travel , 40 year :
Keen, fit lad, 41 wishes to report to strict disciplinarian the older the better for, physical training, medical examination, houseboi duties, menial work. To be kept in uniform with skimpy gym shorts, outdoor p.t. if possible O/nite ?, shorts on for p.t. on rising.
Date: July 17th 2020  

*Looking for firm punishment ...
Scotland and limited travel to North England, can travel , 50 year :
I need firm punishment with any of the usual implements. I can do role play in school uniform or PE kit (always properly short shorts) or a straightforward spanking. Like hands punished with cane and tawse but it is not essential. Also like being out in public in short shorts but again if that is not your thing that is fine.
I have been specific about my likes but these are options not requirements so please get in touch if any (or all!) is of interest.

Date: July 16th 2020  

*Looking for a mature Spanker ...
South East, can travel , 35 year :
I am an experienced spankee but must admit it’s been a few months since my last trip over the knee. I’m tall and slim, with dark hair. Looking for a mature Sir to spank me in the South East. Surrey, Berkshire, Hampshire and Sussex all options. Like an educated, professional type. Domestic discipline is my preference. Bare bottom or naked with hand and other implements. Perhaps some humiliation or training too.
Date: July 16th 2020  

*Seeking spankees near Wolverhampton ...
Wolverhampton, can travel , 61 year :
Hi, I’m a 61 year old, slim daddy type who is looking for spankees who are in Wolverhampton or very close by.
Until September unfortunately I am unable to accommodate but happy to travel for week day morning visits.
I have lots of experience and happy to role play if required.
I am particularly good with nervous newbies.
You must be slim, young(ish) and very local to Wolverhampton
I look forward to hearing from you.

Date: July 16th 2020  

*Naughty boy in Jersey looking to visit the headmaster ...
Jersey Channel Islands, can accommodate and travel , 50 year :
Looking to be put over the knee, slippered and caned, reward given.
Date: July 15th 2020  

*Young Lad Needs a Spanking ...
Sheffield, can travel , 24 year :
Young slim lad seeking strict spanker to put me over his knee and give me a well deserved spanking.
Date: July 15th 2020  

*Head For The Hills ...
Brecon, can accommodate and travel , 52 year :
If you are slim, fun, mature and educated, in your 20’s or 30’s and would like to spend time with an older, easy-going educated Gentleman of similar ilk, I would love to hear from you. If the fabulous Welsh countryside, keeping fit, fine wine, good company and good food in a beautiful period property all appeals then all the better! Oh, I almost forgot – if you also enjoy a little Spanking then we are about there.....!
Date: July 15th 2020  

*Attractive sub male looking for whip/cane/flogging ...
London & South East, can travel , 45 year :
I’m an attractive mid forties sub male after restraint then introduction to various implements across my back & behind. Can travel London, SE & Midlands but unfortunately cannot accommodate. Can supply restraints if needed & prefer to be naked for punishment but am happy to comply with your directions.
Date: July 14th 2020  

*Wandering hands seeking willing victim ...
Newport up to fifty miles, can accommodate and travel , 59 year :
Slim/athletic built man in his late fifties is searching for his perfect sub. I'm a spanker who would like to find a slim or chubby male up to 65 years old (approximately). A person to inspect, fondle and discipline with or without role play. Cmnm initially and travelling to meet until September when I shall accommodate. Trans also welcomed.
Date: July 14th 2020  

*Traditional Punishment Administered by Former Headmaster ...
London TW7, can accommodate and travel , 68 year :
I am very accurate and experiened in administering the genuine Scottish tawse strap and the cane. Level can be light to senior secondary schoolboy severe, over clothing (tight and thin) or bare. Nothing else expected, just the opportunity to practise my thrashing skills. I also take punishment myself if you wish to switch. I can host in TW7 between Richmond and Hounslow or travel in the london area. Hygenic precautions are adhered to during this virus period.
Date: July 14th 2020  

*Headmaster wanted ...
Derby, can travel , 58 year :
58 year old looking for Headmaster 60+ to deliver 12 strokes of the cane to my bare bottom, I can be naked, undergo medical examanination, cornertime and show thanks afterwards if required. Must be in or around Derby area and you must be able to accommodate.
Date: July 13th 2020  

*Naughty boy looking to recreate childhood spankings ...
Hampshire, can travel , 55 year :
Hi, slim, fit, youthful male, looking to receive a spanking as I did growing up ,across my Dads knee, pants down and a hand spanking or slippering on my bare bottom.
Cannot accommodate but willing to travel, must be 65 or over, really the older the better, looking for a fatherly type, or Headmaster type.

Date: July 13th 2020  

*Humiliation and correction ...
Boscombe, can accommodate , 65 year :
66 yo looking for strict master to humiliate me bfeore showing the error of my ways and teaching me via spanking the error of my ways. can go over knee or be tied up so i realise how i need to go from there
email me with any suggestions you may have i can travel if sir need me to for private correcting

Date: July 13th 2020  

*spanker ...
wimborne, can travel , 65 year :
Male spanker for willing bottoms or that that really need some punishment u know what u need
Date: July 13th 2020  

*spanker ...
wimborne, can travel , 65 year :
Male spanker for willing bottoms or that that really need some punishment u know what u need
Date: July 13th 2020  

*Any masculine administrators in Scotland like doing it *HARD*? ...
Glasgow : willing to travel 1hr to yours, can travel , 53 year :
Absolute discretion assured whether it works out or not.
Welted & bruised brutal *hard* leathering/caning required weekend lunchtime/afternoons @yours. Option to finish me off with forced milking.
Clothed Male (you) Naked Male (me).Am very experienced & prefer you to be. 40+ preferred. No upper age limit if you are up to the challenge. **Your place**. Glasgow + 70ish miles.
I have implements to bring. My preference is for 1st meet on neutral territory to discuss.

Date: July 13th 2020  

*retired proffesional wanted in lancashire ...
Blackpool, can accommodate and travel , 54 year :
im searching for a retired gent over 65 on the fylde coast or anywhere in lancashire for regular otk sessions. any strict retired clergy/police/magistrates /teachers to the front of the line, but anyone over 65 is welcome. i prefer otk with hand and implements. i can accomadate or come to you. heres hoping someone might reply, thanks stephen.
Date: July 11th 2020  

*Fit Spankee ...
South & SE, can travel , 51 year :
I’m a very fit, clean and discreet spankee who is looking for nice mature spankers, the older the better.
Into prolonged erotic spanking, happy wearing very short gym shorts & kit but ultimately naked for Sir to enjoy.
5’9” blonde blue eyed with 30” waist. Non smoker and would appreciate the same.

Date: July 11th 2020  

*Spanking & Caning required ...
Weybridge, can travel , 66 year :
I have been interested in spanking for about 50 years. I like to be spanked & caned. I like to start a session wearing tight grey or black school shorts but this is not essential & I am happy to wear anything or nothing. I am willing to switch if required. I can only visit.
Date: July 11th 2020  

*naughty older boy wants hard otk spanking ...
midlands, can travel , 70 year :
i would like to meet a mature guy similar to me who would not hesitate in taking my pants down and putting me over his knee for a very sound spanking. Will dress as he pleases and would not mind others watching. willing to chat on phone.
Date: July 11th 2020  

*Strict dad/uncle spanks naughty boys bare bottom's otk ...
Dartford Kent a southeast london, can accommodate and travel , 60 year :
Naughty boys who deserve some old fashion discipline and have their pants pulled down turned over my knee a soundly spanked on your bare bottom's mainly hand slipper but depends on seriousness of bad behavior. Spanked for real reasons past or present or just for discipline to keep you on line. Boys 18 to 55 slim to medium build especially boy who have never been over the knee a spanked bare. spanking with or without role play. Please note I give spankings not beatings. limits respected
Date: July 10th 2020  

*Traditional CP ...
West Yorks, can accommodate , 78 year :
I offer many years experience in otk spanking, slippering and strapping with underpants down. I also give six of the best over trousers and with trousers and underpants down. I also can offer a full enema service suitable for the experienced and novice alike.
Date: July 10th 2020  

*Mature sub looking for covid aware safe play ...
London and East Kent coast, can travel , 65 year :
I am looking for regular punishment canings from a health conscious mature Master. who can accommodate. the only contact will be your cane on my bare buttocks.
Date: July 10th 2020  

*Naughty boy needs correction and training ...
West Midlands/ anywhere uk, can accommodate and travel , 40 year :
Naughty 40 yr old boy from Wolverhampton West Midlands needs correction from a headboy/master. I need regular spankings to include the strap and cane.
Also need training in giving a blowjob to thank my master I am straight but recently I'm beginning to realise I have a bi side where I want to learn to be a good little boy

Date: July 9th 2020  

*Seeking mature headmaster ...
Herts and essex, can travel , 55 year :
Seeking a very strict mature gent. Looks and race not important. Must know how to punish a boy properly. You will be totally satisfied. Make me very sore and sticky. Your rules only apply. Thankyou.
Date: July 9th 2020  

*Naked humiliation ...
Brighton East Sussex, can travel , 67 year :
Humiliation needed strip me naked for intimate inspection and over the knee for a bare bum spanking. Not into extreme pain it's about the embarrassment. Will of course thank my master in the usual way.
Sorry cannot accommodate. Prefer Brighton , Peacehaven areas.

Date: July 8th 2020  

*cane&strap ...
s wales swansea area, can accommodate , 72 year :
slim guy 70s i administer spanking the cane and strap slim/med build guys prefered i can accom and o/nite if reqd
Date: July 8th 2020  

*Introduction to spanking ...
South Wilts/South Dorset, can accommodate , 47 year :
I'm 47; bi, and a complete novice.
I looking for a master to give me a broad education over a number of sessions.
Can anyone help?
I'm genuine and discreet; role play welcomed. I can travel only.
With the concern over covid, I should stress that I'm happy to comply with any precautions you might wish to put in place. I have masks and gloves (even access to sterile scrubs if it helps put your mind at rest)

Date: July 8th 2020  

*Spanking Machines in the UK? ...
Based in Newcastle but happy to travel!, can travel , 25 year :
A strong fantasy of mine is a spanking machine particularly one that I can be secured to and left as it punishes me! If anyone happens to have access to one please do get in touch!
Anyone else closer to home feel free to get in touch if you want a willing spankee or if you're about my age maybe a spanker?

Date: July 7th 2020  

*Young sub needs spanked to tears ...
Northumberland/Cumbria, can travel , 23 year :
Been too long since I've been spanked and I'm craving it! Also interested in being restrained/tied but not essential. Up for trying most things so please do get in touch!
Date: July 7th 2020  

*Slim lad seeks strict older Master ...
Surrey/London, can travel , 45 year :
Dear Sir
I am a slim lad of 45 with a smooth bottom. and I weigh 60 kilos . I am looking for a Experienced Older master who will discipline and punish me. I'm not looking for anything severe but I prefer over the knee spankings by hand, slipper and the strap and I like to be given corner time as part of my punishment. Happy to chat and discuss options and basic Ground rules. I am looking for a regular master who will discipline me on a regular basis. I am respectful and obedient

Date: July 7th 2020  

*Socially Distanced Judicial Flogging Ordered ...
North West England, can accommodate , 57 year :
Instead of prison sentences for some offences courts are ordering offenders to be flogged in their own homes using strict social distancing & face masks. You are a Visiting Flogger and I have been sentenced to 9 strokes of the Cane, Tawse or Spray Birch (you decide) which I can supply. Strictly no physical contact except between instrument & bare buttocks, so no restraint but strict rules for my compliance. I am 5ft7, 34 inch waist, clean shaven, ultra reliable and can accommodate in Manchester.
Date: July 6th 2020  

*Looking for long term Mentor / Master ...
Home Counties, can travel , 45 year :
45 year old guy looking for long term mentoring from an assertive gentleman to include uniforms, inspections, discipline, fitness and working towards my long term goals. Preference given to ex or serving military, police, headteachers or anyone in authority.
Fully prepared to travel to meet the right mentor.

Date: July 6th 2020  

*Naughty lad needs hands belted by genuine retired school teacher ...
Aberdeen/Inverness area, can accommodate and travel , 62 year :
Been fascinated by the school belt for years seeks genuine school strappings on a regular basis. hands up facing Sir. Also keen to relive the bare bottom fatherly leatherings over the bed with dads belt. I am slim and have a spankable bottom
Date: July 6th 2020  

*Young boy in desperate need of a hard punishment ...
Dorset, can travel , 28 year :
Young lad in desperate need of a hash punishment have experience in being disciplined want to try the cane it's not a real punishment unless it ends in tears
Date: July 6th 2020  

*strict uncle ...
st helens, can accommodate and travel , 58 year :
hi I am 58 looking for a strict uncle. were I am stood in front of you hands on my head while you pull my pants and underpants down for a spanking on my bare bottom plus corner time and smacked legs if I move or rub my bottom
Date: July 6th 2020  

*Refined educated mature gentleman seeks discuss disciplinary needs with similar. ...
England and France, can travel , 70 year :
Meeting any time soon unlikely but would like a similar friend to correspond with and see if suited for meeting later on. Am non scene but have received various styles of CP as adult including cane and tawse. Have also given, which I enjoy. I know I myself need correction but am cautious and choosy. Perhaps you are similar? Am hygeine and health conscious and always lawful. Would like to discuss motivations for discipline and possibilities.
Date: July 6th 2020  

*Old fashioned discipline ...
Dublin, can accommodate , 58 year :
Strict male disciplinarian here; can host. Interested in spanking guys/girls who were spanked growing up and who need some discipline back in their lives.
Date: July 5th 2020  

*Older Gent with wandering hands ...
South Coast, can travel , 62 year :
Slim, smooth male seeking an older gent who would like to hand spank my naked small firm bottom, especially with wandering hands etc. Can travel.
Date: July 5th 2020  

*Prep School Punishment ...
North East, can travel , 48 year :
Badly behaved Prep School "boy" deserves a painful, bare bottomed interview in the Headmaster's Study. Corner time, perhaps a warm up spanking over your knees, you decide what is appropriate. But ultimately you will find that you need to administer your cane to my naughty rear end.
Date: July 5th 2020  

*Young at heart, still need spanking ...
Warwickshire, can travel , 35 year :
I still have the same urge I have always had since childhood for a smacked bottom and a telling off before going over daddy's knee for a spanking. Domestic role play scenes are my favourite. Some experience with implements. I'm straight, not interested in sex at all. Just discipline.
Date: July 5th 2020  

*sissy needs master ...
west london/middx, can accommodate and travel , 66 year :
i am a tall, slim, sissy and am looking for a mature Master for punishment and obedience training, belt, whip etc, O+A also available, would consider ownership, discretion assured.
Date: July 5th 2020  

*It’s time you learnt a lesson lad ...
Manchester, can accommodate and travel , 60 year :
Strict no nonsense disciplinarian here to punish lads in the old fashioned manner

Pants down over the knee

You will receive a good long hard spanking on the bare bottom

Particularly interested in dealing with lads for real reasons or those that need motivation or discipline to remain focused

Happy to answer any questions

Strictly discipline only


Date: July 5th 2020  

*Bare-bottomed for Sir ...
London, can travel , 44 year :
I am nice looking, fit and discreet and looking for an older man (50plus) to give me a dose of punishment the traditional way and no nonsense. I will present myself and lift my shirt tail up and present my bare bottom to Sir for him to show no mercy.
I hope to hear from you. I can only travel.

Date: July 5th 2020  

*Headmaster or Uncle Needed ...
Munster Cork, can travel , 50 year :
I cannot travel to my uncle in U.K. at present so hopefully I can connect with a strict older uncle headmaster type in Munster area including Cork Waterford or any area.
Older sincere gent with strict values who takes no nonsense would fit the bill and deliver what this lad needs.
All genuine replies will be answered.
Irish Munster Adult Schoolboy.

Date: July 4th 2020  

*Older naughty boy seeks shaming and punishment ...
Gloucs; Worcs; Warks, can travel , 64 year :
Older naughty boy, non smoker and in good shape wishes to make contact with mature authoritative gentleman for regular visits. Enjoys roleplay, age regression, scolding, intimate inspections and firm guidance.
Utmost discretion and hygiene assured.

Date: July 4th 2020  

*naughty Schoolie for the cane ...
S.Herts, can travel , 69 year :
need a scholastic discipline environment in gym outfit acceptable leotatd or gym knickers awaiting verbal admolishment with canings to follow for each offence. welcome headmasters sissys or similar to give and or receive. respect and carefulness in current situation expected. like to follow procedures as laid down and full details outlined to process welcomed

Date: July 4th 2020  

*60 yo but likes to play younger - sick of time wasters and fantasy texts ...
leeds/west yorks area, can accommodate and travel , 60 year :
hi im 60 yo single male in leeds
I can be your naughty little girl/boy
mostly hand slipper
no sex

Date: July 4th 2020  

*Short stay in West Yorks then Kent based ...
Halifax/Huddersfield, can travel , 55 year :
I need spanking over Sun Mon Tue poss Wed in West Yorks or to from en-route from SE England, otherwise back in Kent.
I am a spanker but don't mind having a go at spanking, I know how/when it's needed, permissions and limits respected.

Date: July 4th 2020  

*I need a good spanking ...
Southwest, can travel , 55 year :
A very naughty boi in need of a good hard spanking over your knee followed by the cane and maybe the birch. Bare bottom of course.
Date: July 4th 2020  

*Retired Engineer ...
Leicester, can accommodate and travel , 78 year :
I would like to meet a disciplinarian or quack doctor/nurse. I am a non-smoking, switch player, TV friendly.
Date: July 4th 2020  

*A damm good spanking ...
Manchester, can travel , 45 year :
Naughty cheeky and arrogant lad
Needs a damm good proper spanking
Dose of the slipper strap and cane
Someone strict to teach me a proper lesson

Date: July 4th 2020  

*Outdoor spanking needed ...
Midlands, can travel , 30 year :
Naughty, horny 30 year old lad seeks experienced 55+ uncle type for some outdoor spanking fun! Due to the uncertainly with COVID-19 I think an outdoor spanking is relatively safe! Happy to wear a mask and gloves if need be! Love roleplay and dressing up or happy to find a quiet spot and bend over!

Date: July 4th 2020  

*Reporting to a strict headmaster ...
East of England, can travel , 58 year :
I am an exceedingly naughty adult schoolboy who deserves to report to your study for very strict discipline with gym slipper and senior cane. Applied to trousers, underpants and bare bottom.
Date: July 4th 2020  

*Seeking a Headmaster ...
Norwich, can travel , 61 year :
Naughty boy looking for a strict Headmaster, who is expert with a cane, in the Norfolk area, it is time for me to bend over sir, trousers tightened up or bare, regular discipline needed.
Date: July 4th 2020  

*Plimsoll lover seeking others ...
Worcestershire, can accommodate , 70 year :
I'm a plimsoll lover and slippering enthusiast. Would love to meet others with the same fetish.
Date: July 4th 2020  

*A visit to the Headmasters study ...
Anywhere, can accommodate and travel , 57 year :
Sir, I need to present myself at your office in order to sort out my behaviour which quite honestly is going down hill fast. I expect you may have to resort to CP for which I am quite prepared to accept regardless of the pain and weals it will cause. I am 5ft 10ins with a firm round bottom which requires whatever you believe is the requisite number of strokes to make sitting down very difficult for some time.
Date: July 3rd 2020  

*Novice Schoolboy ...
Bromley Kent, can travel , 60 year :
Hello, I am keen to play the part of a shy schoolboy in trouble for the first time. I've had a little previous experience with this and love roleplay, mild/moderate spankings etc.
Date: July 3rd 2020  

*Always looking for slim young men to punish ...
South of England, can accommodate and travel , 62 year :
Based in West Sussex I can often accommodate but can more easily travel. Slim, fit 62 year old is once again seeking slim young men to punish and use.
Can accommodate and travel.

Date: July 3rd 2020  

*Straight boy seeks spanking and bj experience ...
West Midlands/ anywhere uk, can accommodate and travel , 41 year :
Hello all I am straight and married but looking to be punished hard and to have training in giving pleasure to you through a blowjob
Date: July 2nd 2020  

*Overdue ...
N/West, can accommodate and travel , 62 year :
Dear Sis mature naughty boy in need of a good old fashioned spanking. Though I am not bi or gay I do find these people know how to administer a good spanking, would someone take down my trousers and put me over there knee followed by corner or naughty step time
Date: July 1st 2020  

*Old fashioned thrashing desperately needed ...
Inverness, can travel , 65 year :
Mature naughty boy craves the attention of a strict old uncle figure who will administer long and hard across the lap bare bottom spankings. Spankings to be followed by a sound caning. I have a high pain threshold so severity is essential. Gratitude for thrashing expressed with hand and mouth.
Date: July 1st 2020  

*Strict Uncle ...
Gloucestershire/Anywhere, can accommodate and travel , 62 year :
I am 62, single, straight, and very strict, and looking for a younger "nephew" to guide and teach, with regular spankings for bad behaviour, poor manners etc: real punishment for real lapses and mistakes. If you need a friendly but firm hand to keep you in line, I am sure that I can help.
Date: June 30th 2020  

*real punishment ...
Bromsgrove, can travel , 67 year :
wanted bottoms for tawse and cane or both given properly with you in the nude all ages welcome but 18 to 22 age group maybe considered for spanking over 22 expect the cane hard 18 to 22 for medical examination and spanking maybe able to come to me
Date: June 30th 2020  

*Gay Sub seeking a red butt ...
London, can travel , 57 year :
I am an experienced gay Sub who has been spanked a few times and enjoys submitting to other men who also enjoys having a bare butt over their knee. I prefer a hand spanking and to travel to be punished as this adds to the anticipation of knowing I am to be spanked. I will of course submit further if required to do so. Based in North London, I am average build and my butt is firm and I have no problem being naked whilst being spanked
Date: June 30th 2020